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FIXIT Mag is a comic art and illustration magazine that will be published quarterly in 2011 and showcasing new artistic talent in the print medium.
FIXIT Mag is a comic art and illustration magazine that will be published quarterly in 2011 and showcasing new artistic talent in the print medium.
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219 backers pledged $11,514 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Cajoline on September 7, 2014

      Hm. Was there only one magazine out or did I missed the second one ? There was a plan for four magazines ?

    2. Ana H on July 31, 2011

      I hadn't realized the issue was sent out. I never received anything. :(

    3. Jacques E Nyemb on January 20, 2011

      I missed this project..but I still went to your site and pre-ordered the magazine. Can't wait to get it! :0)

    4. Jamie Rawlings on January 9, 2011

      So fantastic!! Thank you so much!!

    5. Vera Greentea on January 7, 2011

      I just received the magazine and I just wanted to tell you - OMG GORGEOUS!!! Such a beautiful high-quality magazine, it's more of a book really - honestly a pleasure to hold in my hands and keep on the bookshelf with my favorite comic books. Thank you :)

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on August 27, 2010

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    7. Alex Nautilus on May 3, 2010

      Great project! Congratulations and good luck!

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on May 3, 2010

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    9. Alice Tong on May 2, 2010

      CONGRATS FAWN!!!! amazing job!

    10. Missing avatar

      satsuki on May 2, 2010

      Congrats, Fawn! Looking forward to them!!

    11. Missing avatar

      katie lee on May 2, 2010


    12. Patrick Farley on May 2, 2010

      Congratulations! God dammit, we are going to change the face of media!!!! :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Latasha Moore on May 1, 2010

      YAY!!! You did it! Can't wait! : )

    14. Missing avatar

      Karen Remsen on May 1, 2010

      Fantastic!! Congrats! Can't wait to see the magazine!

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark on May 1, 2010

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Awesome.

    16. Jeremy Nguyen on May 1, 2010

      Congratulations!!! This final haul was a HUGE surprise! I'm very excited, you guys did great!!

    17. libbey koppinger on May 1, 2010

      what a ride! GREAT JOB!
      Can't wait! As a side note, this is VERY inspiring for my 12 yr old daughter, an emerging anime artist! thanks for the great role modeling! WOOOWOOO! ;)

    18. Jackie Monahan on May 1, 2010


    19. Missing avatar

      Niina on May 1, 2010

      OMG Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

    20. Caelin on May 1, 2010


    21. Shivana on May 1, 2010


      also i have amassed illustrations, i will send 8D

    22. Missing avatar

      alex on May 1, 2010

      Oh my god you made it!!!

    23. Jackie Monahan on April 30, 2010

      omfg a little under $500 to go! YOU CAN DO IT!

    24. Missing avatar

      Phi on April 30, 2010

      i believe in the power of DREEAAAAAAAAMS!!!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      H on April 30, 2010

      Crossing my fingers for you!

    26. Jamie Rawlings on April 30, 2010

      Followed the link thru gem2niki on gaia - I really hope you make the goal in time!

    27. Kim Karr on April 29, 2010

      So far so good! I hope this happens!!

    28. Holly Bender on April 26, 2010

      I hope reach your pledge goals! I love the idea of this and can't wait to see it happen!

      Best of luck! <3

    29. Alice Tong on April 21, 2010

      fawn!! i'm sorry i don't have more money to back this freakin great project! once i get more money i will hunt u down and buy a bunch of them from u! ;p thanks for your support and u did a great job on this kickstarter site!

    30. jess smart smiley on March 16, 2010

      What a lovely idea. I'm already hooked to the quality and caliber of the artists!

    31. Missing avatar

      Laine on March 9, 2010


    32. zero20002 on February 19, 2010

      i don't understand how id turn in work

    33. Missing avatar

      crimson_flyers on February 18, 2010

      Is this project open a member registration? If yes, how do I join? I love to draw and want to released my work soon! it's my big dreamXD

    34. fawn Creator on February 18, 2010

      I will definitely let you know how we plan to sell our magazine into stores. Right now it's more like consignment~
      Great job on raising the rest of your goal!

    35. fawn Creator on February 18, 2010

      Hello Michael!
      Thanks for your support!
      and participant information can be found on our main site, ~
      we're currently still taking illustration applications!! =)

    36. Michael Rubino on February 14, 2010

      Neat idea!
      Also, i dont just wanna back this up financially, i also wanna help make stuff
      How do i go about doing this?

    37. Chloe Eudaly on February 10, 2010

      Hi Fawn! Thanks for supporting Crap Hound! Would love to carry F*X*T at Reading Frenzy! Please let me know if you'll be selling to shops, have a distributor, etc.

      Good Luck!

    38. libbey koppinger on February 5, 2010

      I found you through twitter! wishing you much luck and this it's truly wonderful. my daughter almost 12 - is an aspiring (and quite good) anime artist. we share your love for the art form and send big ((((hugs)))) for success. i'll be pleased to keep it retweeted on twitter too ;)

    39. JeremyCoatney on February 5, 2010

      I found out about your project from RocketShoes (

      It looks great I hope it succeeds. =D

    40. The Gopher Illustrated on February 3, 2010

      Your project looks fantastic!

    41. Nouveau Classical Project on February 3, 2010

      Hello! Very cool project. I run a concert series that promotes classical music with fashion and art and we're thinking of doing a comic book concept for one of our events. I'm from the Bay Area too! Good luck with this.

    42. Missing avatar

      Fan Lau on February 2, 2010

      Wooo! I give you monies!

    43. Jeanne Lee on February 1, 2010

      this looks awesome, hope it turns out well!

    44. Shivana on February 1, 2010

      I am rooting for you!

    45. fawn Creator on February 1, 2010

      Hello Jesse! i think that kickstarter allows you to modify your pledges each time you login, and then you can choose your new reward after each modifcation....some of the projects i pledged to had that kind of system~~ hope that helps!

      heyhey Koorogi! i definitely will keep you in mind! as a designer, i will be looking towards those more grammatically inclined to help me with the written portions~ thanks for your support~

      thanks for the wonderful support from you all so far!

    46. Missing avatar

      xine on February 1, 2010

      Oh, Fawn! I can't wait to see this happen :D

    47. Missing avatar

      deleted on February 1, 2010

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    48. Mandi Quail on February 1, 2010

      This is an amazing idea! As soon as I get paid (and figure out the amazon thingy) I will definitely pledge!

    49. Missing avatar

      koorogi on February 1, 2010

      Came through Shivana's facebook. This looks great! I'm all for independent publishing. If my financial aid ever comes in, I'll toss some funding your way! In the meantime, if you ever need anything from the textual side of things, I'd love to help! I'm Editor-in-Chief of my school's literary mag, so I come with refs!

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