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We want to release our Official Elite fiction as beautiful audio books and special boxed sets for your pleasure Commanders!
We want to release our Official Elite fiction as beautiful audio books and special boxed sets for your pleasure Commanders!
361 backers pledged £35,501 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jerry George on June 12, 2017

      Just a heads up... I just received my Special Edition. The adventure is now at an end. Now where the he** am I to put this Coriolis station?! :)

    2. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on May 17, 2017

      Hi Chaps,

      There are now 6 Special Edition Boxed sets remaining to ship, all international.

      There's no excuse for the ridiculously long delay so there's no point me listing the various contributory factors to try and ease your frustrations. They are valid frustrations and I apologise for causing them.

      Simon, your box is second on the shipping list (box number 21).

      Jerry, your box is fourth on the shipping list (box number 14).

      Your boxes will be shipped following Gabi's return to the UK (she lands 23rd May). She finalises all the taping on the boxes so I don't want to send them out before she's done that as I lack the skills to do it myself to a high enough standard.

      And now, crowdfunding masochist that I am, I must return to my current Kickstarter to fund FantastiCon 2017, to which you are all, of course, invited.

      Your patience has been legendary. I salute it.


    3. Missing avatar

      Simon Winnard on May 17, 2017

      You're not the only one here Jerry. The Special Box Set seems to be mysteriously missing from my book collection too. It is now nearly three years since the Apr 2014 deadline and other than the occasional 'you haven't been forgotten' when prompted it does feel like the chances of getting this anytime soon are small. I don't have a lot of 'spare' cash to throw around in projects but this one was near and dear to my heart to support these authors and the works they have produced are nothing short of amazing. I have had the pleasure of reading in the EBook format but the reason I backed this is for the Signed Hardback books. Every author I have ever enjoyed I have purchased at least one signed or have gone out of my way to get at least one signed book by them. To be waiting this long for this reward, I have patience I had patience whilst certain things came to ahead and I had patience whilst, other things were funded and released. All I would like now is some closure in this reward structure, the very books I was promised. I'm not asking too much am I?

    4. Jerry George on March 17, 2017

      3 month check-in... Nope still no special edition box...

    5. Jerry George on December 26, 2016

      Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

      Still waiting.

    6. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on September 18, 2016

      Hi Jerry, I've sent you an email explaining the situation. Thanks for your patience.

      For the remaining 8 Commanders who are due Special Edition Boxed sets, please be assured that you have not been forgotten!

      Commander George's boxed set is fourth in the shipping queue behind boxes to Australia, Norway and New Jersey (I hope you can identify who you are as I can't identify you here for obvious reasons). The remaining four boxes are being sent to Connecticut, the Netherlands, Canada and Germany.

      Two of the UK boxes have been gifted back to us to give away as raffle prizes at this year's FantastiCon in Hull in November.

      It would be unfair to hand over a boxed set for the price of a raffle ticket while our international backers continue to wait for their boxes so please be assured that all remaining boxes will be shipped on or before the 19th November at the very latest.

      Thanks for your patience.

      Commander Dan

    7. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 29, 2016

      Hahaha! No, unfortunately the opportunity to leap around the globe delivering them by hand is not open to us.

      We'd love to, clearly, but with Commanders in Australia, Canada, the USA, Holland, Norway and Germany awaiting their boxed sets we fear it would be a stretch too far to drop everything and head out on a world cruise!

      Good old fashioned couriers will be used instead, though we'll be asking them to at least salute when they drop them off :)


      Commander Dan

    8. Frog's Friend on June 28, 2016

      Fitting pontoons to the van?

    9. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 27, 2016

      Hello Commanders,

      Just to let you know that all but one UK special edition boxed set has been delivered (Gabi and I have just completed a 1000 miles journey around the UK delivering them).

      Onwards to the International deliveries!

      Commander Dan


    10. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 24, 2016

      o7 Commander!

    11. Frog's Friend on June 23, 2016

      Ahoy Cmdr Dan! Thanks for the wonderful hospitality... and the mind-blowing boxed set.. wow! (I'm now busy having the house remodelled to fit it in :) )
      It was great to finally meet you, Gabi, Milly & crewmates, and to get a peek behind the scenes to see where the magic is made.
      I can only apologise for any damage caused to your comms array... and I'm going to blame it on the unbalanced state of my ship after loading an entire coriolis station into its cargo bay.
      p.s. I managed not to role the ship on the way home and so cannot provide any test results on that score.

      Fly safe!

    12. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 23, 2016

      Just back from a 150Ly (possibly miles, I'm not sure as the nav computer is on the blink again) trip to see Commander Morris and drop off his Special Edition Boxed Set.

      We almost came away with a black, ginger and white trumble infestation (again, could have been feline, the scanner's on the blink too) but we managed to boost out of Cmdr Morris's home station before it got in the cargo hold.

      Pleasure to see you again Commander.



    13. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 21, 2016

      Lovely to see Commander Frog's Friend in person today as he swooped into the station, narrowly missing a badly piloted shieldless Type-7 (apologies, we've just been gifted a DK2 and I haven't really got the hang of it yet) and plonked his golden Asp down on landing pad 4.

