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Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
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    1. Field Company Creator on

      Friendly reminder that the Field Skillet Kickstarter page is dormant and we do not regularly check messages or comments. Orders places at are shipped out within a business day and we have multiple sizes available. If you need to get in touch with us, please email us at

    2. Andy Butler on

      Matthew - I wouldn't worry about that at all. Discolorations and darkening is natural to cast iron. Just continue to cook with it, wipe down at the end, apply a thin coat of oil (I like Crisco) and let it warm up to the smoking point and then turn off the heat. No need to try and reseason it. That'll naturally build up over time.

    3. Andy Butler on

      Greg, I really don't use brushes on my skillet. I use a bamboo spatula to move off any sticked on bits (which doesn't happen much anymore) and then wipe it down good with a paper or cloth towel after draining any oil. The black finish you're talking about is the seasoning, a hard polymerized layer of oil that creates a natural non-stick surface. It sometimes just happens, but no big deal. After your done wiping down your skillet I heat the pan for about 2 minutes on the stove and then apply a thin layer of Crisco, put it back on the burner and wait for it to smoke just a little bit. Then I turn down the heat, wipe off any excess with a paper towel and put it on the pan rack. After awhile you'll have a beautiful non-stick surface that looks similar to mine. It takes some time and regular use, but you'll get there.

    4. Greg Chow on

      I just baked cornbread in my pan and it worked great!

      However I just put some hot water in it to give it a quick clean with a soft bristle brush and the black finish at the bottom came off.

      What do I do?
      I didn’t use any soap.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew Distefano on

      Pan is great. Workmanship is excellent. I have had the pan about 3 months. Lats night I cooked in the pan and did not clean it right away. Now there are stains at the bottom of the pan I cannot remove with all the usual suspects (salt, scrubbing, etc..) Any advice? Will have to high cook the pan in the oven and then re-season?

    6. Missing avatar

      Looney on

      please post the dimension of the 10" (lid) on the website. no info is bad info!

    7. jake farren on

      I did a few oven treatments on the pan with flaxseed oil and now it has a nice dark hardened look to it instead of the brown look it came with. Pretty stoked to see how much it has improved the non-stick capabilities.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gregory Knowles on

      I managed to drop my skillet - and the lip snapped clean off! Any advice on repairing it?

    9. Missing avatar


      Question: How come as original backers, we get the pan for $90, and now you're sending us a $30 off $100 coupon for an additional one or for friends? Maybe economies of scale but I think KS prices were steep initially.

      BTW - The product is GREAT and no second thoughts about it!

    10. Martin

      Field company, I want to say how grateful we are for the insanely high quality products you delivered. A truly remarkable product. We ONLY use our 2 field skillets now and have no need for all the others except for maybe our crepe pan and poffertje pan (you need to make one or both of those, although the second one is a fairly speciaty pan unless you live in the Netherlands!).

      We have already willed the pans to our 2 children (aged 6 and 4) so confident are we in the quality and longevity. The only issue will be who gets which size! You have truly made us cast iron converts and we thank you for it!

      Martin and Mylinh, Grafton Canada.

    11. Field Company Creator on

      Hello everyone—we have fulfilled all Kickstarter pledges where we have your shipping information. If you have not received your pans, we either don't have your address or there was an error in shipping. Drop us a line at and we'll get you sorted out.

      We are also in the process of building up a bit more inventory on our larger size, the #10, and will have those available at in 1-2 months.

    12. Clayton Kane Ferguson on

      HEY hi..... ummm i was part of the 7th set to go out ..... I still have not gotten my pan. What is going on?

    13. Missing avatar

      William Jay Parris on

      I ve had my 8" pans for sometime use them A LOT and really love everything about them but the seasoning. Mine seasoning wore off in places and I think it was due to me steaming some frozen meatballs in a little water before frying them. I have removed the season at this point and am reseasoning them with unrefined flax seed oil. I have done this before with other cast irons pans with fantastic results. you can google search flax seed cast iron and find the process pretty easily. Even though I need to do this, I still love them and have no regrets. How can I get a 10" pan? I must have missed an offer.

    14. Missing avatar

      william tom on

      like the rest of us that have not received the add on 10" pan, a general update would be nice. I'm sure you guys are working hard to get the perfect product out, and i appreciate that, but a general timely update to us would be reassuring.
      oh, and i love my 8".

