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Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
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4,526 backers pledged $161,206 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Matt McCoy
      about 5 hours ago

      Got the kitchen sink pledge, all five figures came in the same box for those wondering.

    2. Anna leRoux about 6 hours ago

      Just got my Liz Warren and Hillary figures. <3 <3 So much awesomeness!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Holly Norton-Mattison about 19 hours ago

      I’m expecting EWarren, BSanders and BObama....any chance they’ll all arrive at the same time?

    4. Diana 2 days ago

      Received mine today. It looks great!

    5. Yuki 2 days ago

      Just received my Liz Warren and Obama (post presidency ver.) and I just wanted to say I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Thank you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert Gottlieb 2 days ago

      I am backer #501, BTW, so if they are shipping them in order...

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert Gottlieb 2 days ago

      My Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders action figures just arrived!

    8. Missing avatar

      David Sheppard 2 days ago

      Delivered by Thanksgiving? Today is Monday of Thanksgiving week and I leave Sunday for 2 months. I know my travel isn’t your problem but can you provide any idea on when this will actually ship?

    9. Robert Couch 2 days ago

      I haven't received my order yet. Should I have expected to get it by now?

    10. Diana J. Brodie 4 days ago

      @creator ignore my last post. Got all the rest in the next package. Thanks. Love em.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jim Chong 4 days ago

      Got them today. Should send one to adult daycare.

    12. Missing avatar

      Russell H Roe
      5 days ago

      I got my two Elizabeths in the mail today.

    13. Diana J. Brodie 5 days ago

      @Creator So stoked to have gotten my Elizabeth Warrens but did not come with my grey haired Obama. Is that shipping separately?

    14. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Carroll-Horrocks 5 days ago

      Is it too late to upgrade a $22 Elizabeth Warren action figure pledge to the $39 pledge that includes the Barack Obama action figure? I thought I had done that months ago but it's not showing up in my pledge page. Thank you!

    15. Matt McCoy
      6 days ago

      Are you guys shipping via Mentor Media through FedEx? I got a tracking number for something shipping from Cali and I'm trying to figure out what it could be. It says 1.9 lbs, which would make sense for what I ordered.

    16. Missing avatar

      Cara Lee Paige 6 days ago

      Apparently I have the same question as the ones below. It's mid-November. I've never received Elizabeth or "Aged Obama'. I had to look through old e-mails to find evidence that I ordered, or kicked in, or whatever. I did. I see Elizabeth advertised for sale now and then, so she must be completed? Is it Obama we're waiting for? We'd appreciate updates please.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ginger Hadley 6 days ago

      Please provide a shipping update.

    18. B.J. West on November 2

      Are these ever going to ship?

    19. peter szitarity on November 1

      Two months and nothing , why is this ?

    20. Diana J. Brodie on October 31

      Hey what’s up? Did these ship?

    21. Missing avatar

      Russell H Roe
      on October 31

      An update would definitely be appreciated.

    22. Missing avatar

      Richard Poon on October 25

      Has been almost a month, and an update will be much appreciated. Thanks

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Karp on October 22

      Any update on when the six-packs will ship?

    24. Andy Owsiak on October 10

      Now's the time! We want RBG!!!

    25. Heather Olsen on October 4

      @Ellen As anyone who has backed many projects on kickstarter knows, sometimes productions schedules change, and products on here are often a bit later than the *estimated* shipping times. Those that undertake producing something that doesn't exist work very hard to get things out on time, but it doesn't always happen. I'm very satisfied with the hard work this team has put into this project! Thank you, FCTRY!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Ellen Weiss on October 1

      I feel misled by the changes to this project schedule. Making one project contingent on another without disclosing this seems underhanded. Elzabeth Warren would disapprove and so do I. I wish I could get my money back. Shame on you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Phyllis Naiad on September 29

      Good Evening, can we please have an update response on shipping date? Thank you.

    28. Missing avatar

      Morrie Schaller on September 24

      This started in June. ANY SHIPPING DATE YET??????

    29. Missing avatar

      Anne Funamura on September 24

      Looking forward to there an eta yet?

    30. Dennis Finegan
      on September 23

      Lovely boxes, but when are you going to ship?

    31. Missing avatar

      Jim Wojno on September 20

      Any updates on when I can expect this?

