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Help FILM Ferrania build the factory of the future and the first batch of film is your reward.
Help FILM Ferrania build the factory of the future and the first batch of film is your reward.
5,582 backers pledged $322,420 to help bring this project to life.

All Backers - Please Read This Update!

Posted by FILM Ferrania (Creator)

Ciao a tutti!

Our small team has been quite busy over the past few months, rolling out FERRANIA P30® ALPHA film, scaling up our production capacity, and taking one small step forward every day. We have also learned a lot in this time by watching your comments and messages, as well as your feedback on social media. 

One thing that we've learned very clearly is that only a small portion of backers have followed everything that has happened since the end of October 2014. This is understandable, of course - we know you have lives to lead and cannot often read our detailed and often quite technical updates.

We urge ALL Backers to please read our latest update completely - it's available in several languages.

Click to read: "The Long Overdue 43rd Kickstarter Update"

We have also completely reconfigured our website to make everything easier to find. If you have some time, catch up on past updates, now in the self-contained Kickstarter mini-site.

Grazie mille!
The FILM Ferrania Team


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    1. Alfred Weidinger on

      Hi, when will you send me the filmrolls? I founded your project but you never sent me the films. Best, Alfred

    2. Thomas M. Evers on

      This project is failed for me....

    3. Missing avatar


      Per maco's instagram, it appears P30 is available for purchase thru macodirect

      Hey Film Ferrania, how about an update on whats going on?

    4. Thomas M. Evers on

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand an immediate full refund for my pledge amount.

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Hillger on

      My uncle and godfather, who went from poor farm boy to multimillionaire venture capitalist, told me," This sort of thing is like a roller coaster ride- if you can't do the ride, don't buy the ticket."

    6. Jeff Jarboe on

      FILM Ferrania absolutely push the dream of restart film manufacturing as part of the original Kickstarter campaign. Maybe not directly, But it was clearly applied as the end goal. And that those taking part would be reward with film in a short time.

      It is now fairly clear that FILM Ferrania failed to communicate in the original Kickstarter campaign the timeline to fulfill the rewards promised. Why? Either they optimistically under estimated the cost and time need to fulfill the end goal. Or they were intentionally vague with the detail not scare people off from the campaign. Or likely some combination of both.

      We all should have asked more questions.
      1) Want is the total project budget?
      2) Any cash investor backing the project, Outside of Kickstarter?
      3) Want are the goals for produces and time lines?

    7. Missing avatar

      Federico Ferrari on

      Hi, I could possibily have missed some steps.
      What's gonna happen to the backers who turned their plegde from "colour" to P30?
      And, despite WHAT, WHEN this is supposed to happen?


    8. Thomas M. Evers on

      @Dave Bias,
      yes you are

      I am an entrepreneur.
      I am creative.
      I am a communicator.

      I'll just discuss here. In the social media, you keep control. My old posts there are like a miracle deleted.

      @ all
      google translate

      5,582 KICKSTARTER supporters have contributed $ 322,420.

      In Europe, we do not need new BW films or chemicals. We need the good old machines. They are secured by kickstarter. I would have liked to have given more money if dave had been asked. Nobody asked, but we were held and lied.

      The price for P30 is very high. I do not think the new money comes purely with P30. Now please continue with 5x P30 alone to scan the BW negatives with Photoshop.

      Sorry, I leave the Dikusion in the social media and look at my KICKSTARTER side. Once a year.


    9. Missing avatar

      Vincent Huber on

      @Dave Bias, The point is that all of that discussion should be here on Kickstarter. I'm sorry that their publishing tools are too primitive for you, but that's what you signed on to. There is a benefit to having all communications centralized. And certainly having all of the project related communication centralized here is better for your backers if there is ever a dispute. Though, come to think of it, it's probably better for you to control all of the communications in that event....

      Regarding your comments to Richard Urmonas, I also don't recall seeing the reduction in personnel mentioned either in your Kickstarter updates or the Dispatches from the LRF. I don't believe we had a right to know, but you should realize that it was news for most of your backers. And also, with regard to what "most people" think. My finger, and toes calculation says only about 5% of your backers have commented here or on FF's page, it's truly brave man would extrapolate from that.

    10. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      @Richard Urmonas - In our minds, openness in communications comes with an understanding that things change over time. We have tried to communicate that our status is very fluid, constantly changing, and quite difficult to nail down long enough to make an update. Have we been perfect in our communications? Not at all. But as we've seen in the recent outpouring of support in our inboxes, social media, website and Kickstarter comments, we see that, in general, the effort itself has been enough for most people.

      Regarding your first point - all of these things are true. P30 was quite fortuitous. P30 (or any 2-layer B&W film) is most certainly a step toward coating 16-layer E6 film. And yes, if we had not created some small amount of revenue with the pre-sale of P30, it's unlikely we would be here today answering comments.

