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Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
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    1. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 about 17 hours ago


      You had a #10 first casting if you added on a "#10 first casting" in backerkit (there were two options, a more expensive "first casting #10 add-on" and a somewhat cheaper "#10 add-on").

    2. Missing avatar

      tim middleton 1 day ago

      I have also not received my #10 add-on pan.

    3. Missing avatar

      dasman 1 day ago

      "All #10 First Castings are out the door"... hmm...

      What constitutes a "First Casting"? I added one on to my #8 order with Backerkit, so I presume that means I'm a first casting?

      If so, I have not received any shipping information.

    4. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 2 days ago

      @Field Company

      Could be a worthwhile time to put out another full update. Make sure anyone who hasn't paid attention to comments/looked at the page knows that all KS pans should have been delivered, #10s are shipping out (and maybe some info on the seasoning guide?) and any other info you might have for post-ks stuff.

    5. Field Company Creator 3 days ago

      As summer grilling season gets underway, remember that every grilling situation is improved with a cast iron pan on hand:

      Irene, we've got your support ticket by email and will respond there with more information. It looks like a delivery was attempted by USPS and failed.

    6. Irene Polnyi 3 days ago

      Where's my pan? I gave my address in March, thanks. this is what i backed:

      The LAST Kickstarter production run.

      The 7th Run for our final champions. Estimated retail of $100.

    7. Tom J. Nelson on June 11

      Just got my shipping Email! I cannot wait!

    8. Bill Wimsatt on June 10

      Got my 10 yesterday. Cooked a simple breakfast of eggs and sausage patties. Tonite maybe cornbread or maybe frittata. Some campfires in a few weeks. Thank you!


    9. Elton Daniel on June 10

      Got my #10 and it looked great. But when i heated it up it became apparent that it is cracked

    10. Missing avatar

      David Upshaw
      on June 9

      My two #10's came in today. Thank you!

    11. Missing avatar

      David Upshaw
      on June 9

      Hello, I haven't heard a word on my two #10's 1st run pans . Currently enjoying the three #8's. Can you tell me where i stand in line and maybe a shipping date? Thanks

    12. Scott Sobe on June 8

      More excuses is all I hear

    13. Scott Sobe on June 8

      $1.6 mil, can't hire someone to answer emails or messages, well run company!

    14. Field Company Creator on June 8

      All 1st Casting #10s are out the door. For the rest of the #10s, we apologize about the communication but we've been working to get a complete picture. We started casting #10s in late April with a standing order of 750 units/week at the foundry. Unfortunately, some obstacles at the foundry have resulted in much lower output. We now have 400 castings at the machine shop and another 1000 processing at the foundry—with more on the way. We are working diligently to get these pans out the door as fast as possible while also taking steps to ensure we are not inventory constrained as we near our formal launch. Thanks so much for your support—which has allowed us to even get to this point.

      We are currently on schedule to complete all #10 preorders by the first week of August and we will make sure to keep you updated if that changes. On the positive side, the 10s are looking beautiful due to a few production and design tweaks and we think folks will appreciate the continuous improvement.

    15. Scott Sobe on June 8

      Another day, and not a reply, sad

    16. Scott Sobe on June 7

      Field Company, would you please reply to my three messages, and email. What are you people doing?

    17. Missing avatar

      DavyE on June 6

      I got my first cast #10 an hour ago. It's smoother than my fifth run #8. The concentric rings on the #10 are not as pronounced as the #8. Later I'm gonna make some eggs for dinner.

      Job well done Field Company. I'm very happy with my skillets. Please release a smaller skillet - a #6 would be nice.

    18. Scott Sobe on June 6

      Got email on 5/3 checking shipping address, still no #10, not a peep, your lack of communication is what's driving many waiting crazy. Why ask my info in May, and not ship yet in June? Piss poor coms

    19. Tom J. Nelson on June 6

      waiting impatiently for my #10 email.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ray Landry on June 5

      Received my #10 pan today with gouges near the center. How do I exchange it?

    21. Mykll Valiant
      on June 4

      Got my first run #10 this past week. Both sizes have been a pleasure to use and cook with so far. Thanks Field Company!

