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Farmstead Meatsmith is reviving the trade of small-scale animal processing. We'd like to share our knowledge with a series of webisodes
Farmstead Meatsmith is reviving the trade of small-scale animal processing. We'd like to share our knowledge with a series of webisodes
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Ray on

      Thanks for making this incredible project such a joy to support. Your clever and aesthetically wonderful emails make my day! GOOD LUCK with the filming...I'm spending some time teaching in China and would love to apply some of your lessons to the farm-raised animals over here.
      Wishing you the best!

    2. Tommy Telecaster Bean on

      This is soooo great!!! Glad you made the goal and can get to educating the masses!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bernard on

      Please support this cause! When I was a child my father raised and slaughtered cattle, hogs and chickens as a nececity to feed his family, in the last few years we have gone back to this method by buying from our local butcher. Not only can you buy save tons of money but you will also get a quality of product that you have not experiennced to date. It is so delisious you will not got back... Ever!

    4. carleen weirauch on

      OMG, Wahoo! So glad to know your project has been funded - much needed - THANK - YOU!

    5. AW on

      I can't wait to be there for the Butcher's Benefit on Sunday!

    6. jessica permen on

      I am thrilled for you guys at Farmstead Meatsmith! I have been rooting for this campaign since you started, and I am so relieved and happy that you've made it! Mazel Tov!

    7. Kaylyne Kreiger on

      I am so very excited for you guys! I cannot wait for the videos - they will be a family viewing affair for sure! Congrats & Best Wishes.

    8. Matt Lawrence on

      Congrats farmers! Way to go! Now the fun part.

    9. Steven Dorst on

      Congratulations on reaching your funding goal! Looking forward to the videos!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Ray on

      I LOVE THIS PROJECT! Best of luck getting completely funded.

    11. Holiday Davis on

      i'm sorry i can't give more. maybe if i learn to butcher my own meat from your videos, i can save some money to pass on to someone else! thanks for this, and good luck!

    12. Chelsea and Susanna on

      Thank you all so much for dedicating yourselves to this important part of the 'food revolution'. And for making the effort to share your skills! We're inspired and can't wait to share your video series as part of our cooking education efforts. In the meantime we're forwarding this project on to our mailing list. Best of luck, and come see us if you're ever in the Denver/Boulder CO area! Your photos will be on our kitchen wall.

      Susanna and Chelsea of Back to Basics Kitchen

    13. Michele Niesen on

      This is awesome! Just backed it and hope it gets funded. As a new farmer and a decade long chef, I can attest to the SEARCH for proper guidance on HOW TO slaughter, process, butcher, preserve and get to consumer this when this was forwarded to me I was ON BOARD. So cool. Good luck from all the way in Georgia! The Habersham Hacienda

    14. Russell Keppner on

      Awesome project, guys! Looks like you're getting close now...

    15. Brad Gentner on

      Fantastic. Wish I live close enough to take the class.

    16. Jared on

      This looks really amazing. My only comment is that you should have said in the video (or right at the top of the page) that the series would be free online. Looking forward to this!

    17. Missing avatar

      Frederic Nilsson on

      Awesome. It's not just the US in need of this knowledge, most of the western world and growing chunks of the rest too. Pledged and hope this comes to fruition.

    18. The Simple Farm - Lylah Ledner on

      You guys are awesome! Thanks for doing what you are husband and i donated to your project this morning...because we believe in you!

      Michael and Lylah Ledner
      The Simple Farm (Scottsdale, AZ) and FB: The Simple Farm

      We will pass the word!

    19. Kent Schoberle on

      Very cool- looking forward to seeing this come to fruition. Looks like it already is.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mark Musick on

      Thanks, Andrew, for creating the brilliant video for Lauren & Brandon's first Kickstarter campaign. It's an inspiring model for peer-to-peer financing for a highly worthwhile project!

    21. Matt Lawrence on

      Clearly, Andrew and the Sheards are experts. I am so stoked that they have decided to take this risk.

      This project demonstrates their dedication to increasing the visibility and accessibility of food production, putting our own individual ability to feed ourselves back into the equation the food chain.

    22. The Wise Routes Project on

      fantastic, can't wait to watch and learn!