      Regarding your second point, yes, we have said in the past that we settled on a team of six, the composition of which has changed a few times, to be able to meet our budget and maximize our resources. Staff who left did so with full knowledge of the overall goals and will return as necessary.

      Regarding your point about the "window." Since May 2015, we have considered MANY options for producing the "Kickstarter Batch" - and many of these options we pursued. Some got far enough along that we felt confident to publish dates. But as is evident, all fell apart at one point or another and we have since ceased speculating, even though efforts continue to find solutions to myriad issues regarding our scale and our overall capabilities.

      Point 4 was addressed in the last update, "Quiet Means Busy" In that time, we've prepared additional updates only to have things change. And change again. And again. What has become quite clear over time is that we must be very careful about publishing updates in a situation as entirely fluid as ours.

      We thank you for pointing out that we are trying to communicate better than others. Obviously, there are caveats in doing so. We certainly wish that your "XYZ + ABC" scenario was feasible, but it is not. Primarily, this is because what we do on any given day is not compatible with the clear and structured scenario you outline, but there as many reasons as there are tasks to do - far too many to list here.

      We hope that you can regard P30 as progress, because it truly is so. Our communications will remain open, ongoing, and subject to change. When we can give a realistic timeline for the original color reversal rewards, we will. For now, all we can do is restate our commitment to our Backers - which is the same as the commitment to our own goals and our long-term vision for what FILM Ferrania will be.

    11. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      @Vincent Huber, @Christian Augustin - all Kickstarter-specific updates are posted here on Kickstarter first. All Backers are automatically emailed whenever we publish an update. If you do not receive these emails, please check your Kickstarter account or whitelist Kickstarter in your email software.

      There are a variety of reasons why we typically redirect Backers to read the full text of most updates on our website - most of which have to do with the rudimentary publishing tools that Kickstarter offers. If you'd like to message us, we can explain in further detail.

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard Urmonas on

      Perhaps I have a different idea of what openness in communications is, but I find this "update" rather disappointing. To me openness means providing information as it becomes known, even if it is negative information. Even though I check for updates / comments / other communications several times a week, the following things come to mind:

      1. First P30 was released as a fortuitous "discovery" which people might enjoy, then it was a step towards making the E6 film, and later on it was revealed that the factory would have closed if the film had not been sold.
      2. This update is the first time that I have seen reference to the number of people on the team reduced, even though I suspected it based on previous communications.
      3. When the "window" for the reward film closed, there have been a series of "in the next few months" type of estimates, the most recent being just a few months ago, except now the factory is not as capable of making colour film. Surely this was clear to the team around the time P30 was being manufactured, yet it took months for this detail to come out.
      4. Need I point out it has been almost 4 months between updates.

      Now I appreciate that Film Ferrania is making the effort to communicate, and they are incredibly better than the other film manufacturers, but it would be nice to get a true open update more regularly. Something like "Since the last update we have managed to get x complete, y working , but we are not happy with z. The next steps are a, b, and c."

      Notice I don't mention a time when it is ready. I don't think that it is possible to give a realistic time. The tasks ahead are many and a small team means that some areas will fall outside their expertise. But it would be nice to get a sense of progress, rather than a vague commitment to providing the rewards.

    13. Luke Earl on

      Just like Quentin, Thomas, and Heather, I backed a project to salvage equipment, rebuild a factory, and create a sustainable company that would produce film for years to come. Well done on getting this far, keeping us updated, and not giving in despite the unavoidable setbacks. Grazie mille!

    14. Missing avatar

      Vincent Huber on

      @Derrick, You will probably do better by sending a direct message to Film Ferrania. However, if they can't help you with a refund, (and it's understandable if they can't), maybe someone will be willing to buy your unusable rewards. But if you really get stuck with the film in the end, send me a private message. I may be able to find a suitable camera/lens so you can get some use and enjoyment out of the film.

    15. Missing avatar

      Derrick on

      Hey there guys. Not complaining but in the time I have been waiting for the product i have had to sell all my film cameras due to unforeseen circumstances. I know you may be offering exchange programs for different films. But is a refund possible? Thanks.

    16. Missing avatar

      Christian Augustin on

      Giving updates here instead of in “social media” would be nice – I’m one of those who no longer uses Twitter and never used Facebook. So I second Vincent Huber!

      (And this was the point of many of my own repeated comments here to give more updates, but I never thought that you think that posting in *other* places would be enough.)

    17. Missing avatar

      Vincent Huber on

      "One thing that we've learned very clearly is that only a small portion of backers have followed everything that has happened since the end of October 2014."

      Maybe it's because you've scattered updates around the web, but not directly here...on Kickstarter, which is where all of your Kickstarter backers are. Even this "BEST update from any KS project I've pledged so far," is not actually on Kickstarter. It's easy to understand why some percentage of your Kickstarter backers would be unsatisfied. This feigned surprise is yet another reason for me to see the creator of this project in a very cynical light.