    15. Missing avatar

      Joseph G. Spears on

      Received my #10 yesterday. Looks great and will be a great addition to my kitchen. Thanks for all of the hard work on making things happen for this project. I know its been quite a ride. Some ideas for the future--Lids for the pans, addition of a pouring spout, a grill pan.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gerald Treptow on

      I have yet to receive my pans also from the last run of the sweet and savory. This was a second pledge that I made later. I did receive my single pan from the 2nd run on my main account. I thought I remember others that pledged on different accounts. Any of you others have fulfillment problems? I had both pledges set to ship to the same address and checking Backerkit shows both pledges set as shipped the same day, with the same tracking number.

    17. Field Company Creator on

      All Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled with the exception of add-on #10s. If you were in an early Kickstarter run and haven't received a pan, it means we never got your address or there was an issue with the final leg of delivery (USPS or UPS). If you find yourself in this position, please email us at

      Andy and Casie, thank you very much for your kind words. We love hearing stories of Field Skillets home position to be right on the stove top.

    18. Zach Splaingard on

      I have yet to receive my #8 pan from the SECOND production run. Hearing Anova has pans for sale makes this totally unacceptable. Where is my pan?

    19. Tina Muheim on

      Glad I'm not the only one waiting for their #10....

    20. Andy Butler on

      @Margo - it's probably that the shipping label was pre-printed for it well before your order was ready. I ship and get shipped tons of stuff and this have seen this before. I imagine that their shipping manager gets their labels in order well ahead of time.

    21. Andy Butler on

      Just received my #10 today. It's immaculate! I've been in cooking all sorts of things in my #8, from pan frying, searing steak/fish, roasting veggies, making fritattas, frying up eggs, and it's worked flawlessly. I did put another layer of flaxseed seasoning on it and it's been performing even better than my better teflon non-stick pans. For those of you still waiting on your #10, I assure you - it's worth the wait! I got frustrated too, but like with any new company there's going to be initial manufacturing setbacks. You're gonna love your pan when you get it!

    22. Missing avatar

      Casie on

      My pan's arrived. It'll be getting a hard initial workout today. Our deep freezer quit and a bunch of meat started to thaw. We're going to cook up all that meat today and the larger pan is greatly appreciated. .
      I have a glass lid that was a perfect fit for my Lodge pan of the same size. I'm sorry that it isn't an exact match on the top of this pan. It is definitely a lighter pan, though. My sister was pleased when she realized it was deep enough for the pan frying she likes to do. I think she expected a shallower pan when she picked up the shipping box.

      The machining marks are smaller on this pan than the original and I expect them to vanish just as completely after a little use. The pan is also definitely lighter than the Lodge. After we cook in a few times I'll post the results.

      We've been very happy with the smaller pan as it is big enough for most meals in our household of five females. It's used so often that it's official storage location is on the stove top. I can only hope this larger pan will work as well for our larger recipes and events.

    23. Margot Avery on

      I have not gotten my pan even though I was sent a tracking number six weeks ago. When I try to track it I'm only told it's "pending" Does that mean it hasn't been sent? or that it's lost?

    24. Missing avatar

      dasman on

      @abaddon1 At this point, all backerkit will tell me is that I spent $150 for a #10 pan. Frankly, I can't imagine why I spent that much on a cast iron pan, but I did. I also can't imagine that there was a more expensive option than that, but maybe there was.

      I do know that I'm looking forward to hopefully receiving something in August...

    25. Field Company Creator on

      Hello Backers. We're working really hard over here! Update on #10s:

      The first 400 pans are in the mail to some of you.
      2,500 are in the supply chain with an order to go AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!

      Two weeks ago, we had a quality control failure at the machining step with over 1000 pans. We received samples today and are optimistic that a solution has been reached. All energy is geared toward completing our preorders, but unfortunately this setback is likely to push us into August to complete our outstanding preorders.

      We apologize for the incredible strain we’ve put on your patience and we are looking into ways to make it right in addition to just getting you your darn pans!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Diana Johnson on

      I was wondering when I can expect to receive my add-on #10 pan. I received my #8 in March. I love it so much, I would like to know when the #10 is shipping.