    32. Tom B on September 14

      Actually, I may have. Could you confirm if you have my shipping info?

    33. Tom B on September 13

      For some reason I haven't gotten my shipping survey. I have tried to trigger it, but no survey is arriving in my mailbox.

    34. Missing avatar

      David Sheppard on September 12

      Any updates on the shipping?

    35. Heather Olsen on August 31

      Any updates on production? I'm pumped to get my order! :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kleist on August 30

      Any chance of these shipping out in the next week? One is for my aunt I'm going to see and I'd like to make it an early Christmas ;)

    37. Lanie Farnsworth on August 1

      Please consider making an Obama action figure with his winning smile. He has the best smile but the two dolls you have made of him so far make him look rather miserable.

    38. Missing avatar

      AINE I RUANE on July 21

      This truly is the only good thing "politically" that has happened this year. Thanks...

    39. Jill Heller
      on July 13

      If we need to change up levels (or order more) will there be an opportunity? Apparently I've made my entire politically enthusiastic family jealous and they want them too!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jim Wojno on July 10

      @fctry - Thanks for the quick reply! Looking forward to the action figures!

    41. FCTRY 4-time creator on July 10

      Thanks everyone! We're glad you helped us make the best decision regarding the postcards. We'll send out an update soon once we figure out the new $150K milestone reward. :)

      @patricia keegan - Not too late! In a few weeks, we’re going to follow up with the shipping survey to get your information. It’ll include a way to buy additional action figures.

      @Rebecca Buchanan-Mackie - We’ll definitely try to! :)

      @Mary Dungan - There’ll be a chance to add on more action figures in our shipping survey. It’s going out in a few weeks so keep an eye out for it.

      @Jim Wojno/Genevieve Weber/@Cheryl & Mike - Check your messages!

      @Brian OKeefe - Fixed it for you on our end.

      @Jennifer - Yes! It is legal under parody/satire law of public figures.

      @Robert Moorehead - Sent you a message! :)

      @Heiner Wagener - In a few weeks, we’ll send out the shipping survey, which will allow you to purchase additional items from the Kickstarter to your rewards. That’ll be going out towards the end of July so keep an eye out for it in your inbox!

      @Richard Poon - We’ll update soon!

      @Brendan Job - That will be going out in a few weeks, once we’re ready to start taking in that information. We’ll update you when it does!

      @Linda Mann - I took care of that for you on our end so you should be all set!

    42. Missing avatar

      Linda Mann on July 10

      Hello. I received your invitation to add $20 to my pledge of $39 to receive the Obama action figure but once I donated the additional $20, the confirmation was only for Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders action figures. Can you straighten this out, please? I would like all three!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Brendan Job on July 10

      When will we receive the email about shipping/additional items? I haven't received anything yet.

    44. Missing avatar

      Richard Poon on July 10

      I hear you guys are going back to the drawing boards regarding the 150K milestone. Would also appreciate an update regarding the next steps you plan to take for production, and shipping. Thanks.

    45. Missing avatar

      Heiner Wagener on July 9

      How can I get the temporary tattoos without buying any more figurines? I will be glad to pay a reasonable amount of $$ for those.

    46. Robert Moorehead on July 9

      I originally bid $39, and I got an email saying I could update my bid to $59. Using the link from that email, I updated my bid and then got charged both $39 and $59. How do I cancel the $39 charge? I sent a message, but haven't received a reply.

    47. Jennifer on July 9

      Question: I know you don't give to political campaigns, but are you giving anything to Elizabeth for the use of her likeness? I assume not, but is that legal?

    48. Missing avatar

      Cheryl and Mike Nelson on July 8

      I purchased the Coup D'ETAT 59$ and the website said I would also be receiving an Obama figure as the stretch goal had been met. I want Obama and want to be sure I will be getting it. Please verify. thanks.

    49. Missing avatar

      Brian OKeefe on July 8

      I upgraded my support to get the Obama action figure, but email says Warren only...what's up with that?

    50. Missing avatar

      Genevieve Weber on July 8

      Hello! I upgraded to get both the Elizabeth Warren and new Obama figure, but I got an email saying I'm getting Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. To be frank, I don't want a Bernie Sanders figure. Will I still be getting the Obama figure like I originally ordered?

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