    22. Missing avatar

      Chester Holsinger on May 31

      I just got an email that my #10 shipped and will be delivered Friday

    23. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 on May 31

      @Rich Harris

      I just got my tracking information for my first run #10.

    24. Missing avatar

      Rich Harris on May 30

      Any updates on the 10in first casting ship date? Thx.

    25. Missing avatar

      GMGQ on May 25

      Very happy with my first ever cast iron pan. Heats up very fast, and gets super hot for searing meats after I've sous vide them. I also use this pan when I want to sear with my blow torch, so the drippings end up seasoning the pan even more ;)

    26. Field Company Creator on May 19

      As everyone breaks in their pans, please show us how you're doing and post photos at

      As we get into grilling season, here's some classic wisdom from Meathead Goldwyn on various grill grates: and another one on why you really don't need grill marks (or grill pans)

    27. Missing avatar

      Amanda Eickholt on May 19

      Hands down my favorite Kickstarter of all time. I've had my skillet for awhile now, and I've used it stove top, oven and on the grill. I actually prefer it over my ancient hand me down cast iron. Congrats to Field - you guys did a fantastic job.

    28. Mark Atwood on May 13

      I just got my pan. Will be cooking on it tomorrow morning!

    29. Arleen on May 13

      Purchased two of these instead of getting a Le Creuset. I made a mistake. Should have just gotten a Le Creuset. These pans don't heat evenly and they stick like crazy. Using a ton of oil to cook a "pre seasoned" pan is ridiculous. If these can be refunded, I'd like to do that please.

    30. Bill Wimsatt on May 13

      My daughters love the #8 pans! Looking forward to my #10!

    31. Missing avatar

      Del Merritt on May 12

      Got my pair of #8 pans today - I was in the last round of the sweet&savory level.
      The pans are a little bigger than I was expecting, about the size of my 30+ year-ago yard-sale find. But they are definitely lighter (4.01 and 4.3+) lbs each compared to the 5.335 lbs for my old pan. They are also smoother on the interior. My old pan has pouring channels on each side, which is a plus for it. But the weight difference should help balance that out.
      They are in the oven now getting a fresh seasoning. We'll see how they compare to the old pan soon!

    32. Field Company Creator on May 12

      We are in clean-up mode for Kickstarter backers. If you've had an issue receiving your Field Skillet, please contact us at — if a package has gone missing, please be patient. It often takes a while of waiting on hold and multiple back and forth with shipping companies (per package) to track things down.

      We are in production on #10s and the 1st Castings are close to finished. We're moving the #10s through the line a bit more slowly as we make sure quality standards are being hit and hope to start ramping up that speed shortly.

    33. Gwyn on May 11

      Just received my skillets! Backer #11,720. They *did* get lost in transit up in Chicagoland, but after sending the good folks of Field company an email --- they quickly rectified the order and had them sent to my doorstep within the 48hr period they promised! Am LOVING the look, feel, and handling of this skillet -- can't wait to whip up a steak and potatoes dinner!

    34. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 on May 10


      have you been sending Kickstarter messages or e-mails to their contact e-mail address? I agree not hearing anything if you were sending e-mails to their contact e-mail would be troubling. If they were Kickstarter messages they have said that the messages are next to impossible to track with the tools Kickstarter and they requested people stop sending them. They've said that a single message to "" is the way to get in contact with them.

    35. Missing avatar

      barbara mottola on May 10

      Received my pan last week. It's too heavy for me, and I'd like to return it. Is there an address that I can send it back to? Please advise.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sunette Pilat on May 9

      I received notification of shipment on March 21, 2017 but never received the field skillet. I sent a message on April 15 and have not yet received an answer. The latest status of my shipment said "IN TRANSIT" but that's where it stopped on March 30, 2017 without any further information. I'm starting to feel like I got scammed seeing that this seemed to have happened to many other backers. I would prefer a message saying "hey sorry we got overloaded and will send it to you in 6 months" over the fake "IN TRANSIT" message. I was really looking forward to this but if I don't hear back by May 31, 2017, I will be forced to contact my credit card company and notify them of the situation and that I suspect it to be a scam. Sorry, but you didn't respond in a decent timeframe to any of my messages (about a month), so you need to understand this is just business. No hard feelings, just hard business. Good luck.

