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Explore a beautifully innovative action adventure with stunning art and groundbreaking metroidvania style gameplay.

Explore a beautifully innovative action adventure with stunning art and groundbreaking metroidvania style gameplay. Read More
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Source is Greenlit on Steam!

SOURCE combines exploration, adventure, puzzle solving and combat wrapped in a visually told storyline.

Destroy creatures quickly using an intuitive 'Z Targeting' system
Destroy creatures quickly using an intuitive 'Z Targeting' system

SOURCE is a metroidvania action adventure game for next gen consoles and PC. Existing in an alternate dimension, you control a firefly creature with the unique power to manipulate energy with every living being in a strange, bio luminescent world. However, this world is being devoured by a sinister and relentless dark energy that is literally tearing the world apart, and it is your destiny as the last of your kind to stop the terrible threat of extinction.

Immersed in a stunningly beautifully rendered 3D environment using the latest in high end particles and lighting, you will face many mind bending puzzles, explore vast lands, and combat powerful creatures while constantly seeking new and powerful upgrades to aid you in your quest. You must navigate a deep, lush biosphere ecosystem and learn how all the various and strange creatures and foliage behave, some helpful, some harmful. You will need to discover where this evil SOURCE is coming from in hope of ever restoring balance and peace to all living things.

Explore the World of Light and the World of Darkness. Learn how these two worlds are connected to uncover secret and permanent upgrades that unlock new areas to explore.

Capture, lift, and throw heavy objects and creatures with your powerful energy force abilities to aid you in your epic quest to save both worlds.

Interact with a lush, deep biosphere of creatures and plants that all behave in different ways and respond to how you distribute your energy.

Blast your way through dangerous creatures inspired by the deep sea and the strangest creatures that exist in nature.

Source is only in pre production and much of the powers and abilities are currently being designed.  That said, here's the features we already have implemented:

Plasma Beam - fires a fast and furious stream of powerful projectiles at your target which yields plenty of damage.

Energy Beam - cast out an intelligent tesla coil that 'feels' around the world and automatically interacts with creatures and foliage in the world. Use this powerful tool do all kinds of actions, such as:

  • Lift, move, and throw any object in the game.
  • Energize and pollinate foliage, flowers, and cocoons in the world which will hatch and yield energy giving fireflies to help you in your journey.
  • Capture and drain power from other creatures.
  • Energize special keys and objects in the world to unlock puzzles.

Intuitive Flight Controls - fly and hover above the ground automatically while having full control to 'jump' and fly a bit higher. Unlimited speed bursting to fly fast and speed your way through the world or gain on an enemy creature.

Deep Upgrade System - Uncover numerous permanent upgrades along your journey such as powerful new projectile types, new flight abilities, Lightning feeler upgrades and life capacity upgrades.

Death Isn't the End, It's Essential - every action you do in Source is recorded and tallied. If you have leveled up your character will metamorphasize as a more powerful creature the next time you are born, giving you more abilities and strength to aid in your journey.

 SOURCE is built with the Unity3D™ game engine and will be available on XBOX ONE®, PS4®, Wii U® (as a stretch goal) and on PC (likely through STEAM®) around August 2015, if not sooner. We are a licensed and certified developer with Sony™, Nintendo™, and Microsoft™, and games developed for digital sales on their platforms need to go through a rigorous period of testing, and align with their own internal release schedules. It is very likely that the PC version will be available sooner than console, but we strive to make all 4 versions available as quickly as possible.

  • Unique, atmospheric art-style and visual effects - using our combination of 25+ years of game industry experience and expertise in advanced shaders and lighting, we are going all out to make SOURCE the best to our abilities.
  • A vast world of darkness and light to explore - traveling through SOURCE is a joy in itself, a truly unique and strange world full of wonder and mystery.
  • Secret items to discover and hidden areas to unveil -you'll find powerful energy sources that yield permanent upgrades to your character, which can be used to unlock new areas.
  • Character upgrade system with reincarnation - your offspring will take over where their parent left off, sometimes as a more powerful and advanced strain of FireFly.
  • Visual story-telling that unfolds dynamically - no dialogue or boring cut scenes. The game IS the story and it unfolds naturally.
  • Ingenious energy exchange system - gather, manipulate and wield your energy but be careful not to use it all up, it's your life force.
  • Tons of creatures to interact with, friendly and dangerous - you'll never know until you try, so proceed with caution.
  • Original soundtrack that dynamically adjusts to the environment - it feels more like a movie than a game soundtrack.Very cinematic and moving.
  • Challenging puzzles - it might be impossible to uncover all the secrets in SOURCE, unless you're really good at solving puzzles!
  • Adrenaline pumping real-time combat - we like shooting too, so we made the shooting feel awesome in SOURCE. You'll also spice up your attacks with throwing and lightning powers to augment your shooting abilities.
  • Mega-bosses to defeat! - Need I say more?

Before I explain our reasons for bringing SOURCE to Kickstarter, let me start by stressing that you will not find another team more passionate and dedicate to this project and to the craft of making games as Fenix Fire.

Finishing a game of this magnitude with a two person team will be extremely challenging and take a very long time. In order to finish the project in a respectable amount of time (mid 2015 release) we need to off load some specific parts of the project to some of our insanely talented friends in the industry. Of course, Anna and I will continue working on the project as a labor of love but there are costs associated to developing games.

  • We want to add an amazing soundtrack to augment the visual look and feel.
  • We would like to fully explore the world by hiring at least one concept artist (we have a few friends who are awesome at this and will leave no creative stone left unturned).
  • If funding goes beyond our goal, we can hire some of our friends to help with even more stuff, like special AI systems for an even more immersive world.
  • Lastly, to simply cover our base operations of development.

