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Made in America's video poster

"Made in America" is a cast iron map of the 48 contiguous states of America. Each state is an individually functional skillet . Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 22, 2011.

"Made in America" is a cast iron map of the 48 contiguous states of America. Each state is an individually functional skillet .

About this project

I only have 28 states left in creating the big iron map that I am showing in ArtPrize this September ! The final iron map is going to hang at the Devos Place Convention Center and Performance Hall in Grand Rapids Michigan.  So far, the Midwest and East Coast states are completed in iron, and the last leg of the project is scheduled to be poured at a professional foundry this August 2011. 

I have 1 month to get the remaining 28 states finished in cast iron. Because of this time frame and necessity to finish it for ArtPrize, I will be taking the casting work to a professional iron foundry with the assurance of outcome and quality needed for the final piece.

Professional foundry work is far more expensive than what it takes for me to make them myself, ( which I usually do, given there is a little more time ! ). Working with Smith Foundy in Minneapolis is my best option within the short time frame for the iron map to turn out well.  

An estimated 2 tons of foundry sand and 400lbs. lbs of iron metal will be cast for the final half of my project. I will be working within the foundry and making moulds myself so the cost will be reduced and foundry expenses will only be $1000. That is a steal  !  

With the help of the commercial foundry, I can make the work ahead of me a reality for ArtPrize. And with the help of YOU, the backers, the castings will become physical and the final manifestation of a dream will be hung in full glory this September. You will not only be a major part of this achievement, but also take home a piece of the pie with color postcards or a custom iron-cast heart with a personal thank you message in it straight from me ! 


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    Backers will receive a large colored postcard signed by the artist, of the finished piece in all its glory hanging at Devos Place during Artprize : 3in. x 5in. card stock, matte finish .

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    Pledge $11 or more

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    Backers pledging $11 and up will receive an even larger colored print of the finished piece, framed and signed by the artist, hanging in all its glory at Devos Place during Artprize : 6in x 9in heavy paper, matte finish.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    Backers who pledge over $50 are exceptional ! They will receive a colored postcard of the final piece signed by the artist, PLUS a cast iron heart with their name, or business, or a special picture upon request inscribed into it and cast just for you by me !

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    Backers that pledge over $500 receive a supreme piece of the American pie ! !- A state shaped skillet of YOUR CHOICE !! WOW WOW WOW !! - Any of the Lower 48 US state -shaped skillets being made for this project will be honorably re-cast for this particularly awesome backer ! Exceptions on Texas and Montana apply- as these are HUGE states , and significantly less reliable to turn out ! Please contact me if you love and want one of these 2 states, and I will try to work something out with you specifically !


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