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In this Victorian-era RPG, you become an investigator working out of 221B Baker Street solving cases for Dr. Watson.
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Baker Street at 3Con

Posted by Fearlight Games (Creator)

We're all set up at 3Con this weekend. We've got a nice little setup where we're showing off Baker Street!

Everyone will be excited to know that in between demos, we are making address labels. We've even had a number of backers come by the booth and pick up their rewards.

We also have multiple sessions of Baker Street being played. 

We'll just say that the investigators might have surprised Matt with the direction that they took his Case of the Mantis Murderer. Fun was had by everyone (even Matt).

At least some of you know that Fearlight Games is our second or third seemingly full-time job. It's been crazy busy, but we love it, and we're proud to say that Baker Street is even better than what we expected. We are sure that you are going to be pleased too. 

Right now, we're packing and labeling more rewards. We are currently working through the $35 and $45 backer levels. Our goal is to get half of those on their way to everyone in the next week.

Thanks for all of your continued support!

Fearlight Games


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    1. Missing avatar

      Liz Zummo on

      Hey guys! I got my package and it is AMAZING! The screens and books are beautiful and well done, and I love the dice! Thank you so much for the time and effort invested into this game! I cannot wait to play it with friends. Let me know if there are expansions and good luck with the system!

    2. MidnightBlue

      I've always found the goal of a Kickstarter to be in helping to get a product that interests us off the ground...and then to have a successful life after the KS resolves.

      In that regard, the creators have to promote the hell out of the product as often as they possibly can. For games, that means conventions.

      Unless we want our KS pledge rewards to be the entirety of the game, and I want much more Baker Street to come, then we should be pulling for all publicity this game can get.

      At least that's my opinion.

      I also want my books and goodies. Can't wait to dig into them. But this is a Kickstarter, not an "Add to Cart" purchase.

      We helped make something here. I always get a kick out of seeing a project that I helped fund on my local game store's shelves. I can't wait until the KS fulfills and then I can get my local store owner and friend to stock this bad boy.


    3. April & Greg on

      Last tjme you commented you said they shipping was going to happen almost a month ago. Then we get this update and my guess everyone liking this update are people who received their copy? Pointing out that you are to busy to send out the copies to the people who supported you to do a con is like rubbing salt in a wound at this point.

      I'm very happy the game is successful, and that yiu guys and others are enjoying it but that's why I backed it and would like to enjoy it as well. I hate to be the one leaving the negative feedback but this really is just a bit much.

    4. MidnightBlue

      I hope you and everyone in attendance enjoys the con!