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Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!
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4,526 backers pledged $161,206 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Lesli Wall on

      Shirley Chisholm !! Also how do i contribute for the Kamala Harris action figure, and i want 2 Ginsberg's but only put in for one! Thanks !!

    2. FCTRY 5-time creator on

      @CanaryCollective Hello there, just sent you a message to complete a form for your shipping information. Please check and respond. Thanks!

    3. FCTRY 5-time creator on

      @MickeyHoulahan Hi there, I sent you a message with your tracking number for your pledge. Thanks!

    4. FCTRY 5-time creator on

      @Koshka I sent you a message for your shipping information so we can ship your pledge.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mickey Houlahan on

      No figures here -- so I'm cheering the creator along.

    6. Koshka Hellqvist on

      I haven't gotten my figures yet. What's the ETA?

    7. Karen Ellis on

      Ok, CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL. You need to update your info before they send it to you.

    8. Karen Ellis on

      Ordered July 2017. nothing has come yet.

    9. Canary Collective on

      Nothing has arrived yet.

    10. Robert Couch on

      Got ours over the weekend. Thank you. :)

    11. Karen Bebensee

      Hi. I received mine! So excited, they are fantastic! Thank you.

    12. Robert Lukach

      I received my Warren and Obama figures yesterday and they are great! Thanks again for another fantastic product!

    13. Olivier Odd Cortambert on

      Haven’t received anything yet also. Is there a place to check if order was shipped?

    14. Missing avatar

      Marc D Chopin

      I funded for the kitchen sink plus a couple of other figures. They arrived in two boxes on two different days. Gotta 'love's DHL.
      On the plus side, the figures are exactly as advertised. Fun and beautifully crafted

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark and Morgan Honschke on

      I have not received a tracking number for my order? Will it go out soon? Thanks

    16. Missing avatar

      Joseph Fillion

      Saw the email today saying everything is 100% shipped... did anyone get tracking numbers or did they magically arrive one day?

    17. Matt McCoy

      Got the kitchen sink pledge, all five figures came in the same box for those wondering.

    18. Anna leRoux on

      Just got my Liz Warren and Hillary figures. <3 <3 So much awesomeness!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Holly Norton-Mattison on

      I’m expecting EWarren, BSanders and BObama....any chance they’ll all arrive at the same time?

    20. Diana on

      Received mine today. It looks great!

    21. YT on

      Just received my Liz Warren and Obama (post presidency ver.) and I just wanted to say I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Thank you!

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Gottlieb on

      I am backer #501, BTW, so if they are shipping them in order...

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Gottlieb on

      My Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders action figures just arrived!

    24. Missing avatar

      David Sheppard on

      Delivered by Thanksgiving? Today is Monday of Thanksgiving week and I leave Sunday for 2 months. I know my travel isn’t your problem but can you provide any idea on when this will actually ship?

    25. Robert Couch on

      I haven't received my order yet. Should I have expected to get it by now?

    26. djb on

      @creator ignore my last post. Got all the rest in the next package. Thanks. Love em.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jim Chong on

      Got them today. Should send one to adult daycare.

    28. Missing avatar

      Russell H Roe

      I got my two Elizabeths in the mail today.

    29. djb on

      @Creator So stoked to have gotten my Elizabeth Warrens but did not come with my grey haired Obama. Is that shipping separately?

    30. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Carroll-Horrocks on

      Is it too late to upgrade a $22 Elizabeth Warren action figure pledge to the $39 pledge that includes the Barack Obama action figure? I thought I had done that months ago but it's not showing up in my pledge page. Thank you!

    31. Matt McCoy

      Are you guys shipping via Mentor Media through FedEx? I got a tracking number for something shipping from Cali and I'm trying to figure out what it could be. It says 1.9 lbs, which would make sense for what I ordered.

    32. Missing avatar

      Cara Lee Paige on

      Apparently I have the same question as the ones below. It's mid-November. I've never received Elizabeth or "Aged Obama'. I had to look through old e-mails to find evidence that I ordered, or kicked in, or whatever. I did. I see Elizabeth advertised for sale now and then, so she must be completed? Is it Obama we're waiting for? We'd appreciate updates please.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ginger Hadley on

      Please provide a shipping update.

    34. B.J. West on

      Are these ever going to ship?

    35. peter szitarity on

      Two months and nothing , why is this ?

    36. djb on

      Hey what’s up? Did these ship?

    37. Missing avatar

      Russell H Roe

      An update would definitely be appreciated.

    38. Missing avatar

      Richard Poon

      Has been almost a month, and an update will be much appreciated. Thanks

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Karp on

      Any update on when the six-packs will ship?

    40. BD on

      Now's the time! We want RBG!!!

    41. Heather Olsen on

      @Ellen As anyone who has backed many projects on kickstarter knows, sometimes productions schedules change, and products on here are often a bit later than the *estimated* shipping times. Those that undertake producing something that doesn't exist work very hard to get things out on time, but it doesn't always happen. I'm very satisfied with the hard work this team has put into this project! Thank you, FCTRY!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Ellen Weiss on

      I feel misled by the changes to this project schedule. Making one project contingent on another without disclosing this seems underhanded. Elzabeth Warren would disapprove and so do I. I wish I could get my money back. Shame on you.

    43. Missing avatar

      Phyllis Naiad on

      Good Evening, can we please have an update response on shipping date? Thank you.

    44. Missing avatar

      Morrie Schaller on

      This started in June. ANY SHIPPING DATE YET??????

    45. Missing avatar

      Anne Funamura on

      Looking forward to there an eta yet?

    46. Dennis Finegan

      Lovely boxes, but when are you going to ship?

    47. Missing avatar

      Jim Wojno on

      Any updates on when I can expect this?

    48. Tom B on

      Actually, I may have. Could you confirm if you have my shipping info?

    49. Tom B on

      For some reason I haven't gotten my shipping survey. I have tried to trigger it, but no survey is arriving in my mailbox.

    50. Missing avatar

      David Sheppard on

      Any updates on the shipping?

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