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Help FILM Ferrania build the factory of the future and the first batch of film is your reward.
Help FILM Ferrania build the factory of the future and the first batch of film is your reward.
5,582 backers pledged $322,420 to help bring this project to life.

A Very Special Announcement

Posted by FILM Ferrania (Creator)

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    1. Missing avatar

      alessandro comandini on

      Option 1

      I was not able to find a form for indicate my choice, hope this way works


    2. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      @Michael Corbin - Correct! We will close the form on the 15th and then notify everyone at once with the next steps.

    3. Michel Corbin on

      I elected to stick with the original reward for colour film, but I also want to purchase the B&W. Am I correct in understanding that the option to purchase the B&W is coming later?

    4. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      Esko Hietaranta - please read the message from us right below your post.

    5. Missing avatar

      Esko Hietaranta on

      Still nothing in my email. I choose Option #1. I hope this message reach Ferrania guys.

    6. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      Hello everyone. There are a few common questions in the thread that we can answer here. If you don't see an answer here, please email us directly at

      For those who simply did not get an email, there are two potential reasons:

      a) If you did not back a Film Reward, you were not sent this email because it is only relevant to people who pledged for film rewards. To all those who did not pledge a film reward - don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you and you will receive a special message of your own.

      b) The other most common problem is that people simply cannot find the email. Maybe it landed in Spam or was sent to your Kickstarter email address even though you normally use another email address. The solution - search your inbox for "A Special Offer to Kickstarter Backers" which was the subject line of the email. If you can't find it, check your Kickstarter account info because it was sent to whatever email address you've entered here on Kickstarter and you will find it there.

      If you are having a problem with the link to the survey, it's probably because your system does not like one particular character in the link.
      The solution: hover your mouse over the button in the email and copy the link, then paste it into your browser window. This has worked for several people so far.

    7. Missing avatar

      Greg Stelz on

      Received #37 Update e-mail but not Option 1 or 2 e-mail. Chacked spam, trash, etc. Nothing.

    8. Rebecca Ziesmer on

      The survey link in my email doesn't work. I get a page cannot be displayed error message. Would love Option 1!

    9. Missing avatar

      Tom Napier on

      Option one all the way for me. I will be purchasing the B&W to. The sample shots look awesome.

    10. Missing avatar

      John Grzinich on

      For those using GMAIL I found their email under the 'Promotions' tab. Grazie, I was hoping you would offer us the B+W film!

    11. Missing avatar

      Gert-Jan Vons on

      @Colin Clarke: same for me; I double-checked my spam filter/junk box but absolutely no trace of any mail from Ferrania whatsoever. I hope they fix it soon.

    12. Nathan Herholdt

      Absolutely stunning video! Can't wait to get the colour... plus getting the BW film at a discount is a huge bonus. Option 1 for sure! Love your work, keep up the amazing effort :D

    13. Dave Knapik on

      Thanks so much! Option 1 here too because I am so excited for you and I can't wait to buy my limit of 5 rolls of the B&W. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work! Lots of love from Japan. :)

    14. Colin Clarke on

      Am I the only one not to get the follow-up email regarding choosing Option 1 and Option 2 ?? Ferrania says that it was sent by mail chimp, but it is not inbox, spam, or trash. I'm thinking it just can't be my problem ...

    15. Missing avatar

      Esko Hietaranta on

      In my email I don't see any link to the form. What I'm missing?

    16. Missing avatar

      Dale Willetts on

      I'll be waiting for the colour although i love B+W. Also the link to the form doesn't work for me either.

    17. Mark Thompson on

      Got my email, happy to wait for the colour. But can't wait to get in line to order some B&W :D will be buying more than 5 rolls, that's for sure!!

    18. Tranchandon Loïc on

      Worked fine for me, but the link in the mail is unique, don't try to copy it to someone else !

    19. Federico on

      Opzione 1, ovviamente. Credo molto nel vostro progetto. E ammiro anche la vostra precisa volontà di fare impresa in uno stato che sommerge gli imprenditori con inutile burocrazia.
      Attendo con ansia la mia ricompensa e, successivamente, anche la mitica P30 che usava il mio caro nonno. #Staystrong

    20. Martin Tomes on

      When I click in my recived email on : Launch the Kickstarter Update Form button at the bottom, I just get a page saying webpage not found?. Tried Explorer and Firefox browsers with same result :(. thanks

    21. Robin Gray on

      This is excellent news. I have also selected Option 1, and look forward to trying out the B+W film as soon as it is available. Good luck with everything, and thank you for all of your hard work.

    22. Missing avatar

      Christian Augustin on

      This is a really great thing – we can have both! And you listened to your backers, urging you to sell this very interesting B&W material you created – by chance? Or to just find out if you can do the coating? What a great story in itself! (And really good storytelling in the video.)

