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In this Victorian-era RPG, you become an investigator working out of 221B Baker Street solving cases for Dr. Watson.
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Files off to the printer and a question for you, our backers!

Posted by Fearlight Games (Creator)
Since we sent the files for the Kickstarter backer edition of Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes off to be printed, we have gotten some feedback from the printer expressing concern about the size of the volume. As a soft-cover book with over 350 pages (wow!) the printer is worried that the book might be a little too big, and risk excessive wear and tear on the spine (ouch.)

So we have a question for you, dear backers: would you like us to proceed with producing a single volume containing both the core rulebook and the casebook just for you as originally promised, or would you like us to just print the core rulebook and casebook separately (as we are going to do later for general release) and send them both to you with your other rewards?    

Keep in mind that you will still be getting all the same content, just in two volumes instead of one, and that either way production will not be slowed further since we already have the files for all three books (KS edition, general release core book, and general release casebook) ready to go. We want to make sure we give you the best product possible, so please let us know what you prefer so we can make a decision and get Baker Street to you as soon as possible!

Thank You!

Fearlight Games

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    1. Bifford the Youngest on

      Fearlight - do I have permission to use the logo and artwork etc to beautify the G+ Community please?

    2. Bifford the Youngest on

      I have set up an Google+ Community for all you lovely folks to use and chat on.

      Please join and start talking! :D

    3. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on

      Made a decision yet? Any news on when we will see our books and dice etc?

    4. Bifford the Youngest on

      Two books makes sense anyway. While the GM/Storyteller has the casebook in front of him/her a player can be checking things in the core book if they need to.

      So two books is fine :)

    5. Dave Bardy on

      Two books is fine by me!

    6. Mark Plemmons on

      If the pages are sewn into the spine, then one book should be okay. If it's just glued in, you'll definitely want two books. Of course, your printer should know best.

    7. Missing avatar

      Liz Zummo on

      I think two sounds best. That way the books last longer. :)

    8. Kyle Seely on

      Two books most definitely!

    9. MoosenHammer

      i agree with two books.

    10. Missing avatar

      Danilo Dourado on

      I agree with 2 books

    11. LuisGC on

      Two books if that ensures its usability and durability

    12. Missing avatar

      Janice M. Eisen on

      Two books seems to be the sensible option; glad to see so much agreement.

    13. Joshua Hardt on

      I'd definitely prefer the two books. :)

    14. Cassandra Hardt

      I'd rather have 2 books so they will stay nice longer :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Bohne

      I would actually prefer the 2 books, especially if they will last longer.

    16. Missing avatar

      Aaron Thorne on

      If two separate books allows the book(s) to be better constructed, then two books is fine.

    17. Dave Corner on

      2 books seems to be the sensible option. Thanks.

    18. Gearsoul Dragon

      @Julian Breen ~ xD Well played!

    19. Alisa West on

      Two books. I plan on having this/playing for a long time.

    20. Christopher Sanders

      Wow I am looking over the comments and this is a great group of fellow backers! Over 10% have responded and in my skimming of the comments almost all (actually didn't see anyone upset with the two books) of the respondents support the two book printing plan. This is a great consensus for moving forward with the two books.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Raymond on

      2 books will be fine with me.

    22. Camilla

      Even without potential spine damage I'd prefer to have a separate adventure book. It's so much easier to run that way. With the spine issue it really has to be two books!

    23. Missing avatar

      V Hill on

      Two volumes. It'll help them stay in better condition. :)

    24. Thomas Phinney on

      Speaking as a gaming geek with an MS in printing... listen to your printer. :)

      While I'd probably prefer a single volume (all things being equal), things are not actually equal here.

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard Wagoner

      2 books seems to make the most sense.

    26. Claire Jackson on

      I would trust the printers to know about these things, but whatever the consensus is

    27. Missing avatar

      Lisa J. Black

      Why risk the damage? Two volumes is fine.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mark Wardecker on

      2 volumes is fine, thanks.

    29. Donald Byron Johnson

      I like 2 books over 1, as then one can refer to both at once if needed.

    30. etkeller

      Two volumes make sense to me.

    31. davrion

      Having 2 volumes makes sense

    32. Missing avatar

      Matt Hogan on

      I am fine with two volumes as well.

    33. MidnightBlue

      @William Jones:

      FG answered me below when I asked the same question.

      The hardback will still be one volume.


    34. MidnightBlue

      Thanks for the answer and consideration with the tough decision!


    35. Alan Winterrowd on

      Two volumes is fine.

    36. William Jones on

      does this affect the collectors edition too? If so, will you break the hardback collectors edition into 2 volumes, both hardback?

    37. Chris Sanderson

      Yes two volumes preferred

    38. Julian Breen on

      "The Games afoot!" Or rather, 2 feet.

    39. Big Kris on

      I would much rather have two books that will last longer rather than one book that will fall apart.

    40. Geoffrey Rabe on

      To add my 2 cents: I agree with just about everyone here -- two books sound best for both durability and keeping things from players

    41. Missing avatar

      John C. Joachim on

      Two sounds like the logical solution.

    42. Anne Imundo on

      Two would be fine

    43. on

      In a bit of a landslide...two would be nice.

    44. Gregg Twergo on

      Two is definitely the way to go with this one.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jo Kreil on

      Two volume set seems the best