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We want to release our Official Elite fiction as beautiful audio books and special boxed sets for your pleasure Commanders!
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It's been a while dear backers, but we're back!

Posted by Dan Grubb (Creator)

Hello Commanders!

Just a quick update to let you know that a Hull manufacturer is currently creating the boxes for our standard and special boxed sets. 

''Plastics'?' we hear you ask. Why yes Commanders, after many weeks we have decided to make these boxed sets (both standard and special edition) extra special by stepping away from the usual, run of the mill cardboard and going for a 'full scifi' approach. 

The boxes will be completely clear, allowing Heather Murphy's excellent artwork to shine through.

The special edition versions will come with flags and ACEO cards and be signed and hand numbered by Commander Dan.

They will be landing at FBP HQ by the end of this week so we'll be shipping them out from next week.

Flight Commander Synchromesh has almost finished the two Command Centres too and both Fusion and the blooper reel are embedded in them.

Commander Christopher Jarvis is still locked in mortal combat with the audio books and there are unconfirmed rumours that they MAY be available in time for the December holidays. We cannot confirm this at this time but will keep you updated...

Although we're on the final stretch now, it'll still be a while until all the gifts are sent as the Coriolis space station boxes are not going into production until October so, while you wait patiently for your FEF goodness to arrive, why not head on over to a brand spanking new Kickstarter project?

It's the Elite Archives: 30 Year History of Elite project and it aims to create e and beautiful hardback books chronicling the history of the game over the last 30 years. We are co-piloting the project with project founder and owner of the Elite Archives, Anthony Olver (AKA Commander Ozoli).

Fantastic Books Publishing are very proud to be involved and will be publishing the book when we get the project over the line.

It's here for anyone who wants to head over and check out the awesome pledge gifts;

The comments section is already starting to fill with many familiar faces and we hope to see you all there Commanders.

There are also many celebrations of Elite's 30th birthday going on right now including lots of live game streaming from the likes of Kerrash, OneVigor and many more so head over to and show them some love. You might even win some shiny Elite prizes too!



Commander Dan

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    1. Dave Hughes on

      Mention of Saturday's RPG session starring your good self, Commander Dan? I'm shocked!

    2. Shaun Gibson on

      I encourage as many people who backed this project to back the new one as well. I just don't think my growing Elite Book Collection would be complete without this volume!