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Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron—an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist: The Field Skillet
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    1. Tom J. Nelson about 1 hour ago

      Ok I said 29th, I meant 31st. Still we are on the end stretch and the company has proven it can produce a thousand damn good pans in a week. Building the assembly line for #10s is most likely similar to what we've all ready experianced but they clearly need some time to get new workers to get up to speed. The good news is Field Company has hit its stride and has proven it can fulfill it's commitments (eventually, but every Kickstarter I've been a part of has had delays) and the product is a very reasonable example of what was promised. I would be surprised if 99.99% of all kickstarter backers where not cooking using their field #8s by the second week of may.

    2. Kelly Hill about 1 hour ago

      Got my 6th run skillet yesterday. Instantly loved it. ¾lb lighter than my other cast iron pan and much better interior shape. Made dinner in it, loved it some more. Debating whether to put a mirror season on it with flax oil. It may not need it with that gorgeous interior finish.

    3. Tom J. Nelson 1 day ago

      7th casting starts shipping on the 29th of this month and ship throughout the next month. Bear in mind that is by far the largest casting.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Hale 1 day ago

      I backed the 7th run for the #8, which had an original fulfillment date of 01/2017. Can I get an update on when I can expect to receive my #8?

    5. Brian Vigil 1 day ago

      Seriously, one of the best pans I have used - EVER! Going to get on the list for #10.

      Thanks for the craftsmanship, attention to detail and a solid product.

      Great job!

    6. Missing avatar

      David felton 1 day ago

      Received mine the other day thank you. Brilliant

    7. Missing avatar

      Ken Dale
      2 days ago

      7th run and I have not received it yet!

    8. Tom J. Nelson 2 days ago

      According to field company towards the end of this month start of next month #10s will start being shipped to fufillment. I'd expect #10s to be a product you can just order by june or july. They have to fufill the kickstarter people first.

    9. Missing avatar

      Anthony Majc 3 days ago

      Any ideas when the number 10's will ship?

    10. Tom J. Nelson 3 days ago

      I think at this point if you want to order a #10 you need to get on the list for one on the field website.

    11. Missing avatar

      LancerPH 3 days ago

      I passed on getting a #10 when finalizing my #8 order, but after using the #8 for a few weeks, I really want a second larger skillet! Are there plans to make more #10 skillets, since they are currently sold out?

    12. Missing avatar

      Colette Brooks 3 days ago

      My #8 arrived yesterday and is just as gorgeous as advertised. Can't wait to fry up some bacon! #8 is just right for most of what I'll cook, but the #10 coming later will be great for more ambitious offerings. And they'll both sit next to my trusty #5 Griswold.

    13. Murrianna Thomson 4 days ago

      I got my skillet today! There was no name on the box and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was in the box. I'd hoped it was my new Field skillet but I just knew it was too light! It's gorgeous and so very lightweight. I can't wait to try it out.

    14. Mykll Valiant
      5 days ago

      Got my shipment today! Will check it more in detail tonight. There was just one thing I did not get. The Field Skillet #10. Everything else from KS and BackerKit received. I have not followed along the Comments, and looked at the January shipping schedule, but don't see a notice of the #10 specifically. Those will come after the final 7th castings?

    15. David milner 7 days ago

      Where do I go to order a #10 pan?

    16. Field Company Creator on March 15

      Last night was exciting—an all wood-fired restaurant opened up and they're using our pans. We'll be learning a lot about cooking over open fire from Metta BK and Chef Norberto. Head over to Instagram for more:

      Cyrus, your comment was not deleted—your other comment was on another page. The reason you don't have a casting run associated with your pans is that your initial pledge did not have a pan as a reward, so your order is a "special case." We've got your pans coming for you in the 7th Casting Run.

    17. Tom J. Nelson on March 15

      Cyrus, click "view pledge", it'll be under selected reward.

    18. Aaron Neitz on March 15

      6th run just showed up in the mail! It is certainly lighter and much smoother than the equivalent Lodge pan. Looks great, can't wait to cook with it!

    19. Missing avatar

      Dan Watson on March 15

      I received the skillet and it's awesome! Thanks Field!

