$50.00 pledged of $150 goal
$50.00 pledged of $150 goal


We're hiring a professional 3D modeler with a proven track record of delivery. The designer has demonstrated a high attention to detail, is experienced at 3D printing, and will deliver files that are optimized for 3D printing.

Risks and challenges

I am an experienced 3D printer and modeler, however I am NOT an artist and do NOT do organic modeling that is required to reproduce the Level 3 helmet in all of its glory. I am supplying the designer with over 30 high resolution photos of a real helmet from multiple angles and in various stages of assembly.

$150 is the minimum amount required to reproduce the helmet, but if we go above our goal, I will try to negotiate extra details from the modeler, such as breaking the model into more individual parts, such as the visor brackets and screw holes. It would also be nice to have some options, such as choosing whether to print the "cloth" brim, or applying it afterward.

If you fund the project and receive the reward, you must NEVER post the files anywhere publicly. I would like to post the files publicly for free some time after the rewards are given out. I want to give backers a fair head start. If you're a backer and disagree with doing that, please chime in.

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