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Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
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    1. Missing avatar

      Melanie Green about 8 hours ago

      I also have not received my skillets or notification that they're due to ship soon. If you're on the final casting, I'm starting to get a bit concerned.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jake Greenway-Read about 14 hours ago

      Pan just arrived - excited to use it, but definitely need to get myself one of the #10's when they open up to public! (I missed out on getting one when offered)

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Nodot about 16 hours ago

      Hi Field guys - any follow-up for myself & the others in the 6th run whose pans have not arrived? Mine has a status of "Shipped" but the tracking link has said "Order Processed: Ready for UPS" since 20th of March - is it sitting in a warehouse somewhere? Please help!!

    4. Field Company Creator about 17 hours ago

      Quick comment round up:

      @Bellina Chan—we apologize for the confusion, but the only Field Skillet #10s that exist are currently at Field Company HQ. We believe you've got a #8 and we hope to get your #10 to you shortly. Please feel free to send us a Kickstarter message or an email.

      We've cast the #10 1st Castings and are working on finishing those up and ironing out the kinks in our new production line. We anticipate starting to ship more of the #10s in May.

    5. Bellina Chan about 20 hours ago

      @Tim Carlson. I know the difference. I have already received my #10 skillet which was an extra offered purchase once the KS ended. I have NOT, however, received my KS pledge for the #8 skillet.

      FIELD COMPANY: Could you please respond to my inquiry as to why I have not received my #8 skillet? I am backer # 7848. This is for the 6th run. if you are already at the final 7th run, then something has gone seriously awry. I await your prompt response. Thank you.

    6. John Warren about 21 hours ago

      Received the skillet. THANKS GUYS!

    7. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 2 days ago


      The #10 is a separate pan that they are working on getting production up and running on. They have estimated that their first run will be in the range of late April/early May

    8. Missing avatar

      Mary McCrimmon 2 days ago

      Hi: Don't know where "add-on" orders fall within your schedule, but I ordered a Field Skillet #10 as an add-on and haven't received it yet. When you get a chance, can you give me an shipping estimate for it?

      Thank you,
      Mary McCrimmon

    9. Missing avatar

      Steven Nodot 2 days ago

      I'm in the 6th run, and got my tracking number over a month ago on the 20th of March, but it's still showing as waiting for UPS. Has something gone wrong or is it still not out the door? I've moved as well and can still get packages at the old address, but if it hasn't shipped, would love to know how to get it sent direct. Thanks - been eagerly awaiting this one!

    10. Field Company Creator 2 days ago

      The last of the 7th Casting Run is going out the door this week. We have to manually sync shipping notification notices, so sometimes the tracking emails will go out 24-48 hours after the pan hits the parcel post. if you're in the 7th Run and haven't gotten your shipping notification email—it's possible you'll be getting it towards the end of this week / early next.

      If you are in a previous casting run and have not received your pan, it means we don't have your shipping address or there was a delivery issue (which is about 2-3% of shipments).

    11. Ray Nosko
      2 days ago

      I am in the 6th run. I haven't received any shipping info for my pan. How do I find out the status?

    12. mike bogdan 3 days ago

      3 comments left unreplied to. April is almost over, and u have had zero indication that my pan has shipped except for "the time table"

      Can anyone that works over there just check? There has to be a way to let me know my orders status?

    13. Chia Walter 3 days ago

      I was in the process of moving the weekend before last. BackerKit sent me a notice that my pan was about to ship so I tried to change my address but it had status "shipping info is locked" so I was not able to change it. When I checked the status again, it said it was delivered on April 20 to the old address. I thought BackerKit was supposed to allow us to change addresses if we were moving.

    14. Missing avatar

      Susan Gold 3 days ago

      I am in the 6th run and still haven't received my pan. After following up I got a message stating that the shipper had lost the item and I would receive replacement information in the coming week. It has been over a week and so far I haven't had any communication from the company. Has anyone else had this problem? Have you been able to resolve it?

    15. Missing avatar

      Luke Green 3 days ago

      Got my #8 (10,7xx backer), can't wait for the Add-On #10!

    16. McKay Susie Sita McKay
      3 days ago

      I am number 8thousand something. I got a notice that it was shipping, but no active tracking number. Is there a problem with mine?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeoffrey 3 days ago

      Will we have access to the excess #10?

    18. Tom Carlson 5 days ago

      @Bellina: That's the #8 skillet. It's ten and a half inches across the top. The #8 isn't the size in inches. The #10 is larger still, and I don't think is even in actual production yet.

    19. Bellina Chan 5 days ago

      Sorry. I am backer 7848. Thank you again.

    20. Bellina Chan 5 days ago

      Hello. I pledged for the 6th casting but still have not received my pan. I did, however, receive the briefly offered 10" skillet. Could you please contact me? Thank you.

    21. Missing avatar

      Casie 7 days ago

      You can't see the ridges on the 3rd run pan we've been cooking on. They disappeared under a layer of season and now we have a glass smooth black surface.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Mitkowski 7 days ago

      Been using mine for 3 weeks now, I love it. I wanted to get one for my brother and saw someone had one on eBay. Figured it would be the quickest way to get a second. But when it came, it was completely flat on the cooking surface, no machined ridges at all. Is this a defective pan that never got finished? Doesn't look like a knock-off. Aside from the missing ridges, it is identical to my pan and even came in the same box with the thank you note!

    23. Tom J. Nelson on April 20

      Fantastic, now please make a cast iron lid.

    24. Sally the Wonder Guinea Pig on April 19

      Just received my #8 pan today - it is perfection! Thank you for your dedication to making something worth treasuring.

