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Help FILM Ferrania build the factory of the future and the first batch of film is your reward.
Help FILM Ferrania build the factory of the future and the first batch of film is your reward.
Help FILM Ferrania build the factory of the future and the first batch of film is your reward.
5,582 backers pledged $322,420 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Richard Burt 1 day ago

      4th bad KS in 2 months. I've had enough. This is a dead platform, full of scammers.

    2. Colin Lowe 4 days ago

      Looks like money down the drain

    3. Dusk Till Dawn on

      I am glad I didn’t fell for them to purchase an other film or whatsoever, this is a scam

    4. Missing avatar

      hsubamboo on

      Is there any update?

    5. Missing avatar

      Simon Kisner on

      Anyone there?
      My camera is empty.

    6. Jürgen Ziegler on

      A quote from a message I got: "The most important fact is that we have not quit, even though there have certainly been moments when it would have been easier to do so.

      And with this fact comes another fact. Regardless of the frustration you and some other Backers feel, there is no middle ground to this interaction. We will either deliver your rewards, or we will go out of business."

    7. Jürgen Ziegler on

      Filed a complaint to Kickstarter for this. But Kickstarter is also not responding since quite a while. Maybe more need to complain to Kickstarter,

    8. Thomas M. Evers on

      The Renaissance of Analog Film is Underway

      Considerable growth of the still film market since 2015 (link)
      High quality, thoughtful, and haptic experience, similar to vinyl
      Professional cinema film never stopped, leading way to new amateur formats

      High Quality Asset Base NOW IN PLACE

      All assets and intangibles from former 3M factory are owned for self-contained operation
      Core assets are refurbished to start up production

      Efficient Operational Setup

      Due to small-scale outputs, can follow market demands effectively and efficiently
      Machines are state-of-the-art (originally for R&D purposes)

      Highly Capable Team

      Two founders and CEO‘s
      Very knowledgable and enthusiastic core team
      Experienced former 3M employees still available

      Full Investor Presentation available now. Complete the form or email us today.

      No, thangs...

    9. Jürgen Ziegler on

      Yeah @Chris, seems dead to me, too. Glad I did not waste much on this.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Stevenson on

      44 months since I backed this. Film or a refund, you crooks.

    11. Jürgen Ziegler on

      That is nice, Nik, but I is exactly what I was talking about. There is a communication problem to US. Why can't someone take 20 seconds to write an update with the link to the homepage ( as you missed to give the link too.

    12. Nik Milosevic on

      There is an update on the Ferania home page.

    13. Jürgen Ziegler on

      The problem for me is not the long time passing but the long time passing without any freaking update. Is there no person that can write 10-20 lines a month so that we can see progress? It seems that "quiet means busy" is just to clam us down. 5 minutes a month to communicate what's going on should be possible. I count that meanwhil as money lost. And for FilmFerrania it will not get better even if they produce film because many other companies started again to make film. Heck, even the T3200max is coming again.

    14. Ramon Roca-Sastre Reventós on

      Hi, 3 years after and nothing received. I understand it represent a LOT of WORK to give birth to this... But I WANT my money BACK!

      3 years is not acceptable.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Pruett on

      Good guys, keep working along. I'm glad you're working on this project. Things take longer than expected and problems arise. I don't think the people who complain have any idea how difficult it is to bring back to life on a smaller scale what was originally a huge production system for a chemically and mechanically complex product.

    16. Conan Cheang on

      Very disappointed, still not receive the film

    17. Missing avatar

      George Day on

      Thankyou for the long overdue update (again) I am very happy the project is alive and kicking especially with the news of 120 spools.

    18. Josh Katz on

      Are you ever planning on delivering the color film? It’s been a very long time since we all pledged.

    19. Christoph Garner on

      Oh boy, I’ve moved house and updated my shipping address three times now since backing.

      I’m about to give up on my love of image just to spite this project.

      4 years down 96 to go! This film best be worth it!

    20. Zachary Archer on

      I would like I to have my money refunded. The team is not responsive to emails sent inquiring about film availability and we are over two years past due in receiving film.

    21. Missing avatar

      George Day on

      No update for 4 months ...seriously! why would anyone not think that this project is over.

    22. Missing avatar

      Vincent Huber on

      @Thomas M. Evers: There is a fat chance that Film Ferrania will ever issue a refund. The kickstarter largesse was spent to save machines that may/may not get used someday. There may be legal remedies depending on where one lives, but I doubt anyone will see money out of that either. Kickstarter has pretty clear rules, but have also created significant barriers to actually enforcing them.

    23. Thomas M. Evers on

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand an immediate full refund for my pledge amount.

    24. Missing avatar

      Vincent Huber on

      I know FF is not currently working on backer rewards. But, even by their standards of communication, the now nearly four month silence is unnerving. I believe this is the longest stretch of inactivity on either their website (last FAQ update was in October) or here. Sure, FF social media is tweeting and instagramming, but that's from NYC. How about from Ferrania? News, comments, updates? anyone home?

    25. Missing avatar

      Anthony Robson on

      As a follow up to mt last post below (which i still have not had a reply to by email or on here), I got a card from the post office today saying "There's a customs charge...payment due £20.91". I won't be collecting and paying as I never ordered. You also got my address wrong and delivered to my neighbour.

