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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 12 2018

Final Fantasy: Epoch (Canceled)

Cataclysmic Eon [A Non-commercial Unreal Engine 4 game]

Final Fantasy: Epoch (Canceled)

Cataclysmic Eon [A Non-commercial Unreal Engine 4 game]

pledged of 25.000 $pledged of 25.000 $ goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 12 2018


First, I'll begin with how the idea all started, and where Final Fantasy: Epoch originated from.

The initial concept of Final Fantasy: Epoch began from a little mod trilogy I had created years ago while modding Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The story line involving the Maenads, Mysterious Girl and the Interdimensional Elevator really inspired me to do 'extra story' based mods (rather gameplay based mods alone). In The After Years, I only modded a couple extra scenes, leaving all characters intact as this was 'the beginning' to a broader issue that would soon unveil itself in Final Fantasy IX. One the extra scenes in The After Years (TAY) was during the final Tale, on the dungeon "Depths B15".
 After the events of FFIV: TAY, the date  nears Holocene Era 1800 (Final Fantasy IX's current time period approaches), the gut part of this extra story. Originally, I was planning to break the ff9 mod into several separate mods: FF9: The After Years, then FF9: The Zodiac Age. FF9: The After Years was going to start a New Game after the ending of Disc 4, as the main protagnists of FF9 grown up years after. The story would mimic FFIV: Interlude, before the Maenads actually appear through Gaia with the Darkness Shard capable of activating such elevator. Then some time passed, and I got some other ideas to continue what I had started in FF9: TAY, but also had some new ideas so I ultimately put it on hold, and just worked on FF9: The Zodiac Age. That mod is the dire event involving the Maenads, using the shard to travel through time eras within the interdimensional elevator; set to take out the soul responsible for past tragedies to their race. (A FFIV: TAY ending reference). This soul is discovered to have blood ties to Rydia of Mist. The Maenads travel through time to the Present Day of March 27, 2017 (Day of the Dire), finding the target requested, and sending them back to Holocene Era 1800 (FF9 Gaia time period) ordered by a resurrected embodiment of Necron (the Creator from the fell moon). The mod's extra story also explains the reason for augmented enemies and new ones across the world of Gaia, and most of scenes are of these victims trying to (slowly) remember who they are exactly, and not who they are forming back into (Necron's deceiving actions). Since this dire event, the original souls of Gaia: Zidane, Dagger, Steiner etc. are all dead, but with the bringing of new soul back to the land of Gaia in Holocene 1800, Necron beacons to have these new victims slowly forget who they are and form back into the original souls of Gaia, both physically and mentally. This explains why the victims act and behave most of the time as vanilla characters in ff9, while slightly showing their actual personality whenever memory serves them). But the original characters are not completely lost, The 2000 spirits of Gaia are found during Lindblum Castle/Airship dock of disc 3 and 4, in which they greet and warn the new victims of the dangers their land of Gaia now face since they were alive. They also been mysteriously deemed the Judges of Gaia by an unknown source given by the name of: "Square".
 Apart from this, two familiar faces from the series make an entrance: Rydia and Nyx (FFXV). Rydia herself went through the elevator on her own free will from a conscious state, sensing something wrong, (explained more in her bio on that specific mod page). Nyx, however, it is still unclear exactly how he got involved; more likely a corruption within the space time continuum, the elevator's route. But the man knows a lot about the phenomenon, always carries a shard with him not further explained, and keeps rather quiet about knowledge of the dire event.
 Advancing the end, the re-activated elevator does not send the victims back their rightful time era, and return space time to normal, instead, causes more havoc, and only sends a portion of the victims to the land of Ivalice, and some others to unknown sources. It all may be a dream...

 One of the victims, Steiner Reyes, is sent back to the foot of the Iifa Tree after the ff9 mod ending, experiencing Unheralded events with himself and his brute past. A Silent Hill 2 contribution (inspiration breathes heavy from Team Silent). This last extra scene would form itself into its own mod titled: FF9: Unheralded Silent Iifa. Following Steiner's journey alone through the unknown abstracts, and partially restoring part of the story I had lost from the discontinued mod: FF9: The After Years.

 The last mod in the trilogy: FFXII: The Zodiac Era, only 6 of the victims are sent to the land of Ivalice, the rest have unknown whereabouts. This final mod is identical to its predecessor FF9 TZA, following the original story of FFXII accordingly, while experiencing extra scenes/quests to do off the main path, following the Interdimensional storyline.
 Nyx and Rydia take a lead in this story, tying the knot to the plot and, hopefully, understand the phenomenon enough to but a good solution to such a dire event.
 That is the plot of the mods, which serve as the origins to Final Fantasy: Epoch. It's part of a trilogy, and this one is the end.


Final Fantasy IX: The Zodiac Age began production in 2014, during the making of The Mist: Resurrection(There are 6 other immersive projects of mine, but none are related to RPG). FF9: The Zodiac Age underwent numerous alterations and changes as more features available to do so for me came up. It was released in 2018. Final Fantasy IX: Unheralded Silent Iifa was also released in 2018, about 2 months after FF9: The Zodiac age release). I originally started Unheralded Silent Iifa back in 2017, but put it on hold because the extra story of FF9 Zodiac Age needed to be fully constructed before proceeding with Unheralded Silent Iifa, which serves as a New Game+ to that mod. When I composed the extra story for FF9 Zodiac Age, it took a lot of thought and focus to be able to keep the original story of FF9 consistent while properly adding extra story to aid the player in understanding why they're introduced to new characters, and why Vivi is the only remaining original character. A lot of work that turned out right. Bearing in mind, I used my inspiration from Team Silent to abstractly hide a lot of messages in that mod to understand the truth.

Recently, I pondered about how very tough it is to tell this story with the current medium. It can get confusing to people. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but it's tough to mod existing games with a completely new story with a mod, as I basically have to completely rewrite what's already there...

I know it was tough when I first visioned it. I feared this was going to be the main reaction, but I felt that heavy inspiration, and went for it. I've had my moments of just wanting to drop it, because I couldn't make it fit, or make it have sense to some degree for the player. But, by making it all side quests alone, I, at least, got it somewhere, somehow to express my creativity and get the idea out of my head and on the table. I couldn't let this just die out. Because I made it all side quests, I don't see this as whole new story; but if I were to take all my plot lines for these three games, all the extra plot and story and create it as a standalone game in Unreal Engine, it would do justice for the story I want to tell.

Since this is a full game being produced in Unreal Engine, funding is needed for the wonderful and talented artists, programmers, concept designers, writers, voice actors and music composers. Size of the project is medium our goal is $25000 to fund it.

I hope to have this projected funded to provide a good, open sourced Final Fantasy game, and put my ultimate creativity and skills on the forefront.

This a non-commciercial UE4 game. In regards to SE, The project passed review, and in case your wondering on SE's side, I got the ok talking to the community manager about the fan project beforehand, what should be do always before starting.

Risks and challenges

The potential risk of the project is it's cancellation rate, which is mostly determined by it's budget and how much can be funded for it, realistically. If I cannot reach the fund goal, the UE4 project will be canceled, and I'll continue the story and it's origins through modding, and release the CG render version of the story.

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