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Share all file types across all devices/platforms instantly without additional hardware/software, and without internet or a data plan! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 30, 2013.

Share all file types across all devices/platforms instantly without additional hardware/software, and without internet or a data plan!

About this project

Fasetto is a cloud storage program unlike any other. Fasetto is our patent pending foundation, and features cross platform data access, backups, revisions, and much more. This revolutionary method of file sharing is the first to allow 100% secured business and personal file sharing which does not need access to the internet or WiFi and is indifferent to the device being used. With this revolutionary approach to cross platform data access, backups, revisions, and much more, Fasetto is going to change your world.

Meet "Pretty Darn Quick" (PDQ)

PDQ, an application built on top of Fasetto, gives the user the ability to instantly share files, between any device*, with no additional hardware or software (except Fasetto itself) and with no data or internet access** in a completely secure environment!

So, what makes PDQ so special? There is nothing else in the world that can instantly transfer any size files cross platform without the need for any special hardware or software, using just the devices as is online or offline. The closest applications are Near Field Communication (NFC) and iOS AirDrop which are not cross platform compatible (you cannot send a file from an iPhone to a Windows phone for example). On top of that their technologies are also controlled by the manufacture(s) who are well known for tracking or logging the use of their applications and users information. PDQ is completely track and log free, we do not snoop on our users. PDQ utilizes all and any available transport layers supported by the device.

*any device = cross platform includes all Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac etc…), all Windows devices (PC, XP/7/8, Windows Phone, Tablets), and all Android devices (mobiles, tablets) and more.

**internet access - The availability of an internet service from Wifi or Cellular data.

So with PDQ unlike any other technology, you have completely platform-independent and instant file transfer to any device.

No Limitations

PDQ allows you to transfer Gigabytes (GB's) of data while only using Kilobytes (KB's) of your data plan. You only need 10 KB's, every time, regardless of the size of the data. In other words, another benefit of using PDQ, is saving data plan usage when sharing files.


Wi-Fi with internet
Let's say you are at a remote location with very little internet signal (a friends house or a conference for example) and need to send 100Megabyte (MB) file to the person sitting next to you. As you know sending a 100Mb via email, slow internet, or metered (paid for) internet is very slow and costly. You would need to upload this 100Mb file to some sort of online storage, log into the site, get a link and email the link to the person. The problem here is having limited internet, uploading 100Mb file could take two hours or more. On top of that you would need the personal details from the other user (email) which in some circumstances they may not want to give out.

With PDQ in the same situation you not only maintain your privacy (not having to give the other user any personal information), you have the ability to send the same file in less than 1 minute, by having the other user shake their phone to bring up the PDQ barcode and then selecting the file, clicking send and the task is complete.

Offline situation
Another example, you are at a get together with friends and there is no data or internet at this location. Someone has recorded a large sized video of something funny that just happened. Others have requested a copy of this video too. In this situation you would typically have to wait until the person with the video got home, downloaded the video from their phone, re-uploaded it to a website, then sent you a link. You still wouldn't have the video and you would then have to download it using more software. All of that work for something so simple.

With PDQ, you all take out your mobiles, shake your phone and then the person with the original recording walks down the line of phones scanning each of your barcodes, instantly sending that video to all devices simultaneously in a matter of seconds, with no data or internet and at no cost! It doesn't get any simpler or faster than that. Imagine being able to use this speedy technology at the boardroom table, when everyone needs a copy of the presentation.


Everything built on top of Fasetto is highly secure as we take security to be an absolute top priority- not just an after-thought.

All information and data stored on Fasetto and PDQ is encrypted with the highest security available today.

PDQ's entire API (the communication between devices) is secured by a token based authentication system. This means if the user account or any of their devices were compromised the token could be revoked, instantly making all their devices locked out of PDQ.  The user then manually allows them back onto the system. It also means once you have signed in, the token is used to authenticate your account and never your password, so in the case of anyone compromising your device and revealing the token, your password is still completely safe and unknown.

Offline Security:

All information and data is permanently encrypted on the device and only decrypt-able by PDQ. File transfers are done via a one time cypher and encryption (same security method the US presidential office uses to communicate top secret information to foreign dignitaries). The encrypted information is sent directly to the recipient, and decrypted on their device. Information goes directly from one device to another, which is more secure than using a network or internet (such as is the case if you use NFC or AirDrop).

Common Q&A

How is this possible?
So PDQ doesn’t use a specific network layer, it utilizes all and any available transport layers supported by the devices. For example, if the device supports Bluetooth and it is the most beneficial layer to use in the scenario then it will be used. If Bluetooth isn’t available it can use near field, if near field isn’t available it can use WiFi Direct, if WiFi Direct isn’t available it can use hotspot, and if that isn’t available it can use root sockets (TCP, UDP or any other supported protocol, using any port).

The way PDQ works in order to achieve its transfers is actually incredibly complicated, and we had to build our own network layer from ground up, supporting many complex network scenarios such as ICS dual-gateway systems, locked down intranets, wide open internet's, then all the other non-802 protocols. It took a lot to get it to work seamlessly and present it as a simple “click and send” technology, so do not let the simplicity overshadow the inner workings

What files can you send?
Any file, music, photos, videos, documents, you name it! Just be sure you’re not infringing on any copyrights.

How fast can these files transfer?
Blazing fast or Pretty Darn Quick (PDQ). Send GBs size files in seconds!

Does the file type slow down the transfer?
No, all files are the same. File size is irrelevant. Nothing slows down PDQ.

Who can use this application?
Everyone! Business, medical, military, educators and all of us in between! Just think of the last time you needed to send a large file. How long did it take you? How many steps did it take you to send it?

Can you really send it to any device even if it’s not the same platform?
Yes you can!

1. Unlike Near field communication (NFC ) which can only work on like NFC devices and requires you to be within a very short distance of each other (4” inch’s or less) you can send them to all devices and send them from a distance.

2. Unlike Airdrop or other similar programs which require you to use the same manufacture device (for example, both devices need be from Apple) and be on a WiFi connection, with PDQ & Fasetto you can send across all devices without internet!

Can you use the program to send to someone over text or even email?
Yes you can! The exciting part here is that you can send a 100MB video to your family and friends of a video you just took of the kids at the park. With the PDQ app you’re sending a QR code (Quick Response Code - matrix barcode) thus using only 10KB of data versus trying to send a 100MB video over your data plan which uses 100MB and takes forever!

Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc
iOS, OSx, AirDrop are registered trademarks of Apple Inc
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc
Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respected owners

Risks and challenges

For risks and challenges, we honestly feel there are only a few. We have eliminated many of the upfront risks with a fully working prototypes of PDQ on multiple platforms, as well as a fully built and tested cloud storage platform- Fasetto. The biggest challenges are the following:
1. Expanding the cloud storage to an infrastructure that supports a tremendous amount of users.
2. To perfect the online and offline PDQ on all platforms (tablets and PC's)once we see the demand from the consumer.
3. The continued evolution of the native applications capable on the Fasetto framework.

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