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We want to bring you Sword of Fargoal 2 for Mac/PC/Linux/iOS completely reimagined, reworked, and stuffed with awesome new features!
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Fargoal, LLC

1,163 backers pledged $50,161 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Jon Stutzman on March 16

      Can we get a monthly update? I remember that being a stated goal earlier. I think that would go a long way to demonstrate that this project is indeed still alive and a priority especially since we are approaching the two year anniversary of the estimated delivery. Looking forward to playing the game.

    2. Creator Daniel Orsary on March 12

      Just thought I would check back in and see if their are any further updates?

    3. Creator Fargoal, LLC on February 5

      @Sam @Mark @All, Fargoal 2 is continuing to make slow but steady progress with Anthony's hard work; but that does not for obfuscate the fact that we are far past where we should have been with our delivery date.

      I've not asked Anthony this yet (and probably should have asked him before asking our support community) — I'm wondering if any of you know of (or are) a highly-skilled developer, who is familiar with Sword of Fargoal and might like to work with me or Anthony on some small aspect of the game to help us excellerate getting it out there?

      Also if you know of (or are) an experienced GUI designer, I would also enjoy brainstorming on some of my UI work that I've been working on, for Fargoal 2 opening screens and menus.

      I know it is entirely our responsibility to get it done. My mentioning this is meant in the spirit of getting some additional/peripheral ideas going while Anthony continues his tasks in the main body of development.

      Any suggestions in this specific area would be appreciated. You can best message me through the Connect > Email Us page of the website.

      — Jeff

    4. Creator Sam Gem on January 29

      This is why I stopped pledging to indie games on Kickstarter. More often than not the developers either slow down drastically or stop work altogether on the project once they get a good chunk of money. I just can't take the risk anymore.

    5. Creator Mark Dalrymple on January 29

      Being a full-time software developer, I know how these things go. Maybe you can adopt the Apple model of release dates. "It'll come out on January 87th". Gives you another 8 weeks or so :-) Looking forward to the game whenever it happens.

    6. Creator Jared on January 17

      Hey Anthony, thanks for updating. Maybe you could give us a percentage for how much of the game is complete? Is it like 60%, say? 70%? Just a rough estimate would be good to hear, and then updating that from time to time.

    7. Creator Chris Groff on January 12

      So do we start the lineup for refunds now as this project is looking more and more like vaporware?

    8. Creator zdsdead - Gimp of the WOM on December 12


    9. Creator BaltimoreDave on December 10

      Is this even still projected for iOS has it gone down the lame brain path of Steam as jeffs priority, which didn't exist when this KS started. I donated for mobile. This project has burned down of good faith and that rests in busy men's jeffs hands.

      Hey Jeff, we are ALL busy. Yet when you take 50k in donations for YOUR project, that's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

    10. Creator Ben on December 6

      Hi Jeff! T-Shirt Update?

    11. Creator Charles Hardy on December 3

      Thank you for the help and, more importantly, I hope that you feel better and stay healthy.

    12. Creator Jordan Starkweather on December 2

      Glad to hear you're ok Anthony! Thank God it wasn't worse than it turned our to be. So excited to play the final release of the game In January or whenever that is! Good luck!

    13. Creator Fargoal, LLC on December 2

      And an update you shall have! Check the updates page for lots of info about what's going on.

    14. Creator Clint Bohaty on December 2

      Hi Jeff and Anthony! Just looking for an update

    15. Creator Charles Hardy on November 19

      Hello! Are there any developers left out there? How about an update for a project that is a year and a half overdue and 2 months with no communication. If you are going to be late in delivering then you need to at least keep everyone updated frequently. I know, how about you surprise us all and actually announce the delivery of this game.

    16. Creator RichardF on November 10

      @Adam - Well said. I've pretty much given up on this one seeing the light of day, and I'm not even sure I would care if it does someday show up. Sure, it was only $15, but it was given in good faith. Two months since update and 18 months late. Sad.

    17. Creator Ma Me on October 13

      Any updates ? Jeff? Anyone?

    18. Creator Adam on October 4

      I think that most people familiar with Kickstarter have come to the point where problems and delays are expected, if not accepted. However, that doesn't mean thousands of people, who invested both themselves and their money into a project, enjoy watching it slip ever further past the initially established goals. Yet here we are with Fargoal 2, peering into the now distant past as a shriveled husk of a corpse waves back with the help of its overseers, masquerading as something with a little life left in it.

