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Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
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1 Day Left, 1 Last Stretch Goal

Posted by FCTRY (Creator)

The Last Stretch Goal

We're in the homestretch with one day left on our campaign! In 32 days, we raised over $145K with all of your love and support! In honor of that, we’re unveiling what the $150K milestone stretch goal could be. We hope to make it, but no promises yet since we need your help to reach $150K before we can commit!

The last stretch goal is...

Nude Republicans Postcards! 

Help us raise $5,000 more to reach $150K before the end of our campaign and we’ll make it happen! Based on how great you all have been with helping spread the word, we think this is going to be pretty easy for you all. :) 

We've had it with all-male Congressional committees voting on women's issues so we're going to spin the magnifying glass back on them. Check out our rough mock-up of what the postcard could look like as seen through our objectifying gaze.  

If you help us unlock our last stretch goal reward then we’ll hire an actual artist to draw the real thing with input from you on which Republicans you want to see exposed. These will be available as a free digital download for everyone once completed. 

We hope you're excited to see a never-before-seen side of your favorite Republican. :)
Let us know who you would elect to be featured on this potential set of postcards and keep sharing!  




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    1. Jennifer on

      Thank you for taking the higher road!

    2. FCTRY 5-time creator on

      Hey all!

      We're headed back to the drawing board! We took all of your feedback into consideration and made the decision to cancel the Nude Republicans Postcards. We will no longer be doing them as our $150K milestone. What it'll be replaced with will be declared soon.

      Thank you to everyone who commented and voiced their concerns! Our original intent was to do something fun, but it looks like we stepped over the line in making fun and for that, we apologize. We'll unveil something new for the $150K milestone soon, something fun - we promise! :)

      @Denise/Peter - We hear you on that! Just know that her name has been coming up quite a lot and we're taking note every time.

    3. thorbjorn77 on

      When you go low, we demand Michelle.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Murphy on

      Are you listening at all to your customers? We who have supported you for some time now are appalled that you are even suggesting the "nude postcards". This "Comments" field has the words "Be respectful and considerate" posted below. Did you mean that as a joke? – because an offering of nude postcards does not reflect respectability or consideration. Which ever staff member came up with this puerile idea needs to admonished. Try going high – not this low! Ugh!

    5. Missing avatar

      Larry Rose

      I understand that you are thinking about creating nude photos of politicians. Very bad idea, if you do this you are no better than the Republicans. So far I have purchased, Bernie, Barack, Hillary and Donald from you. I would not like to see your company stoop to that level with nude photos.
      If you do decide to create the cards, please cancel my order. I do not want to be associated with this type of politics.

    6. Missing avatar

      Karen Wetmore

      I find this distasteful. Ugh. How about something positive?

    7. Maggie on

      I don't like this stretch goal at all. Please pick another one. It's the low road. How about a Michelle Obama figure instead?

    8. Gwendolyn on

      I don't like this stretch goal. Although I believe the republicans are doing some terrifying things, I think that humiliating them in this way is uncalled for and will only deepen the partisan divide. This is not the higher road; we're better than this.

    9. Peter J. LaPrade Jr.

      Don't like that stretch goal. RBG figure would be better, but I suppose maybe you're saving that for a different Kickstarter. Would love to see an Angela Merkel figure too.

    10. Missing avatar

      Denise Montgomery on

      UGH! Please give us Ruth Bader Ginsberg instead...for her, I am willing to contribute enough for another figure. Otherwise, no thanks!!!

    11. KC on

      I'm actually good, thanks. I won't be needing these, but the looking forward to EW Collectable :)

    12. Cheryl Kennedy on

      Thanks just can't 'unsee' that image, once you've seen it....thanks loads.... Ha!