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Award winning reporting giving voice to the voiceless, holding officials accountable, creating a forum for re-imagining Baltimore.
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Fern Shen

296 backers pledged $24,624 to help bring this project to life.

Love = Money? In this case, yes!

You've pledged, as of this morning, $12,066 toward The Brew's $15,000 Kickstarter campaign, putting us 80 % of the way there and, from where we sit, that's love, sweet love.

T H A N K - Y O U ! 

Sometime before 10 a.m. on Sunday Jan. 22 we'll need an additional $2,934, if our math is right. If we don't get there, all the pledges disappear.

We can reach our goal with your help. Wheedle, guilt-trip, arm-twist, subcontract with a Girl Scout, do whatever you have to do! Help us get to $15,000 and maybe more.

We know money is short these days and thank folks sincerely for every pledge, from $1 on up. You know we will use it to bring you a better, stronger Brew with more of the great writing and accountability journalism you've been finding at

We recognize some of your names from stories we've written, events we've covered, the produce aisle at the Giant or wherever we've seen you last. Many others are folks as yet unknown to us and we hope to make your acquaintance down the road. (Several mystery backers have opted for the pseudonym approach. You CAN contribute anonymously, btw.)

One smart Brew reader, Baltimore photographer Paul Burk, pledged $1,000 and will get two months of advertising on Da Brew, as per our Kickstarter reward at that top level. (An average monthly readership of 25,000 unique readers will see his ad.)

An unsolicited and very cool Twitter pep squad (you know who you are!) has been spreading the Kickstarter word. Many, many thanks.

Anyway thank-you again for reading and supporting Baltimore Brew. Stay in touch with us here on Kickstarter or via

Fern, Mark, Meredith & Ben

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