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Build an Orc Pirate crew ! Incredible large-scale sculpts cast in amazingly detailed resin for painters and collectors
Build an Orc Pirate crew ! Incredible large-scale sculpts cast in amazingly detailed resin for painters and collectors
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Little word of explanation

Posted by Legion of the Cow LTD (Creator)

Good morning people,

For all the people new to Kickstarter, here is a little word of explanation for you.

As long as the campaign will continue, we hope to unlock more and more Stretch Goals. There are 2 kinds of SG : 

- the free accessories for the available miniatures. They will come with them when you buy them FOR FREE, and whatever your Pledge Level. For example, if you buy one Guruk and one Ugg, you will get the free accessories for the 2 of them, if the matching Stretch goals are unlocked of course.. 

- the new miniatures. The first one at the moment is Papa Jambo, and the next 2 are Swift and Sharki. They are not for free, you have to buy them.

Some people asked us how they can buy them. For those not really familiar with Kickstarter, you have several options : 

- first you can buy them as ADD ONS at the end of the campaign when you will receive the survey form asking you what miniature you want. When you take a Pledge level with one or more Crew member, you don't have to choose which one immediately, you will be asked about that at the end of the campaign. The only drawback of choosing this option is that the total funding amount do not increase during the campaign but only at the end, meaning we don't unlock more Stretch Goals. 

- the other option is simple. If, for example you take the "Big Boys" Pledge level with 2 crew members and Ugg, but you want to add Papa Jambo. You just have to click on the green button on the right of the main page of the campaign "Manage your pledge", and simply increase your pledge amount by the price of the miniature you want to add ( in this case Papa Jambo, so 55$CAD). In this way, the campaign funding amount increase immediately and we keep on unlocking Stretch Goals together !

I hope this helps !

Another word also, we are about to add 2 new Pledge Levels with 3 and 4 Crew members for those who didn't pledge yet. For the other who already pledge, just increase your amount !

And another bonus, when you buy 3 or more Crew members, you will get a free King Khung, the little monkey, miniature !!

Share and enjoy !

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    1. Legion of the Cow LTD 2-time creator on

      Yep i changed it

    2. Andy S on

      Nope, must have been on the preview version!

    3. Andy S on

      I thought the add on price for crew members was $60CAD not $55?