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2 New Filastine Music Videos: Colony Collapse & Gendjer's video poster

A pair of music videos filmed on the fault lines of ecological and social friction in the developing world. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 31, 2011.

A pair of music videos filmed on the fault lines of ecological and social friction in the developing world.

About this project

Flip your expectations of music videos. We are asking for your help in making two short pieces of cinematic art cut to new compositions by Filastine. Maybe you are familiar with his music, but it's definitely not necessary.

We are already deep into the work process, all the footage is shot (full HD) and it looks damn beautiful. But our goal for these videos is not only to make something beautiful, but to confront and indict the catastrophes that are the very fabric of our globalized economic order.

Colony Collapse is filmed at sites of ecological friction, the fault lines of conflict between humanity and (the rest of) nature. We snuck into a gas drilling site gone awry, and performed in the midst of traffic jams in a megacity where those fossil fuels get squandered. We filmed in a landscape of garbage, and in a supermarket where all that discarded packaging originates. This is the slow-motion apocalypse, uncomfortably close and personal.

Gendjer combines a lost style of clandestine Indonesian soul music with traditional shadow-theater as a ritual of counter-hegemonic brainwashing. Get it? You will when you see the video. 

Why $ This Project: Record labels don't really fund music videos anymore, and definitely not videos like this! Although we've been super-efficient (nearly all the labour is volunteered) this fundraiser is for those fixed costs we couldn't avoid: transport, food, bribes, equipment purchase and rental. These actual costs are far higher than this campaign's goal, so please don't hesitate to pass the funding mark.

There are a couple of special rewards for big spenders: services for people who might be coming to Catalunya or East Java. The rest is mostly Filastine music, donors here will be the first to get the new releases. If you aren't after either of those things we hope you'll contribute for altruistic reasons, because we sure ain't making reward "stuff" destined for future landfills.

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THIS: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, BLOGS, word of mouth, smoke signals..Huge thanks for your help!

Grey Filastine is an audio-visual artist born in Los Angeles, based in Barcelona, and often nomadic. He composes a dense transnational bass music that collides the lowest frequencies of dubstep with the highest-level beat science, acoustic strings, voices, and lofi street noises. The results are “Awesome and delicate… hybrids so fluent they defy classification.”  -Pitchfork.  Performing around a hundred concerts per year, Filastine uses percussion to control loops and synchronized video from a heap of electronics wired to an amplified shopping cart. You may have seen him at a sweaty Tokyo nightclub, a football stadium in Casablanca, a respected euro-fest like Sónar, in a parking lot in Borneo, or touring the US with Bassnectar. He has released on a long list of labels including Jarring Effects (FR), Soot (US), Romz (JP). Before making electronic music Filastine played with the Infernal Noise Brigade, a marching band he founded for the Battle of Seattle. He continues to use audio as a tool for political intervention with the Sound Swarm, an orchestra of bike-mounted megaphones conducted by pirate radios transmitters.

Astu "tooliq" Prasidya is a self-taught filmmaker and visual artist.  He has been making various visual art projects such as short film, music videos, documentary film, video installation, animation and motion graphic for over than 10 years. Currently he works in Kdeep Animation Indonesia, as a film director and visual conceptor.

Nova Ruth is a vocalist that has worked in various genres. Starting from the year 2000, she became a female emcee and was one half of Twin Sista. Afterwards, Nova went solo and in 2007 she got involved in Poetry Battle #1 as part of Les Primtemp Des Poètes, and travelled to Australia to perform in Gang Festival 2008. Nova collaborates internationally with a number of beat producers, and has toured Japan and the EU with Filastine. She also has a story-telling acoustic duo called Mimimintuno. Nova worked for years with Engage Media, a social justice and environmental video site for the Asia Pacific, and has recently opened a cafe & cultural space called Legipait in her hometown of Malang, Java.


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    A free cup of coffee at Legipait Cafe in Malang, Java. And our sincere thanks, because no amount is too little.

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    Digital download of Filastine: Colony Collapse + Remixes EP, due out in January.

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    Digital download of new Filastine full album due out next spring

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    The CD of the new Filastine album, delivered to you worldwide. (+ all the above rewards)

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    A one-hour guided tour of the Raval, a muslim & hipster barrio in the heart of Barcelona that offers anarchist history, modernist architecture, graffiti art and mad street hustle. Available nearly anytime in 2012. (+ all the above rewards: CD & both digital downloads)

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    Want to visit the Lapindo Mud disaster to make a documentary, photo essay, or just have a fetish for toxic mud? Nova Ruth will arrange your contact to local organizations + guide and translate for a day. We take no responsibility for your health and safety.

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    Filastine DJ set at your dance party, at your dog's funeral, at your corporate picnic, in your vegetable garden, wherever you want it. Geography permitting or you pay transit.

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