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Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
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Production Update #2: Final Box Designs

Posted by FCTRY (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Surveys are in and production is well under way. In the meantime, we wanted to share something personal and fun to give you an idea of all the work it takes to turn an idea into a product. 

Packaging is sacred for us. It's that first impression that makes you decide whether you step closer to inspect the actual product or ignore it completely. It took us a few weeks and dozens of iterations before we settled on the final versions for both Warren and Obama's boxes. 

We pulled some old versions out from the archives to give you a peek at the many changes that happen behind-the-scenes before a Kickstarter campaign even begins. 

Elizabeth Warren's Box

Warren's box represents a turning point for our action figure collection. It is the first box to debut with the Real Life Action Figures brand name. The creative direction for the box set a precedent for our future action figure projects by moving away from some features (action figure puns, election years) and closer to others (Real Life Action Figures branding, starburst pattern on the inside). But before we established the direction, it took us a few attempts like the ones below. 

We considered uniting our Action Figure boxes under the style and color palette that we used for the Hillary Action Figure box. The uniform direction didn't feel right to highlight such unique personalities so we nixed this version quickly. 

Two other major aspects that we decided to scrap for future boxes were the election year and "_____"- Action Figure puns. As much as we love "Join-The-Action" Figure and "Ready-For-Action" Figure, there are only so many possibilities. 

Next, we went for a new color scheme, changes to the copy, and new side panels. We weren't fans of the color palette, especially the goldenrod, or squeezing "Elizabeth" in on the front of the box. However, much of the box's back design worked perfectly as we headed towards its final iteration, which we'll post below. 

Barack Obama's Box

Out of all of our action figures, Obama's box went through the most changes in terms of style, imagery, and copy. Obama has a wealth of iconic imagery that he's used on his elections that it became a question of where we found inspiration and where we struck new ground. 

We tried something that would be both cool and classic in style as a stark contrast to Trump's gaudy and gilded box. It was our first time trying out such dark packaging and we feared that it would obscure Obama too much so we moved onto another design. 

As a throwback, we derived design inspiration and a color palette from the classic Shepard Fairey "HOPE" poster. We liked it, but it didn't feel right for a post-Presidency Obama, eight years removed from the iconic image. The Post-Presidency Obama Action Figure needed something completely new to mark his journey beyond the White House. 

Final Box Designs

After all of that work, we finally hit our favorite combination of color palettes, copy, iconography, and style. These box layouts get printed out as is, cut, and folded. Check out the final box designs below along with the real thing. 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Gehl on

      It's Sept. 28. Time for a shipment update, please!

    2. Missing avatar

      AINE I RUANE on

      Anxiously awaiting for an EDA. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jen Baker on

      It’s the end of September, which was the goal shipment month - got an ETA yet? Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Russ M. on

      Any update on the shipping date for Warren/Obama? The surveys were returned a month ago.

    5. Robert Moorehead on

      When can we expect shipment?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jen Baker on

      Liked the dark Obama box, actually! How close are you to mailing out?

    7. Nils Hansson

      The black box was great, in my opinion :)

    8. FCTRY 5-time creator on

      @Jordan - Which one did you like the most? We'd love to hear your feedback for the future. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Jordan Ferguson on

      All four of the earlier boxes were better than the two you decided on!