    25. paul mitsuhashi on April 19

      Should I be expecting a shipping notification? Thanks!

    26. Field Company Creator on April 19

      Our last shipment of pans is on the way to fulfillment. That means that pretty much everyone that has filled out a Kickstarter address survey should receive their pan by April ~28th. International pledges may be a bit behind that. Thank you, everyone, for your support, encouragement, and kind words. The past year has been a wild ride—the campaign closed on April 6, 2016.

      We will have more #10s up for sale shortly and will be fulfilling the Add-on orders over the next six weeks.

    27. Max Harris on April 19

      11,018 out of 12,553...

      Can't wait!

    28. Missing avatar

      TakeBane LIM on April 19

      I am still waiting for my field skillet. Any chance of getting it soon? My backer no: 9,656.

      Bane Lim

    29. Sara Kueber McCoy on April 19

      I now want to order a #10 skillet, how can I do so? I am beyond pleased with the #8---should have added-on the #10 when it was offered but I was simply not thinking straight! Save me Field Company, please?

    30. Missing avatar

      Adam Koster on April 19

      Just received it the other day here in Dubai!

      Very nice. Like a lot!

    31. Missing avatar

      Nina Verghese on April 18

      Blue Apron sent out an e-mail selling these skillets. I assume that means backers who haven't received their skillet should receive soon?

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeff on April 18

      How will we be notified that the #10 is available for sale I did not take advantage of the addon at the time . I Received my 8's and they are very nice.

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wood on April 18

      Hello, can you look at my email please. The last letter of my Post Code is incorrect. Ive contacted DHL and they have said you have to change it. Thank you

    34. Thomas Fang on April 17

      My pledge is 5th production run, how come I still have receive mine?

    35. Sean Logue
      on April 17

      Got mine a couple of weeks ago - nice job, guys! I'm looking forward to the #10 I added on. Vincent, I think they said end of this month/early next for the start of the #10 shipping, so very soon now!

    36. Dan B on April 17

      I'm 7th casting and it's mid-April. Anxiously awaiting my skillet!

    37. Sandi Spires on April 16

      I know you said #10 is the largest pan you are considering. But the most used pan in my kitchen is my lodge 5qt (12-inches diameter and 3.25-inches deep ) chicken fryer. Would so love to have one of those but lighter!

    38. Missing avatar

      Vincent D'Amore on April 16

      Great pan! I have been using mine for a few weeks now and it just gets better. Have built up a nice layer of seasoning and is so much easier to handle than my
      Lodge pans. Any update on when the #10 pans will be delivered?

    39. Missing avatar

      Casie on April 14

      The machining marks disappear quickly. With just a little bit of regular use the seasoning builds up so that you'd never know the work it took to make these pans lighter.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sam Boyarsky on April 14

      Got the 8 inch earlier this week. It isn't quite as smooth as I was expecting from the pictures... looks like very fine ridges like an lp on the inside, and the outer rim is a bit rough, but it sure does cook well... I cooked an egg in bacon grease and there was no sticking... I'm excited to use this for years to come... Anyone want some old lodge pans?

    41. Nora Horihan on April 13

      This pan is simply beautiful. Well worth the wait. Well done gentlemen.

    42. Tom Carlson on April 13

      I rely on IKEA's TEKLA dish towels. I keep a stack solely for oiling the skillet.

    43. Missing avatar

      David Small on April 13

      Thanks! Tried a bit of old tshirt this evening and it worked like a charm.

    44. Field Company Creator on April 13

      Shipping schedule: — we are working our way through the 7th Casting Run and are on track. If you are in an earlier casting run and have not received a pan, it's likely that we never received your shipping information. Send us a Kickstarter message.

      Comment round up:

      David, we like old cotton rags quite a bit—and it's a nice way to get mileage out of a t-shirt that's no longer in service.

      Rene, we'll have more of the towels in stock when we launch our full site in 5-8 weeks, but are out of stock at this time.

      Roseann, we've been making some larger demo pans that we're enjoying and thinking about making commercially—though no concrete plans or timeline for anything larger than the #10 (which is 11.5" diameter).

    45. Missing avatar

      David Small on April 12

      Loving the pan but I am having a problem with very fine lint when I'm drying and putting on oil. I have tried a basic kitchen towel and Bounty select a size. Can anyone recommend a towel or paper towel that won't leave lint on the pan?

    46. Missing avatar

      Peter Hoffmann-Pichler on April 12

      Hello. I am at the 2nd production run but I haven't received my pan jet. What's going on? Can you tell me the reasons? Thank you

    47. Rene Muro on April 12

      To add to the comment below:
      I have a #10 coming. Is it possible to add on some dish towels to that shipment?

    48. Rene Muro on April 12

      I'd like to add on ore if those Dish towels. They are phenomenal. Is this still possible?
      Additionally, your skillets are amazing. I've been enjoying it for a few weeks and have really enjoyed cooking with it. Of note is the ease at which it cleans up. Very different from my more traditional cast irons.
      Rene Muro

    49. Yvette Crabtree on April 11

      I love my pan!!! It come pre-seasoned and practically non-stick already. I have been using it non-stop for the last month and am happy to report it's working beautifully! Keep making pans you have hit on a winning combination! Love this size and shape as well. It's easier to hold with one hand than my other pans that practically have about the same flat area.

    50. mike bogdan on April 11

      hey guys - not a gripe post or anything - ive just noticed that some 7th runs have received their skillets, and your post from yesterday says that 7th are heading out throughout april

      i was just wondering if you could check my order and let me know if it has headed out (havent seen any communication) or rough estimate...this was supposed to be a bday gift for my wife in january ... oops :)

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