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In this Victorian-era RPG, you become an investigator working out of 221B Baker Street solving cases for Dr. Watson.
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Hello Backers!

Posted by Fearlight Games (Creator)


We want to thank you all for being part of the Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes experience. Softcovers are all out the door. There has been a big production delay with Collector Hardcovers, but we think we have it resolved. To those backers we do apologize for that delay. We think the hardcovers are awesome and worth the wait, but we acknowledge we are WAY behind on them. We really appreciate all of your patience during the shipping. It was a long process. Fearlight Games is a new company, with one part time (at best) employee, and that guy works a full time job, has a mess of kids (he’s a Kidsman apparently), and did his best to get a few books out the door each and every night.

So, what about Gaslight? Is Jack the Ripper coming to play?

Sherlock by Gaslight really is happening. Jack the Ripper is coming to a table near you. We have two minor obstacles in producing this book though. The first is that our Art Director, Amanda Kahl, is expecting a new young investigator in her life. Now, although the book is nearly finished, it will take several months before she’s ready to get back to working on layout.

The second hurdle is that because Gaslight was unlocked with only an hour left in the last Kickstarter, we only received a dozen or so add-ons for it. The cost of producing such a book leaves no room for much in the way of art or production values. In fact, if it had to be produced today, it would likely be a staple-bound book with little layout, and no art. The reality of publishing is that we need more orders to make this book better. So what’s next? Well, enter the next Kickstarter….

This winter we are launching Casebook 2. We have to admit that Casebook 2 is not an exciting title, but Bryce has an idea to call the book, Missions from Mycroft. The Casebook will be missions of political intrigue. Britain needs our intrepid investigators! Can you save the Queen?

Now, those folks that want to get Sherlock by Gaslight will have the option for an add-on to the Missions from Mycroft book. This accomplishes 3 goals:

1. We ship both books together instead of 1 book here and 1 book there. We get the savings of labor, you get the savings of not paying for extra shipping.

2. We will have both books done and to our art director AFTER she returns back to work from having a baby. In all reality, this puts the books out in in Q2 of 2016.

3. All Sherlock stuff in 2016 will come to you at once. If you were one of the dozen (or so) people that already backed Sherlock by Gaslight, we will include you in the playtest for the adventure that is included and will have some sort of exclusive extra for you once it is ready to go.

We really do appreciate all of the support and the great feedback that we’ve been receiving for Baker Street. Without you, Baker Street would not exist.

Thank you very much.

Fearlight Games

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    1. Gonzalo Dafonte Garcia on

      Ok. Let me say that I'm impressed with the quality of the game. I dislike the delays but I think I can assume that in creative work these things happen. Now, the question that haunt my mind.
      If I understand correctly, the idea is that the few backers who, like myself, had added the cost for the book "Sherlock by Gaslight" to our pledge, since we paid both for the book and sending, we are only going to have to support the new book "Missions from Mycroft". So that way, we get the two without paying extra shipping, but we have to put up with the long previsible delay. Is that right?
      Whether personally I want to have the book, this is fine to me, but I hope you take care to record carefully that few backers in order to not have issues this winter.

    2. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on

      So can I please just get a refund for the Gaslight bit which I paid for and you aren't delivering from this KS (plus the shipping) and then decide whether or not I want to consider backing you again?
      Because the initial campaign was aiming to deliver add on books by end of 2014 (quote - 'Campaign Guides are expected to begin shipping December 2014') so we are already a year overdue, and to be honest given experience on this KS to date I have little to no confidence in your ability to go about on actually delivering the new books in Q2 2016.

    3. MidnightBlue

      Thanks for the update.

      As both a backer of the hardback and of Sherlock by Gaslight, let me say that I'm itching to get both in hand, but I understand the delays and will soldier through.