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$0.00 pledged of $5,000 goal


Below is the Cover Design of the Book of Poetry with 100 of my very best poems covering a variety of Topics. There are poems covering spirituality, the economics of today and life's experiences. No matter what your position or social status in life, whatever your lot and whatever challenges you are facing, there is a poem in this book for you to gain the encouragement and at least one that is appropriate to your personal circumstances. There are those poems in this Book that are purely motivational. I'll be giving you some snipits of the topics covered in this Poetry Book  and a few phrases of some poems. For a donation of $25 I'll send you a copy within a week of receiving your donation. Remember the time period that gifts are to be sent out to you . Your gifts are sent to you in the month of May after this project has been funded. Copies are already available. Just like the cover of my book, internally it is very colorfully illustrated, with my own works of art. A signed copy will be yours with your donation. Thank you for your support and please view other offers on my pages.                               

                                         BOOK COVER DESIGN

I am a Poet and Artist who likes to share my talent with those around me, and below are some poems recited by members of my family. Below are also some of my artwork offered as rewards to those who will donate a small sum to this project. Even though a donation from as low as a dollar will be appreciated and acknowledged, any donation of $10 or more will certainly receive a gift from us, from mugs to t-shirts with our artwork poetry or phrases on them. We look forward to sharing our talents with you and also to send you a gift. Please read, listen and enjoy my poetry and artwork.


Glendon McFarlane                                                                                            Your Artist and Poet.

Above Glendon McFarlane JNR. recites the poem "Patience"

Above is an acrylic on canvas painting by Glendon McFarlane of which a replica will be given in limited edition print of any donation of $20 or more at size 11 x 17 inches, of Chicago with the Michigan street Bridge. You may also receive a replica on Canvas framed for any donation of $100.

Above, Sharon McFarlane recites a poem by Glendon McFarlane, titled "Holy Spirit".

A matted 11 x 17 inches limited edition print of the above work of Dutch Amsterdam, signed by the Artist and Poet Glendon Mcfarlane is one of the rewards being offered  for any donations of  $40 and above.

Juliana McFarlane above recites the poem "Nanny Queen of the Maroons". Nanny was liberator of the Maroons and was like Harriet Tubman. She fought for the freedom of her people and was successful in freeing hundreds held in captivity.

Above  the painting "Relaxing Woman" is being offered in limited edition and signed by the artist on posters and canvas reproductions matted and framed in for donations of $75.00 - $100 to be delivered to you in May 2012.

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    A pledge of one dollar is the minimum contribution but any donation over $10 will be rewarded with a t-shirt and limited edition print from award winning painter Glendon McFarlane. For $25 donation ou recieve a print and DVD Movie production of 'Life's Interesting Dramas"
    In my biography section are photos of other gifts offered for your donations

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