      After refuelling, restocking and clearing the trumbles from his cargo hold we presented him with his Special Edition Boxed set, replete with 5 hardback books, flags and character cards.

      Apart from boosting too early and removing a comms antenna on his way out (which has had to be held in place with a shoe until the engineer arrives) it was a wonderful and welcome visit.

      Really glad to have met you in person at last Frog's Friend, see you in the void!

      Right on, Commander!


    14. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 20, 2016

      @Kevin - Thanks for the suggestions Commander. The relay system sounds cool, like the bucket method of putting out fires :) I'll look into it but I think the best route at this point is to have the international boxes ship asap and then Gabi and I to hire a van or similar and get trucking around the UK. It should be quite an adventure!

      @Frog's Friend - Thanks Commander! I'll see if I can get some logistical stuff together for your visit on Sunday and we can talk it out over a coffee (you get to meet our company mascot Lady Millington Wagglington Bottomsby the First too so I hope you're ok with EXTREMELY friendly dogs)

    15. Frog's Friend on June 18, 2016

      Hi Kevin. Regarding relaying, if people are keen I'd be happy to shift any from Humberside in a northerly direction, up to the Northeast, Scottish borders, or any points vaguely on route. I don't mind a drive out :)

    16. Kevin Reilly on June 17, 2016

      Jeez, Dan. Just catching up with everything and I had absolutely no idea any of this crap was going on. I well remember my disappointment when my own hardback (but not SE) set arrived with a slightly cracked box, and the sterling effort you went to trying to sort things out with the courier. In hindsight, had I know what the fates had in store for you I wouldn't even have mentioned it as it now seems trivially petty in light of recent revelations.

      As someone else pointed out further down this list of comments, between the content of sets already sent and a review of the original Campaign page, it seems fairly obvious who the squeaky wheel is in this whole shebang. I won't name names either but I can't hide my disappointment. My naive illusion that a shared love of Elite somehow had the power to trump all other behaviour has taken a serious knock, although it's been restored somewhat by the fantastic response you've received from the wider community. I guess at the end of the day we're all only human.

      On a more positive and practical note, might it be possible to set up some sort of relay system for delivery to the more remote UK backers? Obviously if there are people waiting for sets in Unst then the problem is on a whole different scale, but with enough of the community on board maybe there's a way that nobody has to drive more than, say, 50 miles to meet up with someone else. Might it be worth putting the feelers out for volunteers, or would it just be another layer of complication in an already problematic scenario?

    17. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 14, 2016

      @Frog's Friend - Ok Commander, no worries. That would be helpful and your boxed set is right here and waiting. It's number 6!

    18. Frog's Friend on June 14, 2016

      Cmdr Dan.... you are the man!
      Glad to hear that such a stressful saga is now over. I'll not say anything more as it would probably need censoring :)

      But be warned... I may still come and collect, just to save you some petrol and travelling expenses. I'll be in touch.

    19. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 14, 2016

      @Rory - Cheers Commander. Yes, Michael is an incredible author and we're pleased to be adding his book to the special edition sets. Would that I could add him to the publishing family too but, alas, I have not managed to convince him to join our little family... yet ;)
      @Jerry - Thanks for understanding Commander. It's all over now and we can carry on pushing this project towards the finish line (not too much longer).

    20. Jerry George on June 13, 2016

      Thank you for your update and I know now why you could not say much about it earlier.

    21. Rory Scarlett on June 13, 2016

      I mean Michael �

    22. Rory Scarlett on June 13, 2016

      Wow what awesome news! Congratulations Dan!!!! Muchael seems like a great bloke and I know his books are great. What a fine author to add to your entourage!!!!

    23. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 13, 2016

      @Rorschach - Thank you for your kind words Commander. The whole ordeal is behind us now and we are making plans for our next big project, a Kickstarter to help raise the funds for this year's FantastiCon! (I know, I must be mad right?). Onwards Commander! o7

    24. Rorschach on June 13, 2016

      Hi Dan I have just received an email re Update#59 and am simply horrified to hear what has been going on. I have always received a first class, friendly service from you and your company. You have my absolute respect and deepest sympathy.

    25. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 13, 2016

      @Bifford - Thanks Commander. Ever onwards! o7
      @Asmodeus - Thanks for your kind words Commander. It feels so great to have so much support and encouragement from the community and I will use this very welcome recharge to push this project over the line (before starting immediately on another Kickstarter to fund FantastiCon... I know... I must be mad right?) Watch this space!

      Onwards! o7

    26. Missing avatar

      Asmodeus2012 on June 12, 2016

      Hi Dan. Thanks for your update, but I think you're apologising way too much for something that was clearly not your fault. Over the years, I have backed nearly every Elite related project out there, and I can confidently say that I have always been amazed about your admirable commitment and dedication to this project and about how well you've handled its fulfillment overall. You've earned my full respect and can count on my support every step of the way.

      I completely agree that your work has proven invaluable to the Elite community :)

    27. Bifford the Youngest on June 12, 2016

      Congrats on soldiering forward Cmdr Dan. Salute to you: o7

    28. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 12, 2016

      Thanks Rory, it's all put to bed now. Time to move forwards (to another Kickstarter believe it or not). Life's too short to spend it delivering fish to Engineers!