    20. Missing avatar

      cyrus stacey on March 15

      My comment has been deleted. It also seems that you are not addressing questions from customers like myself, who were never notified which casting is their order. How can we determine which casting we are in. Thanks

    21. Field Company Creator on March 15

      Our shipping schedule, published in January, is still accurate. We will make updates if things change:

      Thank you everyone for your kind words and we're glad you're enjoying your pans.

      Kurt, we've got you taken care of. You sent us enough different messages through different channels that it created a case of "who's got the ball?" For folks trying to reach us, please just a single email to We're a small team that gets a lot of email. We're hiring new people to help, but until they're onboard we're stretched thin.

      Jonathan, there's a number of ways to remove a little bit of surface rust from your pan. A simple one is to use non scratch scotchbrite followed by a little kosher salt scrub. Then use oil and a rag to wipe until the rag no longer shows and brown from the rust. Afterwards, follow Jeff Rogers seasoning instructions— . To prevent any rust spots from happening, it is necessary to fully dry the pan over heat and wipe it down with a little bit of oil afterwards. This may not be true on your older pans if they have built up durable seasoning. The Field Skillet is seasoned twice. As you cook with and use the pan more often, the seasoning will build up and become more forgiving.

    22. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 on March 15

      They have said that they are still on the schedule they posted in the update so should still be on track for getting out late march through April. 7th run is the largest if I remember right.

    23. Missing avatar

      abaddon1 on March 15

      @Steve See

      Here's a link to the PDF version of the "Quick-step guide" from back when they forgot them in the first run. It should print much better that way.

    24. Missing avatar

      Steve See on March 15

      Hi Guys, I received my three pans however I only received one "Some General Principals/A Quick-Step Guide", and not three. Who do I contact to receive two more? I want to include them with the pans when I give the other two as gifts. (I tried copying the one I received but the print is white on a black background and basically comes out unreadable). By the way, they are nice pans!

    25. Fabian Poon on March 14

      Dear Field Company,

      I received email from chris muscarella in January that my pledge is in your 7th Production Run.

      You mentioned in Jan you are currently shipping 3rd Casting and about to start on the 4th.
      You are making about 1,000 pans per week and at that speed, you anticipate to ship the 7th Casting at the end of March through the first few weeks of April.

      I appreciate your reply then.
      But since that email, i have not hear from your despite 3 emails to confirm my pledge would be received no later Apr.

      I hope you are reading this and you will make a kind reply.
      I waited a year and I hope you don't disappoint us like other KS campaigns.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kurt Bucheit on March 14

      I discovered that Field sent my skillet to the wrong address and they continue to ignore my emails. I have yet to receive a single response and now have lost count. What does it take to get through to someone at Field? Early backers should not be ignored like this. Is anyone at Field listening???

    27. Jonathan Rothman
      on March 14

      Hello, Field Company - we received our #8 skillet 2 weeks ago and love it. But we already committed a cast-iron faux pas an put a lid on top that was not fully dry. After removing the lid, we found that some water droplets had dropped on the cooking surface and left minor rust in three spots. It didn't do much damage, but we want to be sure to treat it properly to eliminate the rust completely. What would you suggest?

    28. earthsound on March 12

      Just received our #8 skillet yesterday, part of cast run 6. It's a beautiful piece and cooked evenly on a gas stove. Thank you for emphasizing quality over speed! Looking forward to using this for quite some time and excited about the #10 coming our way.

      An image of the back (Julian date 33 == February 2 casting date):

      For those who are wondering, here's a detailed close up of the "grooves" of the cooking surface with a dime for comparison:

    29. Missing avatar

      Greg Stewart on March 12

      Hag other, definitely study Jeff Roger's website/YouTube channel. While I feel like an expert since I have restored 60-70 pans myself, he is even more knowledgeable than I am. If I were you in would probably get a little coarser sandpaper and rough up the inside a little. Do the minimum, then try it. You just need a very slight step up in coarseness, just enough for the seasoning to grab onto. It really doesn't take much. If it doesn't take the 1st time , sand a little more. Be patient. You will be rewarded.