    18. Missing avatar


      This is about the BEST update from any KS project I've pledged so far. Thank you for this, and I'm fully behind your back! Keep up the good work!

    19. Heather Champ

      Edit: For all those who're moaning, I'd be happy to send you a roll or two of Kodak Gold .

    20. Heather Champ

      Thank you for the update.

      I can't imagine the slings and arrows from people who expect you to have a magic unicorn that poops color film is all that pleasant.

      Kickstarter isn't Amazon for stuff. It's backing ideas and dreams and there are times when those endeavors seems more sisyphean than not. I don't care if I never get my film. I went into this project understanding that the long term goal was ensure the long term possibility of having film for my camera and not near-instant gratification.

      For all those who moaning, I'd be happy to send you a roll or two of Kodak Gold .


    21. Thomas M. Evers on

      Ich habe das Kickstarter Projekt untersützt für eine alte italenische Film Werkstadt. Nicht für den amerikanischen Markting Mist! Mich würde es freuen, wenn die italenischen Gründer sich auch noch mal melden. Mein Unterstüzung war für für Sie.

      ????traduttore google:

      Ho sostenuto il progetto Kickstarter per una vecchia fabbrica cinematografica della regione italiana. Non per la merda amrican marketing! Sarò lieto se anche i fondatori italiani segnalino. Il mio supporto era per te.

      ?????Google translator:
      I supported the Kickstarter project for an old film factory in the Italian region. Not for the amrican marketing crap! I would be glad if the Italian founders also report. My support was for you.

    22. Missing avatar


      I can guess how many comments you've received, but I've found your quite open and well documented post-campaign, and especially the care you've taken to document the very major setbacks has been extremely good. Especially compared to many other Kickstarter/IndieGoGo campaigns I've backed, so thank you for that!

      I will agree it can be frustrating at times, but with all your communication and full disclosures I've been happy to be patient and await my film as you almost literally rebuild a company from almost scratch. Especially one with as big and complex supply chain as doing film!

      So, good for you, and keep at it and keeping us informed!

    23. Rui Esteves on

      Was I not supposed to be upset?

      Thus far you missed your deadline (twice if I'm not mistaken), and now you fail to commit to a new one.
      You deceived everyone when you put out a B&W film, when everyone was expecting a color film. You deliberately deceived everyone again when you announced a price of 5€ / roll but forgot to mention tax. So in truth the cost was 6.40 € / roll. As if that wasn't enough you changed 14€ for shipping. I live two countries away from itally, there is no way you had to pay that. I don't even pay that much for shipping when I order from Japan or the USA (ocean between us, just so you know).
      Its been 3 years and you just said: A - Backers are treated like anyone else, and are not our priority, B - you're worst off today (less money, less power, less team) than you were 3 years ago.

      Sadly you will (most likely) not succeed. You got way more money than you initially requested, and 3 years down the line you're in a bad place (you said so yourself). But you keep on misleading everyone.

      So, yes I'm upset. I don't like to be cheated out of my money.

    24. Kendra on

      I have to admit, this line really kinda ruffles me:

      "We must be fully prepared to serve people around the world who are not Kickstarter Backers"

      Because then why did I pledge? I could have not given you money, sat around for nearly 3 years wondering if I would ever get anything back and THEN bought your film?

    25. Missing avatar

      Quentin Carbonell on

      Good luck to the Film Ferrania Team. I really appreciate how transparent you've been for the past years, and I believe we all wish for your company to be a success and have the joy to use the P30, the color film and many more wonders you will produce in the years to come. Looking forward to the next update!

    26. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      @Vincent Lopez - we made that offer back in March. As soon as production capacity permits, we will re-open an exchange program.

      @Rui Esteves - Clearly you are upset, however - no one has been duped. We have been open and honest all along - even when the news is not what everyone wants to hear. And no one has been duped - you will receive your reward.

    27. Rui Esteves on

      In other words, thanks for your money, now stop bothering us with questions about your rewards and sod off.

      I'm glad you went out of your busy schedule to write to us stuff like
      "We must be fully prepared to serve people around the world who are not Kickstarter Backers" and "The simplest answer is that we are less capable of producing color reversal film today than we were in the spring of 2015".

      And then you get surprised why your backers get frustrated.

      Whats next? A batch of instant film, because its "another step" to get to color positives?

      No, no, let me guess, an extra charge for Shipping because in 2015 the costs for shipping were lower than today?

      Yeah, right. First Kickstarter project I was duped out of my rewards and the project I backed, congrats.

    28. Missing avatar

      Vincent Lopes on

      How about sending us a roll or two of the P30 to hold us until you can provide our color film rewards? I have to admit to being a bit bothered be an original backer, who as you have pointed out made the factory possible, only to see others post photos using P30 on social media. It seems a bit unfair to me.