      Details to come... (I must be mad...) ;)

    29. Rory Scarlett on June 12, 2016

      Dan, you truly are a man of unimpeachable integrity and the Elite community is all the richer for it!

    30. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 12, 2016

      @El_Tel - They weigh in at just over 10 kilos without packaging and are 60cm at their widest point. Also, due to the book containing box being attached to one face and the ACEO character cards being attached to another, they are not well balanced until they are placed on one of their triangular sides so they are a difficult shape to pack/ship and secure.

    31. el_tel on June 12, 2016

      Hi Dan. Thanks for the update and it's good to know that things have finally ended (although not to your satisfaction). One question though - Approximately how much do the boxes weigh?

    32. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on June 12, 2016

      Hello Commanders,

      I can't apologise enough for the ridiculously long delay and I thank you for your patience.

      I am now in a position to explain the issues we have been having in detail and have posted an update to explain what has been happening.

      Rest assured everybody will receive their remaining pledge gifts and I can only apologise again for the feat of endurance your patience has been put through.

      I hope the update will make clear that at no point were your gifts in jeopardy and that you will receive them as soon as is humanly possible.

      I must also apologise for the ostrich-like way in which I have treated this page over the past few weeks, I hope the update makes clear what has been taking my time, energy and finances but now that it is over, I can get back to pushing this project over the line.

      @Jerry George - All is in hand Commander, thank you for your continuing patience and support. o7
      @El_Tel - We are planning the round UK trip at the moment Commander. We'll keep you posted. o7
      @Frog's Friend - Thanks for keeping folks updated on the situation Commander, I appreciate you taking over the comms during a very stressful time o7
      @Tony Gard - Thanks for your continuing patience Commander, I hope the update will explain the situation. o7

    33. el_tel on June 11, 2016

      Hi Dan

      I'm based in the UK, but haven't received my box yet. Can you provide an update?

    34. Jerry George on May 19, 2016

      Last email on April 24th I received

      "...I assure you that your investment is safe and that your boxed set is right here.

      However, due to a massive miscalculation of shipping costs, to send your set to you in Canada will cost me more than the original pledge to get the box in the first instance..."

      So... it looks like a long wait for me...

    35. el_tel on May 6, 2016

      Any new ETA on the boxes Dan?

    36. Jerry George on March 21, 2016

      March 21st... 315 pounds spent... received ebook copies and some mp3s only so far.

      One thing I've learned is never again go for the higher end pledges.

    37. Jerry George on February 27, 2016

      Well I sent out another email and got some bad news... :(

      Hello again Dan,
      Sorry to be a pest, but I'm looking for an update. There's a few of us wondering what is happening.
      Thank you

      Hi Jerry,
      Please don't apologise, it is I who am so sorry for the delay.
      Some of the UK boxes have shipped but due to a huge miscalculation in the shipping costs I do not have the funds currently to ship them internationally.
      As soon as the funds are available I will ship the boxes. It shouldn't take long.
      Again, I'm sorry for the long delay. I will post something on the Kickstarter page in the next couple of days to explain the situation.
      Thanks for your ongoing patience.


    38. Jerry George on February 15, 2016

      @Frog's Friend: Dan's really good at replying. He prefers if you email him at "fantastic books publishing @" (remove quotes and spaces). I got so busy, I haven't asked for another update yet.
      @Tony Gard: Thanks. I'm hoping to get a list of who has not received their reward as yet.

      I'm in Canada.

    39. Missing avatar

      Tony Gard on February 15, 2016

      I'm also still waiting for delivery of a "Hardback Boxed Set" (and random proof copy). I'm in the UK.

    40. Frog's Friend on February 14, 2016

      Hi Jerry and el_tel, have you now also received a message from Cmdr Dan? I'm thinking about delivery options... roughly whereabouts are you two located?

    41. Jerry George on February 13, 2016

      So far there's me el_tel and Frog's Friend still have not received their pledge reward. Anybody else missing out? Are we all waiting for the "Special Edition Hardback Boxed Set"?

    42. el_tel on February 6, 2016

      I checked my postal address last weekend, but nothing delivered as yet.

      Dan - do you actually have a postal addres for me? I can't remember whether I even providing it.

    43. Jerry George on January 31, 2016

      Another month... I guess I'll write another email. sigh...

    44. Frog's Friend on December 28, 2015

      Still waiting on mine too. Must have been despatched by 'most economical route' :)
      I'll send Dan a message and see how things are going.

    45. Jerry George on December 17, 2015

      Would be a nice surprise to get something for Christmas but the mailman hasn't delivered any box set to me so far. �

    46. Dan Grubb 4-time creator on November 24, 2015

      All shipping :) three are away to the void, another four are complete and awaiting courier pickup and the remainder (less than 20) are being constructed, vinyl sticker covered and tape finished.

      Exciting stuff to see them flying out of the airlock after such a long time.

      Awaiting pictures on social media with great anticipation :)

      Right on Commanders!


    47. Jerry George on November 19, 2015

      Mid November now. All shipped???

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