      Also, next time you have crud you want to remove, spray it with oven cleaner and seal in a trash bag, then wash off with blue Dawn in a day or 2. (You can actually leave it for a very long time in a lye bath, as in years, without hurting it. If it dries out in the bag, reapply it and rinse off the next day. Easy peezy) Be careful, oven cleaner is caustic. If you have rust soak it in a white distilled vinegar/water solution, 50/50, for about 30 minutes. Wash off with dawn and cold water, and use nothing more than an SOS pad to scrub it. Then immediately dry in oven then season. You NEVER have to use mechanical devices to clean a cast iron pan, I have seen some great old pieces that have been ruined by sanders and grinders, it always hurts my heart a little when I see that lol

    30. Missing avatar

      Kurt Bucheit on March 12

      I received notice that my skillet had shipped but apparently it has been lost. UPS is investigating and indicated that they would contact the seller. I have sent 3 emails to Field and have not received a single response. Very disappointing. It would be nice if Field would at least post a phone number on their site for people to contact them

    31. Field Company Creator on March 12

      Shipping schedule:

      Thank you all for your kind words and support.

      Hagoth—restoring a pan after sanding can be a bit of a bear. Some folks report decent results with wire brushing. We've never been that thrilled with the results of wire brushing, which is part of how we ended up down the road of making skillets from scratch. Jeff Rogers has some good material and you can watch a short video here:…

    32. Missing avatar

      Hagoth on March 11

      Thanks all for the clarification of the machining grooves. That eases my worry. I have continued to use the pan and do love it! If I may ask advice regarding an older Lodge I have....according to the markings, it was made in the late 60's and was passed to me by my mother about 20 years ago. I had used it a number of times camping and such, then accidentally left in an an airtight military storage container for about 12 years. After finding it, I was quite heartbroken to see it had not been cleaned and was rusty on the cooking surface.

      I did some research and may have made a critical error. I sanded down the inside of the pan to a very smooth surface and since have had trouble getting it seasoned. After reading some of the posts here, I am wondering if I should rough it up a little and try again. I don't want this pan to be rendered useless because of my ignorance. Does anyone have any advice on this?

    33. Missing avatar

      Harold De Jesus on March 11

      Received my #8 this week, late gift for my wife. Looks beautiful! Thank you!

    34. Missing avatar

      Franklin Rozzell on March 10

      I just received my skillet today. Just in time, too, as I'm heading out to go camping for a few days. I will definitely try it out then (after cleaning and re-seasoning here at home, first).

    35. Missing avatar

      Peter Hoffmann-Pichler on March 10

      Hey. My Name is Peter #1629. Do you think thats possible that I haven't got my unit yet. I got a little nervous. Please give me some Information. Thanks

    36. Jason Douglas on March 10

      I was the 5th casting group and just received my skillet yesterday... exactly as shown in the production calendar. This skillet is well worth the wait! This is a fantastically well made and finished cast iron pan ... testing it tonight with a nice thick steak. Good job Field team - I look forward to seeing more of your products on the market.

    37. Jenny Silverman on March 10

      Got my billing receipt, still not sure which casting I am in?? I am # 1045. Please let me know the status of my skillet asap.

    38. Missing avatar

      Joseph G. Spears on March 10

      What a pleasant surprise to see my new Field pan when I arrived home yesterday. I look forward to putting it to the test soon. I was in the 5th casting and backer 5,846. Thanks for all of your hard work in making this happen. I look forward to receiving my #10. Will take some pictures of the pan in use.

    39. Missing avatar

      Greg Stewart on March 10

      Ok, I received my pan yesterday and it exceeds my expectations!

      I was of the mindset that it would be an "Okay" pan. not a "Fantastic" one like my vintage flat bottom Griswold's and Sidney Wagner's that I love using because of the heat ring that would be on it. I had even asked a few months ago about getting a refund because of the heat ring, and Stephen messaged me within a day to explain the reasons for the heat ring. After that personal touch and response from the owner, I decided to not cancel it.


      The heat ring did not seem to affect the heating of it at all on my glass cooktop. It is perfectly flat, and it heated up evenly. The handle is great, and while it seems just a tad heavier than my LBL Griswold 8, it is a very well balanced pan. I love the handle.

      I fondled it a bit after unboxing it, then washed it. I then put another coat of seasoning on it. That's not to say anything negative about the seasoning that was on it, it is just the way I have always done it. I will say, though, that the seasoning that was on it it was pretty hydrophobic already, since the water and my seasoning beaded up on it all over as I did it. I have no doubt I could have used it as it was and been satisfied.

      I put a Sidney Wagner in the oven with it when I re-seasoned it, and almost 2 hours after turning the oven off the Field was still holding some heat while the Wagner was almost completely cooled. Pretty impressive.

