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A velvet slipper shoe line that just may make people confuse you with English royalty...

My name is Frederick and I present to you Fifth Season Collection velvet slippers.

For those who have never seen or worn velvet slippers...let me first say that these slippers are made with a strong comfortable rubber sole which were made to allow you to wear them formally and casually outside of your home.

For those who have seen or worn velvet slippers know there are very few options that can match such luxurious style placed upon your feet. Fifth Season Collection velvet slippers provide versatility with the ability to be worn both barefoot and with the right pair of socks. They are true all-season footwear that actually looks like they belong on your feet during all seasons.

The first style of Fifth Season Collection velvet slippers to be produced are made with a very smooth black velvet material on the outside with a very comfortable stitched red quilted  lining on the inside.

***very detailed stitched red quilted lining insole and inner lining shown above***

From February 2012 to July 2012, I have dealt with many manufacturers and have had many samples made. I can finally say after 6-7 months, I now have a finished shoe that I am very proud of and am looking forward to sharing my vision and turning it into a product people love to wear. As you see from the top image, I wear my sample shoe very proudly and can honestly say that I have never received so many compliments before these were brought into my life.

If you Google 'velvet slippers' you will find price points ranging from $375-$1300+ depending on brand. There is also 2nd price point market at $75-$100 which are sold by Aldo, H&M, and American Apparel. Of course these 3 brands also do sell an amazing product at a similar amazing price...however they are always sold out!!! That is where Fifth Season Collection comes in!

*** Shown below: Sample production run photo before stitched red quilt insoles were inserted***

***Shown above: Sample production run photo of the rubber outsole with engraved logo***

I have funded the vast majority of this project through my own savings, and I am now looking for a little help through Kickstarter for these reasons:

  1. Funds to go toward the balance of the manufacturing/shipping costs

  2. Funds to go towards the Fifth Season Collection website

  3. Any potential additional funds above the Kickstarter asked amount will still go towards manufacturing costs since it is only a portion of what is actually needed

  4. Additional potential funds will go towards samples of future style colors (depending on what our customers would like to see produced!)


Sizes to be produced during first run:

Kid's 5 → same as Women's 6.5

Kid's 6 → same as Women's 7.5

Kid's 7 → same as Women's 8.5

Men's 8 → same as Women's 9.5

Men's 8.5 → same as Women's 10

Men's 9 → same as Women's 10.5

Men's 9.5

Men's 10

Men's 10.5

Men's 11

Men's 11.5

Men's 12

Men's 13

Fifth Season Collection velvet slippers fit VERY TRUE to size.

If you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to contact me via Kickstarter or my Facebook.

Thank you for your time and pledges.


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