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A harrowing card game adventure with enemy encounters, interactive story-driven scenarios, and high-end art and design.
A harrowing card game adventure with enemy encounters, interactive story-driven scenarios, and high-end art and design.
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Spire's End - Solo & Cooperative Card Game Adventure



Spire's End is a solo and cooperative card game that hearkens back to the game books of the '80s with enemy encounters, interactive story-driven scenarios, and high-end art and design.  It's a unique gaming experience without a lot of baggage. Simple set-up, intuitive rules and minimal components. No DM, no bookkeeping or character sheet. Just you, an oversized deck of cards, dice and cube markers.

My influences for this game are rooted in the nostagia of my childhood. D&D, Planet of the Apes, Land of the Lost, Heavy Metal Magazine, Zork, and Monkey Island, to name a few.

It's the grisly tale of a strange tower that emerges in the heart of a bustling Viking city. The townsfolk have vanished. It’s up to you to mount a rescue and unravel the mystery. 

You move through the game like a book. But in this case, it's a stack of ominous cards. Flip them over, make difficult choices and let the story unfold. 

You have an Ally Deck with 6 adventurers (6 chances) to face the countless dangers of the spire. From this deck you will randomly pick 2 starting Allies. But be warned, your path is paved in blood. If they die, and they will you will randomly select another Ally to take their place.

This is a six-chapter adventure, each of which includes a major encounter, loot, choices, dice chucking and more! It will require both skill and luck. 

The hook is simple. In combat you perform actions at a cost. That cost is your character's hit points. Every action is a risk. To execute stronger attacks you will need to spend more hit points, which in turn leaves you weak and vulnerable. This makes for tense, close, ruthless battles.

Please note: This is a simplistic look at some basics in combat. There are many exciting variables to actions and their outcomes detailed in the instructions deck. Check out Kickbacks, Status Effects, Rest meters and more!

Enemies will fight in a similar fashion, with a few exceptions. They don't spend Hit Points and their actions are determined by the Action Deck.

Each enemy you will face has different hooks and mechanics to make them interesting. Some have story branches that trigger in the midst of battle.

What would an adventure be without pesky trash mobs getting in your way? You can't head out on your first quest without clearing rats out of a cellar, right?

My goal was to make this game with as few components as possible without taking away from the gaming experience. It's a clean minimalistic approach to an in-depth and engrossing adventure.

The focus has always been the story deck. The heart of the game. It represents the spire, and each card is a layer you uncover during your descent. 

From the very start I wanted ENORMOUS PLAYING CARDS. These are custom 6.5 x 3.5 inch cards. They are about the same size as an iPhone X and they're glorious. Here's what's in the box. 

This is not a randomly generated gaming experience. The concept here is to experience a specific storyline with multiple chapter branches and endings. Your choices, enemy encounters and items you discover will influence the overall narrative. There are multiple endings to uncover, some more unpleasant than others.

Here is a look at the current Card Progression Tree for Chapters 1 and 2 to help illustrate the branching paths. Each square is a card. Black = Story Card, Red = Item Card, Dark Red = Encounter. Your story can splinter out in many different directions.

Considering the complexities of the project I want to be transparent with the progress made and what's left to do.

Greg is an Art Director and Graphic Designer currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. In his free time he's pumping whatever pop culture he can into his veins..or dreaming up new encounters for Spire's End!

Benjamin is a Digital Artist from Berlin, Germany currently working as a freelance concept artist and illustrator. These days he uses every available minute for art and game design.

Erica is co-owner of Oaktown Spice Shop in Oakland, CA. Before starting a retail business with her husband, she was a journalist. She loves to cook and drink wine.

Christian is co-owner of Hop Merchants Bottle Shop & Taproom, a craft beer bar in North Hollywood, CA.  He's a writer, a gamer and horror film fanatic.

Shipping will be charged after the campaign has ended. 

The shipping rates listed below are conservative estimates NOT the official costs. Please note that these estimates are based on the core game. Any Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign may change the weight and the size of the game, which could influence the final shipping cost. I will work to secure the best prices possible and attempt to lower these costs in proportion to the success of the campaign.

Backers outside the countries listed above may be responsible for their own customs fees and any additional charges if and when they occur. Please message me regarding countries not listed for more information.

Please not that Spire's End is a work in progress, product is still in development.

Warning: This is a fantasy/horror game that contains violence and disturbing imagery. Ages 16 and up.

The incredible art by Benjamin Wieseman sets the mood. The game will contain over 40 original illustrations.

Risks and challenges

This is my first venture into the madness of crowdfunding and it’s incredibly daunting. But with more than 15 years of graphic design and packaging experience,​ I am merely in a state of heightened panic.

This project, like many, started with very ambitious goals before it was wrangled into something reasonable for my first attempt. It began as a 12 chapter, 200 card epic. Due to the sheer scope of the game, production costs and the fact that I am just one person, the game is now 6 Chapters, with the hopes to continue later if successful.

The style guides and templates are set, and the writing for Chapters 1-6 are more than halfway there.

My aim is to keep things simple without compromising the game as much as possible. That being said, even with “simple” in mind I know that problems lurk around every corner. Game balancing and rewrites take time so I am giving myself a considerable amount of lead time to get this labor-intensive job done properly.

Nobody wants this game in their hands more than me. I dream about this thing. I spend my time in the shower planning the next encounter. I’m going to do everything I can to get this out before the spire drags me down into the bowels of the underworld. Who’s with me?

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