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Join the Redhead in her hunt for The Crows of Mana'Olana in this epic supernatural western. Issues #1, #2 and #3 also available!
Join the Redhead in her hunt for The Crows of Mana'Olana in this epic supernatural western. Issues #1, #2 and #3 also available!
1,117 backers pledged $39,353 to help bring this project to life.

New shipping date despite KrakenPrint's lack of courteous professionalism...


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Howdy, my friends,

First and foremost I'd like to thank all of your for the overwhelming support and response to my last update re: the delay in shipping your rewards. When I heard the bad news from KrakenPrint my biggest concern was you guys and how to deliver the blow.

You were all very understanding and accommodating and I wanted to register that your reaction did not go unnoticed.  I will go above and beyond to honor my commitment to you and I know that you will be most impressed when your items finally arrive.

I wish I could address you guys about The Few and Cursed #5 under better circumstances but we do what we must, right? Gotta keep this show on the road...


It looks like this will be the biggest Kickstarter I've ever put together and I very well know it's because most of you have already joined regardless of the delays with issue #4 which is fantastic and worthy of praise. 

For those that haven't joined yet allow me to ask for a leap of faith both in my work and my ability to deliver. I'm a 10-time Kickstarter creator and while delays do occur I've always delivered, it won't be different with issue #4 and it won't be different with issue #5.

I'm looking to reach 1.200 backers and I can't get there on my own. I'd love to keep watching Red's readership grow with every Kickstarter - we hit 1.117 last time and I'm confident we can go over with issue #5.

If you are not comfortable going all in, pledge a single dollar $1. You'll still be counted among the backers receiving all my communication and come the BackerKit in December/January you will be able to switch pledge tiers from "No Reward" to any tier that does not offer exclusive content (like the Chromium Kickstarter edition) while enjoying all the unlocked perks that come with it.

Obviously if we do get full pledges then we get to unlock even more cool stuff. I for one would love to work on a second collectible coin, maybe even a real Metal collectible card and who knows, $45K doesn't seem that far away...

I know I'm asking a lot from you all but we started this adventure together, I'd love to cross the finish line together. Here's the Kickstarter link one more time:

Come join us, push us all far beyond the 1.200 backers and way into the $40Ks territory, we all walk away with some incredible loot. WHAT DO YOU SAY!?

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any critiques, comments, thoughts, questions, I always write back regardless whether it's an e-mail at or a direct reply to this update.

Once again thank you so much for your kind patience and understanding!


P.S.: If we do get to $45K, we would have something like this for The Few and Cursed, a real SNES replica cardboard case shipped to backers. Isn't that cool?!

BAD NEWS - Please read... :(


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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Come celebrate with us and two gorgeous new artworks \o/


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to quickly wish everyone a Happy Halloween and share this fantastic Halloween Redhead artwork by Fleer Ultra artist Gilberto Martimiano Jr.!

This is part of The Few and Cursed #5 Kickstarter rewards (one week left only!!!) so if you want to grab this, come one over ;)

All the best!

P.S.: Expect a lot of news over the weekend as fulfillment and shipping continues. Still no books from KrakenPrint though, their estimate is delivery by Friday or Saturday.

And because you guys are awesome here's an exclusive sneak peek at Clonerh's newest artwork - still a work in progress:

Fulfillment has begun!!


Howdy, my good friends!

We're now about a week, a little longer, from getting the books and other remaining rewards from KrakenPrint and to make sure you all get your packages as soon as possible I already started the fulfillment process:

The shipping materials have all arrived, all the envelopes, tape, comic book bags and boards, boxes, everything. And I started signing all the books and comics I already had with me - past issues, variants, the Chronicles.

By the time I get all the new stuff from Kraken I will be ready to get them signed, packaged and shipped asap.

I know this doesn't excuse the delay but I really wanted to share I'm doing my best here to get these out as quickly as I can, my friends. These are just a couple of photos of how my dining table looks like lol

In the meantime though...


That's right, I know many of you here have already pounced on issue #5 and it's pretty thrilling to see how far we already got! Unless otherwise marked as "Kickstarter Edition" all backers pledged towards a physical reward to be sent in the mail will get all the items above and any and all items we unlock below:

Not to mention the TWO Bonus Goals designed to be unlocked via number of backers and social media. 

Yeah, I'm pulling all the stops to honor the pledges and commitment of everyone involved, I hope I can get all of you to continue with the Redhead adventures :)

To unlock the Social Media goal please Like and Share THIS POST RIGHT HERE on Facebook and at 1.200 likes and 150 shares every backer pledging for any print copy of the book will get an actual METAL card all shiny by a master digital painter added to their rewards!

Are you not a backer yet?

Then come join us and help us get to 1.200 backers to unlock the below set of 9 cards to be included in EVERY SINGLE PHYSICAL PLEDGE \o/

If you are wondering how the final artwork will look like, check out the below artwork for the 9-card set by Danusko Campos that can be added on to any pledge or is already included in higher tiers: 

Once again thank you all so much for supporting my work and being patient with me and the rest of The Few and Cursed team. 

As always if you've got any questions, critiques or feedback please do not hesitate to shoot me an e-mail at or simply reply this update.

All the best!