    37. Max Harris on May 8

      Got my #8 (final casting) last week. In process of doing the 6 coat seasoning. Pan is very nice. Lighter than current offerings, smooth. Comfortable to hold. Worth the wait. Will cook with it later this week, searing some steak or short ribs post sous-vide. Very nice addition to my kitchen.

    38. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 on May 8


      My guess would be shipping this week or next week for the first casting. I guess it would depend on whether or not "we're working through our first castings and are about to push to production" from their 3rd of May e-mail means they have the first castings done and are moving into the regular production of the #10s or if they have the process figured out and are currently producing the first castings. Either way, doesn't sound like it will be too long now!

    39. Sean Logue
      on May 8

      When are the #10 pans shipping? Have they entered production?

    40. Susan Bakkila on May 8

      On April 4, was notified of shipping, however it is more than one month later, and it still shows as just having a shipping LABEL generated.....when should we actually expect our pan to ship?

    41. Hans Melius on May 8

      @Matt Holecko, you can try coarse salt and scrub with that, or look into chain mail cast iron scrubbers on Amazon. I personally use the chain mail and it does an amazing job.

    42. Yavanna June Klappal on May 7

      My mother in law and I went in together on a savoury and sweet set. I must say, I just adore this pan!

      Wondering if the number 10 pan will arrive by my birthday.
      That would be a great gift!

    43. Missing avatar

      nestor alejandro lopez nunez on May 6

      Hello I've sent an email and a message using kick starter can you please reply to me!!!!! It's been over a week now

    44. Missing avatar

      William Gottlieb on May 4

      Just received 3 field skillets as ordered. Have not used them, but they look great and am very excited. Thank you for delivering on your commitment. Will order more!

    45. Missing avatar

      Chester Holsinger on May 4

      A few comments from the Peanut Gallery......I was in the last casting of the no 8 skillet and received it a few weeks ago. I like it, it needs time to get really seasoned properly, and I am learning to cook with it well. I like it.

      I got an email yesterday to confirm my address as the No 10 is about to ship, I like this too!

      I feel bad for those that can't info on their missing units, I waited months for mine, and didn't want to wait any longer.

      i didn't know DHL was still a going concern, I haven't seen a DHL van or truck in years

    46. Debbie on May 3

      Sent an email yesterday related to my "missing in transit" skillet. Received a response back within 24 hours and the company is working to rectify the situation. Thank you Will T. for the prompt attention! Can hardly wait to give it a try.

    47. Missing avatar

      Matt holecko on May 3

      Well, my pan arrived today! I thought I'd follow the instructions and then put it to a very simple task...warming up some greasy fries on low/medium heat(4 of 9 on my burner). They pretty much stuck to the pan immediately. I tried moving them with a spatula but they burned so quick that I just took them off. Now my pan has all these little burnt chunks and bumps on the once beautifully smooth surface. No amount of scrubbing will get it off. Any suggestions out there?

    48. John Moreau on May 3

      I got mine a week ago. Amazingly smooth and working as intended. Really happy with it. Thank you to everyone at the Field Company for a successful kickstarter!

    49. Tom J. Nelson on May 3

      Just got my email! I'm super excited!

    50. Missing avatar

      Harald Hanche-Olsen on May 3

      I got mine yesterday. It appeared, like so many others, to have been lost. The DHL tracking page merely said that delivery was attempted and failed a week ago, then nothing. But after I wrote to the creators, they gave me a different tracking page (also DHL) that provided more information, including an “international tracking number”, different from the original one. And lo and behold, that one was recognized by the local postal service. And so I learned that the package had been sitting in our local post office for a week, waiting to be picked up. I had received no message about it. Anyhow, went to pick it up, turned out the package was registered in the computer with a different recipient. But they fished the package out of the shelves, and found my name on the printed label, so they gave it to me. Yay! It has already been used, twice. And a very nice skillet it is.

      tl;dr: If your package is shipped with DHL, and it seems lost, try to go to and type the tracking number there. It may give you the extra information you need.

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