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SUPER EARLY ACCESS - For those about to rock!

Posted by Rob Reynolds (Creator)

We have several licenses to ship out today for our super early access reward levels! This includes the first feature, the permanent alternate download location.  The emails you receive will include the details and your license. If the email you provided in the survey needs updated, now would be a good time to send me a message through the Kickstarter messages interface. That applies to any reward level receiving licenses.

NOTE: If you are a beta tester, you should continue to use that license on your test machines as it will continue to give you access to the features still only available to beta testers.

Alternate Permanent Download Location

We lovingly call this the "No more 404s feature". This feature solves a long suffered problem in the design of the community feed - that it depends on the internet and no changes to occur on the internet. And we've probably all seen packages fail due to the original url being no longer valid. This feature goes a long way to removing the element of package breakages due to change/movement of download locations at their originally specified location. 

Although there may still be some small surface changes, you should expect to see the following when you are searching for results (we are adding information to the package page on the website as well).

 When you install one of these cached downloads, they will come from the private CDN we've set up for you.

Some things to consider:

  • The cache is still building but should be completed in the next day or two. 
  • The text may change a little as beta folks make any suggestions to the wording.
  • Not every package requires a cache. If the package is self-contained or is a meta package, it won't need a cache. 
  • We are providing software vendors a way to opt out if they don't want their bits on a private cache.

When Should I Expect More Features?

Soon. As they become ready we will be providing them to you.

  • For email support, we are getting the details of that worked out this week. Keep an eye out for that one.
  • Virus checking - This is in the hands of the beta testers now, plus we are still working out details with the vendor. Look for this to be ready by the first of March if not sooner.
  • Other features will be coming later. We didn't plan to move out the gate with every feature implemented. We had hoped for alternate downloads, virus checking, and email support to be completed, but decided that one feature in your hands is better than waiting longer to get access.

"What time today will I get my license?" Be patient, we have quite a few in this first delivery. Today is defined as it is in CST timezone. :)


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