      As far as the cooking surface, I am very happy with it. I do not notice any of the "record player grooves" on it. I can't see any, and I don't feel anything like that. If I did, it would not bother me. One of my favorite old skillets is an old Sidney Wagner 5 that had some pretty major pits when I found it that I use all the time to make omelettes in. It does not stick at all. Those grooves, in my mind, would be a non-issue to me.

      The only thing I have made so far is a pizza, and it turned out great and cleaned up very easily. I will be using it some more this weekend and will try to post some photos on Instagram and tag Field in them.

      Great work guys! I am a happy enough customer that I am considering getting the 10 now, even though I really don't need it...

    40. Lee Barth on March 9

      Received pan and can't say enough about it, already is my new favorite which caused me to look back at the website to see if you had developed the larger 10 yet. Somehow I missed that you ended up creating a run of 10's, darn. When do you expect to open it up for more orders as I definitely want in. Would be awesome if initial backers were given the heads up on the next run before general public ;-) Thanks again for a fantastic pan.

    41. Marla Nelson on March 9

      I am backer 7151 and haven't seen this yet I was supposed to be in the 5th run and today is the last day of that runs delivery .. do you need an update on my address (since I moved down the street ) please send me a message so I can make sure the rental tenants aren't enjoying my pan instead of me !

    42. Andy Butler on March 9

      Disregard my last comment.

    43. Andy Butler on March 8

      Has the grooves from machining that people have been mentioning on the inside surface of the pan been addressed yet?

    44. Ian Mc Clellan on March 8

      So smooth I could cook crepes on it! Amazing cast iron pan! Love it

    45. Missing avatar

      Opal Chambers on March 8

      @the Creators so i got a bit excited and after google fooing the heck out of it to see how many is an appropriate count, I decided that i would just jump right in after a couple of coats. I use coconut oil always and often and i have to say, i have been coming up with things to cook in my skillet and i have not been disappointed yet. Sure it has only been a few days, but with hard work and dedication I am quite sure i could cook everything in this skillet and just be fine with that. Im sure it will look as if i am bragging when i take it on its first backpacking/camping trip this summer just to have everyone try it out and regale them with stories of how it came to be in my possession, and also to show how much lighter it really is. I might have given you grief on the communication part, but boy do you know how to make a you totally made up for it and now i wish i had ordered the cover and 10".

      @Abigail ++1 I concur with everything said there

    46. Tracy Brandt Heiner on March 8

      I really need to change my delivery address since this is shipping late. I am moving and if it comes to my previous address, I'll never see it. I tried to change via the BackerKit but it says it's locked. Help!

    47. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Danick on March 8

      Pan was supposed to be delivered in Nov. 2016???????

    48. Field Company Creator on March 8

      Shipping schedule: and here's a digital Quick-Care guide—

      Comment round up:

      Thank you everyone for your kind words—please send us photos of what you make and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

      We're getting some new equipment up and running on the #10s so we don't slow the #8s. We hope to be shipping the #10s at end of March / April. We'll have some more information on this in the next few weeks.

      Opal, we recommend using saturated fat on your pans *between* times when you're cooking. One of the simple rules of cast iron is: don't let it dry it out. So a very thin coat of saturated fat helps keep your pan in great condition. Saturated fat is very room stable—you can use coconut oil, lard, or whatever you prefer. Seasoning is a slightly different beast from pan maintenance. Seasoning is when a polyunsaturated fat actually adheres to the pan. You can get more seasoning by simply cooking regularly with healthy amounts of polyunsaturated fat. From time to time, if you want to add more seasoning to your pan, these are good instructions (though we prefer grapeseed oil):

      In terms of a bit of texture on the Field pans—it's intentional. If you cook with your pan regularly your seasoning will build up within a few weeks and it will become very smooth. In our initial testing, we tried all kinds of surface finishes and often found that too slick of a surface meant that seasoning would flake right off. That was true with old pans that we sanded by hand in our early days of testing and it was true with our first casting samples.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jacinta Remedios on March 8

      I'm in production run 6 - when should I expect delivery? Thanks --

    50. Chelsea Lauren on March 8

      I am loving my #8! Just checking in to see when the #10 that I ordered on backerkit will be delivered...

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