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In this Victorian-era RPG, you become an investigator working out of 221B Baker Street solving cases for Dr. Watson.
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More Progress!

Posted by Fearlight Games (Creator)

Hello everyone!

I have a couple of page previews for you today. We've all been editing as fast as we can and Amanda has been putting pages together as fast as we can get them to her. There are still some edits that we see in the new page layouts, but things are really looking good. Take a look.

Introduction to Professions
Introduction to Professions
Game Mechanic Preview
Game Mechanic Preview

We've been busy working on collecting all of the pieces that remain for the book, like the last stray portrait level pledges, but we are seeing those completed as well. Amanda has been kind enough to preview one of the pages featuring a couple of submissions. 

Backer Submitted Characters
Backer Submitted Characters

Bryce provided some insight into what he's been up to. Here it is in case you missed it:

I'll give you guys a partial update at least on my end of things. I finished reviewing several stretch goal adventures, these are now going through the final layout. And while things are going through the layout, I started work on Sherlock By Gaslight. This was the last stretch goal we got near the final day. It was really only at "conceptual" level during the Kickstarter. I had to get through our open playtest before I could start it. It will, of course, ship separately but what it means for all you backers is that about the time you run through all my adventures, and all the stretch goal adventures from our talented writers, Sherlock by Gaslight will be right around the corner. Your players will have the chance to solve the Jack the Ripper slayings in Whitechapel. Thanks again for backing the project.

This is another exciting part of Baker Street that we are really looking forward to. Let's just say that the Ripper result on the Sherlock Die has an interesting effect. See, Jack is very evil. While Professor Moriarty can cause utter failure - Jack will let you succeed, but at a very high price.

As of today, the first ten sections of Baker Street have been through layout. The Mastermind, NPC, and Casebook sections remain to be completed. As mentioned above, we do have some edits to make, but progress continues to be made. We will have more page previews to follow.

Thank you everyone for your support and patience.  

Kirby Young

Fearlight Games

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      Eric D. Manko on

      Any idea about the ship date?

    2. MidnightBlue


      Looking very good. Can't wait to hold that big guy in my hands.


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      This is looking marvelous.