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We want to bring you Sword of Fargoal 2 for Mac/PC/Linux/iOS completely reimagined, reworked, and stuffed with awesome new features!
We want to bring you Sword of Fargoal 2 for Mac/PC/Linux/iOS completely reimagined, reworked, and stuffed with awesome new features!
1,163 backers pledged $50,161 to help bring this project to life.

Sneak Peek at “Sword of Fargoal: The Board Game”

Many of you have seen Update #11 in which writer Eli Cymet discovered the true nature of our mysterious “Project X” stretch-goal [story link]. Eli was right! And in this update we will tell you more about this exciting project.

In this update you will find:

  • Sneak Peek of “Sword of Fargoal: The Board Game” box mock-up.
  • Concept drawings of player miniatures (versions of “Hero” used in the game).
  • Proposed components list and general game notes.
  • What happens if we reach the “Project X” stretch-goal?
  • What happens if we do not reach the “Project X” stretch-goal?

Conceptual mock-up for board game box

Mock-up with some components shown — elements may change in final version.

Player-character miniature concept sketches

Emmy award-winning animator Charlie Canfield — who did all the animations for “Sword of Fargoal” and will be creating the “Action Cards” for the game — has created some initial concept sketches for the player-character miniatures that you will use as your tokens in the game. We have decided to go with a very non-traditional, light and airy look to the miniatures in the game. We will design and mold these out of high-quality resins or plastic material that can show the most detail.

Here is an initial list of game components

“Sword of Fargoal: The Board Game” will be patterned after the quality of materials and components that are typical of the best “Euro-style” boxed games.

  • Thick cardboard board stock — Consists of at least nine reversible dungeon level tiles. The middle tile represents the Sword Level and is more maze-like in its design. On the opposite side of that tile is the Dragon Hoard. Each dungeon level can be turned in any direction, but will still fit together with its neighboring pieces. They may lock together, or they simply abut each other (as-yet undetermined). There may be additional dungeon level tiles to increase the random factor in the dungeon construction for more replayability.
  • High-quality molded miniatures — There will be one for both Male and Female versions of Fighters, Magic-Users, Rangers, and Thieves. Since the game plays with two to six players, there will be a couple of extra miniatures not used in some games. In addition, we will be adding certain monsters and NPCs as miniatures.
  • Tokens for dungeon elements — Elements such-as traps, treasures, pits, potions, vials, weapons, armor, and many other things you would find within the dungeon will be placed as random dungeon elements within the game. During the game setup there will be a stage where items and monsters (and NPCs) will be placed.
  • “Action Cards” will be used in game — Like in Fargoal 2, “Action Cards” will be introduced in the Board Game, but in this case the cards will be drawn, held in your hand, and used for benefits within the dungeon as the game is played.
  • Dice and other components — We will be using traditional (but cool) D&D multisided dice for various purposes in the game. We will also have tokens for gold (which will be one measure of your success in the game), and possibly score sheets. Some new components may be added, or others changed, as the Board Game design evolves.

What happens if we reach the “Project X” stretch-goal?

Great! Then anyone who has supported us at the $75 “DARK WARRIOR” LEVEL will get a copy of the completed game by July 2013, postage-paided within the US (International orders add $15 for additional shipping). The funding level we will need to achieve this stretch-goal is $140,000.

What happens if we do not reach the “Project X” stretch-goal?

Any supporter who has chosen the $75 “DARK WARRIOR” LEVEL will be automatically upgraded to the $100 “ADVENTURER” LEVEL at no extra cost (even if it is sold out). In addition, they will be given a first chance to get the game at the “earlybird” reward level if we end up doing “Sword of Fargoal: The Board Game” as a separate Kickstarter campaign at a future date.

But the final outcome of this “Sword of Fargoal 2” Kickstarter campaign is not yet determined. Not only could we make our $50,000 base goal, but if we happened to get just the right kind of press exposure, or we suddenly had a viral, unexpected surge in supporters wanting to have the Board Game too, we could reach the $140K stretch-goal this coming week and have two-for-one games with this Kickstarter campaign!

Thanks very much for looking at this update!


Jeff McCord
Fargoal, LLC


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