SOURCE started out as a very simple top down adventure game that eventually blossomed into it's current form. This change in direction occurred when we added a spacy, surreal audio soundtrack, which remains in the game unchanged. It was the audio soundtrack that had a heavy influence on the visual art style - we kept adding more effects, glows, and particles to achieve the right feel to fit the music. Then in the summer of 2013, Anna and I had our first baby boy, Skyler, which gave me the idea to push exploration in the game by creating a completely surreal world so that the player would experience SOURCE with "infant eyes".  In order to achieve this sensation, we needed to create a whole new alternate reality.  Something both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time to help drive the exploratory spirit.

100% of the funds raised through Kickstarter will go DIRECTLY into the project. NONE of this money will be wasted on office space, computers, and software - we already have all of that. The money raised will go to the talented professionals each with over a decade of industry experience and numerous successful titles.  We simply want to do what we do best: make great games.

Exclusive Source Kickstarter Backer T Shirt (not final design)
Exclusive Source Kickstarter Backer T Shirt (not final design)
Ultra Premium Glossy Hardcover 'Art Of Source' Book
Ultra Premium Glossy Hardcover 'Art Of Source' Book
Early Concept of 8" Statuette
Early Concept of 8" Statuette

In the event that our campaign exceeds its original target goal there are a number of features we would love to implement in your game pending time and budget. Currently SOURCE is a single-player experience, but we would love to have the freedom to allocate resources to implement a true Co-Op multiplayer experience! With this feature sharing one camera, two players would be able to team-up and explore the game together! Players could draw energy from each other to open up otherwise inaccessible areas of the environment. The feature could also allow players to work together to create high-powered offensive and defensive abilities such as Super Laser Beam or a Spinning Tornado Attack! How cool would that be?

 Another idea we have is to develop an app for popular mobiles that would allow a player to create and grow entire areas within the game directly through the control of their handheld device. This sort of technology would open up endless possibilities for further expansions of SOURCE.

Work In Progress Audio Soundtrack - White World Exploration

Explore the depths of the Dark World
Explore the depths of the Dark World
The White World is teaming with life
The White World is teaming with life
DirectX 11 GPU accelerated particle system
DirectX 11 GPU accelerated particle system
Face off against giant boss creatures
Face off against giant boss creatures
Creature concepts
Creature concepts
Cocoon pollination concept
Cocoon pollination concept

Brian is also a Co Host on The Game Design Dojo, a podcast all about designing, developing and publishing games. You can check out this exciting new podcast on iTunes now!

Husband/Wife Team Fenix Fire
Husband/Wife Team Fenix Fire

 OK, I'm completely addicted to making games. I can't go more than two hours without working in the Unity editor. Some of my fondest life long memories have come from playing Final Fantasy with my brother and Soul Calibur contests with my friends from college. I'll never forget the first time I played Resident Evil with the lights off and sometimes I see the world in pixel art.  Making games is what I have always been meant to do.

My wife is the artist, crafting everything she does to perfection. Anna is European born and carries with her a unique aesthetic that comes with having a deep love of nature and life.

We've both been in the industry for a long time. Some people say that one year of full time game development is like 4 years at a regular job, probably because of the immense challenges, long hours, and brutal competition. I've been working professionally since 2000 and have shipped over 30 titles along the way, both through Fenix Fire and past companies I worked for. It's important to note that I'VE FINISHED EVERY GAME I'VE EVERY WORKED ON, except for Starcraft Ghost, which was out of my control.  I've also taught advanced modelling and animation at AI in Chicago and have helped many aspiring artists flourish in the industry. I love giving back, hence the Game Design Dojo Podcast I co host.

Anna has worked on feature films, TV commercials, and AAA console games, shipping over a dozen projects herself. She's one of the hardest workers I know and I couldn't ask for a more dedicated partner, both in life and in Fenix Fire.

I'd like to leave you with this: we WILL finish this game, it WILL be awesome, and you WILL NOT be disappointed. SOURCE is my Magnum Opus, the project I was always meant to make, and I sincerely feel that many lives will be just a little bit better with this amazing, thoughtful, and beautifully crafted experience out in the world.

Thank you for your time,



 We're on Steam! Check it out:

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Risks and challenges

Fenix Fire is an established game developer with an existing portfolio who recognize that all projects, big and small, come with risk. We know how to deliver a great product, and how to work with demanding schedules and sleepless nights! After all, that is part of the joy and pleasant torment of being an indie developer! We have already built and tested a significant portion of the game, not just visually, but also from a programming perspective. The results of our labor is evident in our video, which depicts actual in-game footage. However, there are many more features that we plan to add, and still a lot of work ahead of us. Our funding goal and (possible) stretch goals are designed to empower us to gather the needed resources and personnel to deliver your game on time. But because some aspects of this project are entirely new to video gaming, such as our unprecedented clever puzzles, unexpected challenges and hurdles may result in schedule slips. But risks must be taken in order to push boundaries! We are excited about the possibilities, and are eager to get to work!

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  • Yes! We are licensed Wii U developers and our game engine, Unity, does work on Wii U. We have tested our code to verify that it will work on the Wii U, specifically the effects, shaders and particles, and are now confident that we can safely port the game to Nintendo's console.

    Last updated:
  • Because of our current tech and the advent of open publishing on the new consoles, we're developing for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

    If you have an older system or a different system, please send us a comment so that we can adjust. It might be feasible to port to older systems but this involves conversations with first party and may involve hefty licensing fees. If so, we'll need to make additional platforms a stretch goal.

    Last updated:


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