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Farmstead Meatsmith is reviving the trade of small-scale animal processing. We'd like to share our knowledge with a series of webisodes

You amaze us. We made our goal this morning, and are speechless here at Farmstead Meatsmith headquarters. We are ecstatic to have reached our goal, and with four days left, we can keep the momentum going! 

All the money we raise from here on will be put towards developing a platform to host and/or deliver the films on the internet. Sexy videos should have a sexy space to be posted.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Brandon, Lauren and Andrew, August 4th, 9:45 am          

                                                        join us!

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help us spread the seeds. 

                                            Update.    7.7.11

                { Renaissance (n.)  - rebirth; the revival of learning and culture. }

Farmstead Meatsmith offers the services of slaughter, butchery and charcuterie to small farmers in the Puget Sound region. We are reviving a trade that has nearly been lost to the gears of the industrial food system.* 

Small-scale processing is crucial to the health of our burgeoning agrarian renaissance. No farmers no food. No processors no meat. As we are blazing a trail over treacherous terrain sown by years of industrial ravaging of the once lush farmscape, we see a significant need to spread this trade as far and wide as the seeds will fly.

Further, we want to oppose the force which dictates that farmers are technophobes. The renaissance will be open-source and the renaissance will be inclusive. So, to facilitate our mission to revive the trade of slaughter and butchery, we want to fully embrace the recent democratization and accessibility of digital media production and social networking opportunities. A marriage of old-world alchemy and new-world magic.

We are going to make a series of instructional webisodes, which will be available to watch for free on our website. Each episode will focus on a particular process or dish, like 'how to butcher a side of pork,' 'curing (bacon, and prosciutto),' or blood sausage, and will include explicit instructions in addition to history, anecdote and illustration that will further illuminate the rich stories of each process. 

We are poised to make this happen. Brandon (fig.1)  is a talented craftsman, his apprentice, Andrew (fig. 2) , is a film maker, and Wallace (fig. 3) is an expert at lifting morale. So far, we have operated with limited (nonexistent) budgets, making use of the resources we have available, like our butcher shop (garage) and film studio (bedroom (fig 4)). Given our situation, we've been able to create some good products (fig. 5).

But we need your help. Video production is very expensive, and we would like to make this series as good as it can be with focused attention. We will need to invest some new equipment, namely: a microphone, digital storage space (hard drive and memory cards), lighting, and a scanner, and be able to have a small budget for production costs. We've got a rich set of rewards to offer in return for your generosity. Check out the samples below.

Join us in the crusade to reinvigorate the trade of responsible animal processing in the United States of America.


                                            Figure 1 Brandon.

                                            Figure 2 Andrew.

                             Figure 3 Wallace.

Figure 4 Film studio, Photography Headquarters, Animation Room, Editorial Office and Nap Center

Figure 5 Promo films for F.M. harvest classes. (more F.M. film work on vimeo)


Personalized thank-you letter from Andrew and Wallace

Photo Prints

WE ARE poster

Original Drawings from Kickstarter Film

*Four corporations control 84% of beef processing, 66% of pork and 59% of broiler production. Smithfield Foods alone slaughters 100,000 pigs every day. (link to pdf)


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    Set of four limited edition 4x6 photo prints of Meatsmith activity

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    Brandon will sharpen one of your knives. (you pay shipping to us, we pay return)

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    A slab (5-8 lb) of Farmstead Meatsmith cured bacon. The real deal.

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    Photographic services for one day at your farm, business or family. (Puget sounders only)

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    Farmstead Retreatsmith. A set of four class-vouchers, redeemable for attendance to any of our slaughter or butchery instructional classes, for you and three friends, co-workers or employees. There will be lunch.

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    Dinner at our place. You and one other - bring your friend, partner or a stranger. There will be pork and bread and vegetables, all from our labor.

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    Executive producer status. Your name will be in the credits of every webisode.

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