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We want to release our Official Elite fiction as beautiful audio books and special boxed sets for your pleasure Commanders!
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How do deal with a potential cock up, Fantastic style!

Posted by Dan Grubb (Creator)

Hello Commanders,

This week I have been mostly using my skills as a Space Station Commander to build an audio studio (I know, I know, just go with it, all will be revealed)...

While doing this I have managed to book a couple of really excellent actors, one who is mentioned in the update video and the other I will showcase right here in the text to teach all those folks who never read the descriptions a lesson!

Along with Toby Longworth (of audio Dr Who and audio Star Wars fame) we will also now be joined by the amazing Penny MacDonald, also an audio Dr Who veteran and a star of the stage for many years.

Toby will be reading Drew Wagar's Elite:Reclamation, a story from the anthology, and a small part in Elite:Lave Revolution and Penny MacDonald, in a change from the frankly sexist norm of having only male voice actors, will be reading half of the stories in the anthology Elite:Tales From The Frontier as well as playing her part in Allen Stroud's Elite:Lave Revolution too.

As the project gathers pace it only remains for me to say a heartfelt thanks to all of you who are continuing to support the project and also to ask you to get on the comments board which is still alive and kicking and discuss the project there too.

I have been away for four days building the studio but am now very much alive, kicking and back on form so will be appearing much more frequently to answer your questions and deliver each backer their personalised gift package list to ensure that everybody is signed up to get just what they are entitled to (an easier way of spotting mistakes before I start to post things worldwide!).

Onwards dear Commanders,

The next phase is locked and the editorial department are at full throttle,

Until next time...

Right on!

Commander Dan

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    1. Styggron on

      That's amazing you can just "build" something like that. Good on you Dan.

    2. Stuart Aken on

      Multi-skilled, eh, Dan? Great job. Looking forward to the audios to come out of this fab project.

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Savidge on

      Great work in keep those Thargoid away, building your new empire and scouring the galaxy for great actors.