      Keep on the good work. And all this (all the little videos, and the whole story) is already worth the money I paid in the Kickstarter campaign. Where else could we get something as entertaining as that? ;-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Christian Augustin on

      @Raphael – look into your spam folder! My email landed there instead of my regular inbox (maybe because it was the first email directly from FILM Ferrania and not from Kickstarter).

    24. KoonYik Chin on

      I take option 1. thanks

    25. Missing avatar

      Raphael Z on

      I did not get any mail. Is my amount of money I pledged not enough?

    26. Missing avatar

      Stefan on

      To be able to further support the project and get film in the process? Option 1 for sure, keep up the good work!

    27. Missing avatar

      Gert-Jan Vons on

      Did all the mails go out? I only received the kickstarter project update e-mail, but no mail with a link (and I'd like to benefit from option 1....)

    28. Missing avatar

      Chan, Yiu Tong on

      Option 1 for sure....the black & white shots are wonderful.

    29. Missing avatar

      George Day on

      Sorry my mistake I see the email is part of the update I should have read further !! so I have now completed it, many thanks for all your hard work its fantastic news.

    30. Missing avatar

      George Day on

      No email with link yet, but as I will stick with original option 1, I suppose it should not matter as my details remain the same.

    31. Gaetan on

      The Alpha P30 will be in Limited quantities for now or for ever?
      Will this be a standard product later or is it a once shot deal?

      Keep up the good work!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Matt Melcher on

      I happily selected option #1. I have never doubted that you will deliver. I am excited for my original color film as well as my ability to purchase the P30 when available! Keep film alive!

    33. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      @Jesper Hedin - Right you are! It's been so long, even we forgot... We will make sure this is all sorted once everyone has completed the magic form we sent today. This gives us a new, fresh database from which to contact everyone since our Kickstarter database is somewhat "locked" and really difficult to work with.

    34. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      @Daniel Watkin-Blaser and Stian Svendsen - we have just confirmed that the email was sent to both of you. Please search your inbox for an email from "" and you should find it. If not, don't leave a comment, send a Message through Kickstarter and we'll take the next steps.

    35. Missing avatar

      Daniel Watkin-Blaser on

      Haven't got an email with the form , can you please resend it to me???? Would love to take up option 1

    36. Nagy Gábor on

      Option 1, of course :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Stian Svendsen on

      I don't understand where to select an option. Help?

    38. Missing avatar

      Jesper hedin on

      Hi. The Filmburner 35 with 10 rolls was "upgraded" to 12 rolls a while back. Does that go for the p30 option as well?

    39. Gregory Smilyk on

      Option 1 for sure!

    40. Missing avatar

      John Floyd on

      Great News! I'm on option 1 guy. One question - the link you emailed is not working, so I am unable to pick either option! Is that a temporary issue or will you need to send a new one? Thanks!

    41. Danilo Torre on

      OPTION ONE, thank you.
      grazie e resistete!

    42. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      @Dyonis Rakhl - supply will be very limited. We are a very small factory after all and a very small team and working with very few resources. The 5-piece limit will be for EVERYONE because must ensure that we have enough to send to those who switch AND those who will buy at the discounted price AND those who are not backers and just want to buy a few rolls.

    43. Dyonis Rakhl on

      Option 1! erm... will it only be 5pieces per backer? I feel I may want more (will be soaking it in Diafine, if that matters).

    44. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      @Anthony Cronin - scroll down the page a bit to read about processing info.

      @R Kumar - we have been testing Rodinal with great results! It will certainly be on the list.

      To all who are choosing Option #1 - THANK YOU! We really tried to make sure everyone understood that this was the BEST option for everyone, not just us.

    45. Marcin W. Dąbrowski

      #1 of course! I'm staying for the long run. :) Fantastic news!

    46. Missing avatar

      R Kumar on

      Option 1, of course - I am looking forward to testing the P30 when the store opens up!

      As A. Cronin noted, I am hopeful you can publish some suggested dev times with common (and possibly uncommon?) developers.

      Though I'm sure you have a list of the most common developers, I humbly request you provide guidance at the appropriate time for using Rodinol or its variants, specifically at the higher dilutions (1:100). I have had wonderful results with Fuji Acros + Rodinol 1:100, and would love to see the same with P30.

    47. Anthony Cronin on

      I want both, can you also advise what developer you used for these B&W tests and development times :-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Joachim Leitsch on

      Wow! Speechless and overwhelmed. As I waited so long, my decision for option #1 was made very fast and easy :)

      Guys, keep all the work in the LRF going strong. Looking forward to lay hands on the films produced in Italy.

      Wishing you all the luck and I keep my fingers crossed - film *is* alive!

      Saluti a Italia

    49. Missing avatar

      Richard Urmonas on

      Wow. Today is a great day. Option 1 of course. Can't wait for the E6 film, but I can have some fun with B&W while waiting!