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Mathematical scarves knit in luxurious merino. Algorithmically generated patterns, no two scarves are alike. Knit in Seattle, WA.
Mathematical scarves knit in luxurious merino. Algorithmically generated patterns, no two scarves are alike. Knit in Seattle, WA.
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The machine is up and running in Seattle!

Posted by Fabienne "fbz" Serriere (Creator)

Dear Backers,

First of all, sorry for the long absence in updates here on Kickstarter! For in-between updates, you can follow along on twitter: and on facebook:

So the big news is that the machine was delivered on January 11th here to Seattle:

The machine weighs around 3000 pounds, and it is pictured there on the day it was delivered (with my ecstatic face) on a forklift that can handle 5000 pounds. I am very happy I chose the facility that I did, because they own that forklift, and have multiple competent forklift operators to move around heavy and delicate machinery.

And the other great news is that instead of being in a shipping container until a room is built in April, KnitYak got a real office at the last minute, in the same complex as the shipping containers here in Seattle:

Thank you all for backing and making this lovely dream of a machine possible! This is a permanent room for KnitYak. The walls will gain a coat of paint once the weather in Seattle is consistently warmer for a week or so at a time. Those walls are concrete and until the weather is warmer, paint won't stick properly to them.

A knitting technician came by in January for three days to help get the huge 3000 pound hunk of awesomeness up and running, and the machine is working wonderfully. The technician also showed me how to warm up the machine for running it in the colder months, and it is working quite smoothly. Here are some test scarves (in cheap acrylic off ebay for testing, in funky colors -- this is not the final yarn) that have been knit on the machine here in early February:

 Right now I am crunching away on the software that will let you all choose your specific scarf. It will generate scarves for you to choose from, and also allow you to input exact rules and starting rows, if you so desire. The majority of the merino yarn (75% of it) is still slated to arrive at the end of April, as I mentioned previously.

I am also working on details like which direction rules should be knit (such as the points of knit stitches should correspond with points of triangles). The other details I am working out right now in prototyping are the bind offs, and making the knit instructions as error free as possible for the production run of all the Kickstarter items. I am also doing tension prototyping in the production merino yarn, and testing various finishings with a professional steam table and iron.

A few of you have asked what they should do about moving and addresses. I have purposely not polled the Kickstarter addresses yet, and I will do so much closer to shipping in May and June of this year. If you need to change your address before then, please feel free to do so in your Kickstarter settings. I will warn you all before I poll the addresses to make sure that you all have a chance to update your shipping addresses. Kickstarter only allows us to poll for addresses once.

To finish off, here is a short clip showing the industrial knitting machine running here in the KnitYak office in Seattle:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you all again, each and every one of you, for your support of this dream!

Knittingly yours,


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    1. Sean McAvoy on

      Any details as to the spread of delivery dates?