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Thanks to YOU, we're turning RBG into an iconic Action Figure!
Thanks to YOU, we're turning RBG into an iconic Action Figure!
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She's The First!

Posted by Zoe Cronin (Collaborator)

First, a huge thanks for being patient while we figured out which cause we could get behind after this campaign ends. There were so, so many great suggestions — eventually we found a standout option that we’re really excited about — and we hope it’s something RBG herself would like too!

FCTRY will become a supporter of She’s The First, an awesome organization which provides scholarships, mentorship programs, and life skills training to young women from all over the world.

Its name comes from its main mission, which is supporting young women who are the first in their families to graduate high school. STF’s programs also focus on getting these young women the skills they need to find success beyond the classroom. Just like RBG, STF scholars become leaders for their families, communities, and future generations — and having more women leaders in the world is something we can absolutely get behind.

If you’d like more information about She’s The First, check out their website.


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    1. L_ARN on

      Thanks! I am honored to be a part of this

    2. Missing avatar

      Brett Cheuvront on

      "and we hope it’s something RBG herself would like too!" I think you chose the perfect one!

    3. Missing avatar

      Patricia I. O'Reilly on

      You have chosen a splendid cause. I am proud to be sharing in this project.

    4. on

      Great choice; you do our RBG proud!

    5. Missing avatar

      melina on

      Wonderful. This reminds me to ask if you might consider a series of little giants women in science and arts, activists and so on? One route is to go with people who are already well known such as Maya Angelou, Mae Jemison, Marie Curie or... Highlight some amazing careers and role models shining a light on lesser known women who deserve recognition and share their stories.

    6. Charlie

      Excellent choice!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Betty Adler on

      Fantastic excited that you are supporting it!

    8. Sara on

      She's the First is my charity of choice for Charity Miles when I go for a run so I love this new plan!

    9. Tasha Turner

      Fantastic choice

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Ward on

      I love this cause! There is nothing better than to help deserving young women step up and take their rightful place in this world.