      Finding someone who is allegedly competent enough to finish this project off is truly fantastic, but we were also under the impression that the original progenitors would have had this completed almost 18 months ago. Whether they truly hit issues that couldn't have been avoided or squandered the funding away through carelessness or ineptitude is likely never to be known, but this "Plan B" we've been offered varying glimpses of is really nothing more than stringing backers along in the hopes that they'll be satisfied with some kind of news or update. It's been so achingly long I wouldn't doubt if everyone behind the project convinced themselves otherwise, but it's true even at a superficial level.

      I'd be ecstatic if Sword of Fargoal 2 ever saw the light of day. There was a whole lot of excitement and nervousness pending the conclusion of this Kickstarter--it was almost palpable as we all breathlessly watched the project narrowly slide over and under its goal-- but that has shifted to heavy disappointment and shamefulness in the months and years passed, and trying to drag out whatever hope is left from your backers is probably doing more harm than good-- I don't speak for all of them, so I don't know. I know I personally don't feel any excitement when I see that an update has been posted; it's more of a kick to the gut as I brace myself for whatever excuses have been conjured up (no offense to Anthony, as his updates, while scant and short, provide more actual insight than the entirety of the nonsense preceding him).

      By the time this game is finished, I'm really not sure I'll even want to play it anymore. This entire experience (my first Kickstarter!) has soured me on the game; I've backed half a dozen other games that were announced and completed since funding Sword of Fargoal 2, and I am certain a half-dozen more will follow suit by the time this campaign wraps up. I would ask for a refund, but I doubt it'd be answered-- just like I didn't get any of my backer rewards at the $50 level. I guess it's cool that the merchandise matches the game, right? Nowhere to be seen! Tasteless, sure, but jokes are about the only thing we can concretely make about Fargoal 2.

      People make big deals about some high-profile Kickstarters running out of money or releasing poor, broken examples of games that don't meet their promises. I envy those backers: the ones who get closure, who don't have to deal with endless amounts of saccharine PR speak and embarrassing parades of excuses, as if we're all too stupid to take a second to ask "What's going on with Sword of Fargoal 2?" Really, I think most of us asked ourselves that while we waited for someone to bother filling us in on the game. The truth is, I don't think very many of us care anymore.

    19. Creator Duane K Fields on September 21, 2014

      You know what the best feature of Fargoal 2 would be? Shipping.

    20. Creator Clint Bohaty on August 17, 2014

      Any updates?

    21. Creator Robert Anaya Jr. on August 6, 2014

      Hey Jeff!

      Was wondering how things were going on the game front, had hoped we'd get a more steady stream of info on the development of the game after someone was found.

      Hope all is well,

    22. Creator Scott Lampert on June 17, 2014

      Yay! Progress. I admit I had written this off. I'm glad to see things back on track. Thanks!

    23. Creator Fargoal, LLC on May 5, 2014

      Dear Fargoal Fans & Supporters:

      We are extremely happy (and relieved) to announce that Anthony Salter @ViridianGames has joined the Fargoal 2 team to help us with Development and release of our game!

      Please check out this Kickstarter Update to read more:


      Jeff McCord

    24. Creator Fargoal, LLC on April 30, 2014

      Thanks Jeff,

      We are very hopeful to be able to make an announcement this coming weekend during our regular update regarding some specific progress in finding development support.

      Because the details are still being hashed out I can't give specifics to the whos, hows, and whens, but suffice it to say that it's an announcement that I've very much been looking forward to make.

      — Jeff

    25. Creator Jeff Narucki on April 30, 2014

      Hi Jeff,

      Just checking in to see how everything is going. It feels like delivery of the project is stalled indefinitely until you can get more resources and/or your own time to finish the coding. Is that correct?

      Thanks in advance for your timely response,

    26. Creator zdsdead - Gimp of the WOM on April 22, 2014

      Looks like a scam

    27. Creator zdsdead - Gimp of the WOM on April 16, 2014

      What is happening?

    28. Creator Clint Bohaty on April 1, 2014

      Hi Jeff - Just checking in to see if we can get an update. Thanks!

    29. Creator Sam Gem on March 18, 2014

      Did you eat all the money?

