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Shelter is a game of survival in a warzone - Powered by the Apocalypse and exclusive to Kickstarter
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Shelter is a game inspired by the horrors of war on civilians and our love of Post Apocalyptic settings. The game is exclusive to this Kickstarter which means that the game will never be available outside of this 1 week campaign, if you don't grab it now you will never get the chance again.

 Shelter is a Tabletop RPG set in the near future in a city somewhere, stuck between two armies determined to either control it or destroy it. You are a Survivor unable to escape the war trying to stay alive by gathering food and resources, finding others and avoiding the many dangers that infest the city. Military patrols, gangs, snipers and drones are a constant threat. You will need to be able to build items that will keep you warm, purify water, defend your shelter and cook your food.  

Shelter is a game of survival and hope, often you will succumb to the horrors of the situation and sometimes the simplest success feels like the best thing ever.

 The game uses the amazing Apocalypse Engine Rule System created by Vincent Baker. We felt that this was the best game mechanic and allowed us to create a game of tension and excitement.

 It will include extra rules for starvation and Dehydration, and Moves related to gathering settlers and building what is needed to survive in your Shelters.

 The game is almost finished in the writing stage and the artwork is almost all done, it will need to have the layout tweaked and some editing and testing then its ready to go. Once it is finished all Backers will receive their PDF's via a Dropbox link.

 All funds raised will go towards paying for artwork and writing, layout and editing to make this a great looking game.

 We have been asked a lot whether the game will be available as a PoD and we have said no, but as the game seems like it will fund we have decided to change our minds.

A print on Demand version will be available on DTRPG but only to people who have backed the Project if they want it, You will need to increase your pledge by £10 and we will then send you a voucher allowing you to grab a copy off DTRPG for the price of printing and postage, as the game is B&W this should actually be pretty cheap.

So to increase your pledge just click on the Manage my Pledge button and you will be able to change it.

So to clarify if you do not increase your pledge for the PoD before the project end you will no longer get the opportunity to get the PoD, it will not be available to non-backers.

 £750 - Random Encounter & Item Tables.

If we reach £750 we will add a number of random tables for the MC to use for random encounter, items and equipment found. Also a table to help generate city locations. This will help the MC build a city and what can be found in it. 

£1000 - More Artwork Added.

If we reach £1000 we will commission more artwork for the game, which would increase the page count.

Risks and challenges

We expect no delays as we have been working on the game as a side project for around 3 months. Many of you will know we already have a project running with The Zombie squad, and Shelter has in no way slowed that down as we have fit our schedule around The Zombie Squads deadline. In fact we have about 4 Projects in the planning stages and we are still on time to deliver.
As fate is a fickle master any delays that may occur would be down to proofing or artwork as this has yet to be done mostly and any issues we notice after the layout has been set, but hopefully this will not be a factor.

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