    26. Missing avatar

      Anthony Robson on

      On 25/11/17, I got an email from you saying my order for film has been sent. But I *never* ordered anything from you. It has the order number 2059949 and a tracking number. I emailed you on 26/11/17 but have not heard yet. Please look into this. FYI the "order" is for 9 rolls of P30 and a sticker pack. I already received this months ago as part of the exchange process.

    27. Ross Barsi on

      Where's my film?

    28. Leo Chien

      I still not get my films , who can help me?? I live in Taiwan

    29. Christopher Hebert on

      It's been 3 years since I backed this, and I still haven't received my reward. There have been plenty of rolls of film rolled off thus far, what happened to the first 500 numbered boxes?

    30. Robert Marco Detoyato on

      Whatever happened to our rewards? �

    31. Rui Esteves on

      Just another empty update. No due date, no nothing.

    32. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      To all: Please check your inboxes - or simply go to this link: (other languages are available there)

    33. Missing avatar

      ando on

      May I know when I can receive the films?

    34. Jessly on

      I received it yesterday in Singapore!

    35. Missing avatar

      Dmitrij Neklyudov on

      Why I did not receive so far away from your my film?

    36. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      Pope - we are working on a comprehensive update for Backers.

    37. Missing avatar

      Chan, Yiu Tong on

      I am gonna to receive my P30 in these two days. I have a Contax T3, for which the ISO setting is set by default (automatic). So, I guess when I load my P30 on it, the ISO setting will be 100. I am wondering whether I should set EV 1/3+ in order to have correct exposure.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jesper hedin on

      I just received my Film Burner 35 pack P30, 10 rolls. So happy.

      Just one thing. It was supposed to be 12 rolls according to an announcement from you, and confirmed when the p30 offer came...

      Oh well i am happy anyway. Thanks!

    39. Missing avatar

      Pope on

      "When we re-launch our shop (currently scheduled for mid-September) we will be sending instructions to all coupon-holders who were not able to use their coupons during the first pre-sale."

      You need to send that as an announcement as an update on Kickstarter, as an e-mail, and as a post on the landing page for the store.

    40. Dejan Ivos on

      Thanks for the reply, my mistake then, I thought you would do the backers film first or get it underway a bit more, but all good, thanks for all the info.
      As for the P30 coupon, yeah I had some issues, so looking forward to it when you get it all up and running.

    41. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      Hi Dejan, You seem to be confusing P30 B&W film with the Kickstarter Rewards, which are color reversal film. The First 500 reward is, in fact, for the first 500 rolls of 35mm color reversal film.

      Checking our master list, we see that when we announced P30 in March, you opted to keep your original reward and receive a coupon to purchase P30 at a discount. However, it doesn't seem that you were able to USE your coupon during the brief pre-sale period.

      When we re-launch our shop (currently scheduled for mid-September) we will be sending instructions to all coupon-holders who were not able to use their coupons during the first pre-sale.

      But again, this coupon is for P30 B&W film and not about your original reward, which is still on the books and will arrive - eventually and as promised - hand-numbered from the First 500 rolls of 35mm color reversal film we produce.

      As we have noted in several updates, if you have questions, it's often much to correspond by email - - because we understand that our Backers have varying levels of understanding about everything that has happened over time.

    42. Dejan Ivos on

      Well im going to join in on the rant here. I was one of the first to back you guys way back when and selected the first 500. So beside the fact that your initial estimate of shipping was " Ships anywhere in the world Estimated delivery: Apr 2015" and its over 2 years later now and im still waiting, im guessing im not in the first 500 considering the huge amount of posts im seeing on social media etc. So If my pledge was a numbered first 500 roll from the first batch and other people are all getting theirs, then why havent you notified us, given a tracking number or point out when / where our pledges are? considering we have been waiting 2 years longer than you expected which of course I understand, but none the less, some feedback and communication would be welcomed here.

    43. Dyonis Rakhl on

      yes, I have noticed that this is some new kind of cans, not something we have had on the market over past years. It gets stuck in Barnack leicas :) (nothing criminal, just one needs to be careful when pulling the can out of the camera). Just pulled a test strip out of the tank, was developing with my favoirite Diafine (3+3mins). The film seems to show the best contrast and detail at ISO 200, with 100 and 400 also looking nice. Will scan them tomorrow to see the grain and detail.

    44. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      Note: "recycled" is the wrong word. The canisters were never used previously. They are new, but were pre-printed and sitting in racks in the old finishing building. There are some Konica cans, some Agfa cans and even a few Solaris cans. They were awaiting film when the old operations ceased...

    45. FILM Ferrania Creator on

      Good news Dyonis. We are using recycled canisters salvaged from the old Ferrania operation - as some have discovered - but for sure the film inside is 100% made in the LRF by our team.

    46. Dyonis Rakhl on

      got my P30 the other day! Sent from Bulgaria with no tracking.Will need to do testing, but at least it does not look as a re-packaged agfa aviphot (which most of the "new" films these days are...) :)

    47. Bo Gray on

      You are spending a LOT of time and effort promoting P30 on social media...a product which would not have been possible without the money from us original backers. Meanwhile there hasn't been an update for backers in months. "Where's my film???"

    48. Missing avatar

      Michael Rosiak on

      I am an original backer, and having also signed up for the alpha P30 film. I am surprised and disappointed that, since May, there has been zero - zip - nada of information. I would at the very least like to know where in the queue I am situated.

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