    27. Karen Boldosser on

      Hi, I'm sort of confused. I purchased an add-in #10, received an "update your shipping address" and have yet to receive my skillet. We love our #8, but am a bit annoyed that you are partnering for a give away without fulfilling your existing orders first. I'd appreciate some info on when I can expect my #10.

    28. Missing avatar

      john macgregor on

      when can I expect to receive my add on #10 skillet?

    29. Missing avatar

      Tom Rypl Jr on

      Supposed to be part of the 7th casting and still haven't gotten a pan or email.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wood on

      Used mine for a couple of months now. Love it, thank you

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Rymer on

      Any word on the rest of the #10s?

    32. abaddon1 on


      You had a #10 first casting if you added on a "#10 first casting" in backerkit (there were two options, a more expensive "first casting #10 add-on" and a somewhat cheaper "#10 add-on").

    33. Missing avatar

      tim middleton on

      I have also not received my #10 add-on pan.

    34. Missing avatar

      dasman on

      "All #10 First Castings are out the door"... hmm...

      What constitutes a "First Casting"? I added one on to my #8 order with Backerkit, so I presume that means I'm a first casting?

      If so, I have not received any shipping information.

    35. abaddon1 on

      @Field Company

      Could be a worthwhile time to put out another full update. Make sure anyone who hasn't paid attention to comments/looked at the page knows that all KS pans should have been delivered, #10s are shipping out (and maybe some info on the seasoning guide?) and any other info you might have for post-ks stuff.

    36. Field Company Creator on

      As summer grilling season gets underway, remember that every grilling situation is improved with a cast iron pan on hand:

      Irene, we've got your support ticket by email and will respond there with more information. It looks like a delivery was attempted by USPS and failed.

    37. Irene Polnyi on

      Where's my pan? I gave my address in March, thanks. this is what i backed:

      The LAST Kickstarter production run.

      The 7th Run for our final champions. Estimated retail of $100.

    38. Tom J. Nelson on

      Just got my shipping Email! I cannot wait!

    39. Bill Wimsatt on

      Got my 10 yesterday. Cooked a simple breakfast of eggs and sausage patties. Tonite maybe cornbread or maybe frittata. Some campfires in a few weeks. Thank you!


    40. Elton Daniel on

      Got my #10 and it looked great. But when i heated it up it became apparent that it is cracked

    41. David U

      My two #10's came in today. Thank you!

    42. David U

      Hello, I haven't heard a word on my two #10's 1st run pans . Currently enjoying the three #8's. Can you tell me where i stand in line and maybe a shipping date? Thanks

    43. Scott Sobe on

      More excuses is all I hear

    44. Scott Sobe on

      $1.6 mil, can't hire someone to answer emails or messages, well run company!

    45. Field Company Creator on

      All 1st Casting #10s are out the door. For the rest of the #10s, we apologize about the communication but we've been working to get a complete picture. We started casting #10s in late April with a standing order of 750 units/week at the foundry. Unfortunately, some obstacles at the foundry have resulted in much lower output. We now have 400 castings at the machine shop and another 1000 processing at the foundry—with more on the way. We are working diligently to get these pans out the door as fast as possible while also taking steps to ensure we are not inventory constrained as we near our formal launch. Thanks so much for your support—which has allowed us to even get to this point.

      We are currently on schedule to complete all #10 preorders by the first week of August and we will make sure to keep you updated if that changes. On the positive side, the 10s are looking beautiful due to a few production and design tweaks and we think folks will appreciate the continuous improvement.

    46. Scott Sobe on

      Another day, and not a reply, sad

    47. Scott Sobe on

      Field Company, would you please reply to my three messages, and email. What are you people doing?

    48. Missing avatar

      DavyE on

      I got my first cast #10 an hour ago. It's smoother than my fifth run #8. The concentric rings on the #10 are not as pronounced as the #8. Later I'm gonna make some eggs for dinner.

      Job well done Field Company. I'm very happy with my skillets. Please release a smaller skillet - a #6 would be nice.

    49. Scott Sobe on

      Got email on 5/3 checking shipping address, still no #10, not a peep, your lack of communication is what's driving many waiting crazy. Why ask my info in May, and not ship yet in June? Piss poor coms

    50. Tom J. Nelson on

      waiting impatiently for my #10 email.

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