    30. Creator Tina Tipton on February 4, 2014

      I am don't mind receiving updates ever 6 weeks or so, even if it's just to say that there is nothing new to report. I love this game, and will be playing it on my Commodore this weekend. The Steam box option sounds very good and I look forward to a whole new way to play Sword of Fargoal.

    31. Creator Fargoal, LLC on February 4, 2014

      Dear KS Supporters and Fans,

      Please check out this link ( for the latest update about our plans for Fargoal on PC/Mac/Linux, and the Steam Dev Days we recently attended in Seattle.

      Thank you for your patience on this update. Having missed the early January update, I plan on posting a couple of in-between updates this month on specific progress in different areas, including the final pledge fulfillment we are working on.


      Jeff McCord
      Fargoal, LLC

    32. Creator Craig Miller on January 28, 2014

      I was so excited when the project got backed just under the wire, but now all I have is a bad taste in my mouth.

    33. Creator Fargoal, LLC on January 15, 2014


      You are so correct. I had not realized how much time had passed since that last update. I will strive to post the promised monthly update within the next 24 hours.

      Thanks much for the important reminder.


      Jeff McCord

    34. Creator Jon Stutzman on January 15, 2014

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't we be getting official updates at least once month on the first Sunday of the month. Would love to hear about what is going on.

    35. Creator Fargoal, LLC on December 19, 2013

      FYI: In case you did not see it, we've recently posted Update #43 for backers.

      You can find it here:

    36. Creator Fargoal, LLC on December 13, 2013

      @Steven, et al,

      Thanks to all for patience. Even though our solutions to reach completion on the game are still in-progress and being worked out, I will post an interim update this Sunday (12-15), come rain or come shine, through the official Update portion of Kickstarter.


    37. Creator Steven Picard on December 12, 2013

      Hopefully we can hear some news soon. I am anxious to play this game in all its glory.

    38. Creator Ben on December 5, 2013

      Hopefully the anticipated megaupdate will also include information on a fix to the broken backer-only forum.

    39. Creator Asa on December 4, 2013

      All I want for Christmas is a Sword of Fargoal update. :-) Until then I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything is going well!

    40. Creator Sam Gem on November 29, 2013

      Hope you're enjoying our money! Happy Holidays!

    41. Creator Brad Dancer on November 21, 2013

      Would be good to post an official update, even if its coming soon. I gave up on this and forgot it and done even how I came to the site to see the comments. Don't make us seek it out, post official updates, please, getting out of hand.

    42. Creator Fargoal, LLC on November 21, 2013

      @Scott & @Robert, et al,

      No, so very sorry: I spoke too soon. We are finalizing agreements having to do with what we are working on with our bringing on exciting new resources, and I'd thought that we were closer to being able to make our update announcement public. I should have been more careful about putting that date. I's are being dotted and T's are being crossed, but I want to make sure we can announce more definitive solutions to Fargoal 2's completion instead of less. So sorry about the premature comment mentioning the Saturday date. More conversations have taken place these past couple of days though, so I'm getting very close to being able to post the update I've intended to.*

      — Jeff

      *PS: As I'd mentioned privately to Robert, on Saturday once I realized the update was not ready yet I got myself into a Catch-22 because I wanted to post more, but I also knew that by posting about how we were still finalizing things I would still not be able to speak in definitive terms. Hence, I *hope* you will accept my apology and know that we are working hard toward being able to announce more about our plans and solutions…

    43. Creator Scott Lampert on November 20, 2013

      Did I miss an e-mail on Saturday? I didn't get anything.

    44. Creator Fargoal, LLC on November 13, 2013

      Hello Craig, et al,

      OK, finally we will be ready for an official status update on Sword of Fargoal 2, which I will post this coming Saturday, November 16, 2013. We've been trying to get all our ducks (or giant centipedes) in a row so we can give you some substantive news. Please watch your inbox on Saturday for an official update post.

      My goal is to lay out a plan for how we are going to speed up make better progress on the Fargoal 2 betatesting cycle; give some preliminary news about some of the new resources (person-power) we hope to be bringing in; and provide information about the steps we've been taking to improve our ability to get closer to project completion.

      Thanks for your patience on our posting this much-needed update. I'm looking forward to posting the update on Saturday…

      — Jeff McCord

    45. Creator Craig Miller on November 4, 2013

      Would be nice to have a progress update.

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