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Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
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3 Day Deadline—Please Complete BackerKit Surveys by 11/30!

Posted by Field Company (Creator)

For those that haven't, the deadline for getting us your shipping information is November 30th so we can get back to focus on producing and shipping your Field Skillets. 

For those that missed the first message: we have sent out emails to you to collect your shipping information for your Field Skillet(s) via BackerKit. They were sent to the email you have tied to your Kickstarter account.

For those that have already completed your survey, thank you and feel free to disregard this message.

If you can't find that survey email, you can get squared away by visiting:

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    1. Diana Simplair on

      if you view your pledge info it tells you what casting you are in.

    2. Axel Schwendt on

      How do you know which "casting" you are in?

    3. abaddon1 on

      @Richard Owens

      If you are in the second casting they should be shipping out next week, if you are in the third casting the goal is to have them shipping by the end of 2016. if you are in the 4th + casting early 2017 in order of which casting you are in.

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard W. Owens on

      So when do I get my skillet, I answered the survey 4 weeks ago and
      Have sent a few emails asking - I've gottten no response -
      Can somebody help me?

    5. Liam Hughes on

      I'm in the 6th production run. When do you expect my pan to be shipped?

    6. Missing avatar

      Johnny Lotz on

      I wasn't aware of the shipping survey and didn't answer it until a few days ago. Can you tell me if this will affect my shipment?

    7. Missing avatar

      howard gould on

      The main thread to keep abreast of the campaign is here:
      "Comment round up:
      Michael / dasman—the past week has been spent doing logistical planning. We have multiple fulfillment centers around the country. We do that because we charged everyone rock bottom prices on shipping, $10. To send a Field Skillet from the Midwest to the SF Bay Area or NYC costs $18. We will be moving our inventory to various fulfillment centers this coming week. We use another service that helps us optimize time and cost on shipping and that generally results in a mix of UPS and the USPS.
      Kevin—we are getting the 2nd Castings out the door stat. We are hoping to get some of the 3rd Castings out the door in 2016. We are currently making skillets at a rate of a few thousand a month. We have line of sight to doubling that speed in the near future, but don't want to be counting our chickens before they hatch.
      Bryant / Abaddon1 / Chris—you guys are on the money. The design process and the manufacturing process are related but not completely dependent on each other. Working on the #10 did not reduce our speed at all on the #8 manufacturing process."

    8. John Hutchison on

      So. When do I dot my skillet?