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Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
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Production Update #1: Blonder & Grayer

Posted by FCTRY (Creator)

Thank you!   

The dust is finally starting to settle after a busy month on our campaign. We want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s supported us. :) We're so excited to move forward with this project and we can't wait to share what's in store for the future! 

A Tiny Makeover 

We heard your feedback and we're excited to share a refresh on the action figures. We spent the last few weeks making some slight tweaks to the hair color on the Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama Action Figures. 

One of the most common comments we got on our Kickstarter was about Warren's hair. Most of you felt that it was too dark and brown so we lightened it up. We repainted her hair to make her a truer blonde, complete with highlights. 

The other change was for Obama's hair. We made his formerly black hair grayer and more mottled with white to make him truer to his current, more distinguished appearance. Besides, we want to stay true to Obama by not making his hair too dark. 

Next Week 

Keep an eye on your inbox! BackerKit surveys are going out next week as an email from us, FCTRY. We will be using them to get your shipping information so don't ignore them!

What’s BackerKit? 
BackerKit is a service that will help us collect your info and keep you updated when it comes to fulfillment. The survey that BackerKit sends out will get your shipping information and allow you to add on any last minute action figures. You’ll have your chance if you want a few more Warrens and Obamas for the holiday season.

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Stalder on

      Love this! Thank you for listening to us about Liz's hair.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jen Baker on

      Still wish post presidency Obama was sans tie and came with tiny shades :/

    3. BD on

      Great changes! Still sad that the wheel didn't give us rbg, though. My hopes were raised and then dashed. I have hopelash.

    4. Missing avatar

      Diana Morgan on

      I am so excited to get my hands on the newest Warren/Obama action figures!!
      Thank you FCTRY! You're the GREATEST!