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Invest in our spring season and be a part of the company that has published the best cartoonists in the history of the world.
2,974 backers pledged $222,327 to help bring this project to life.

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Box, Tape, Stamp, Mail and Repeat

Posted by Gary Groth (Creator)

Finally! San Diego Comic-Con is over and we can get back to publishing great comics and sending you your rewards like the Gary Panter kicks and prints that just showed up today! We're spending the next week sending out the items we had to wait on like the signed Luba and Her Family, Unlovable 3 and Love Bunglers, plus more prints, more portraits. There are some signed prints we're still waiting on like Tony Millionaire and S. Clay Wilson for the book and print. We'll send them out as soon as we get them from the artists and keep you in the loop. You have not been forgotten, we are just a small company!

A few of our new graphic novels debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and the response was overwhelming. How to Be Happy by Eleanor Davis is devastatingly beautiful and out in stores this week (and already in most of your mailboxes if that was your reward)! We airfreighted a few copies of some of the Kickstarted books to the convention since the cartoonists were special guests but they will be in your hands as soon as they arrive in our warehouse.

And to close, a charming image from the Kim Thompson Memo Zine, printing within the week. Thank you again!

Eyes-a-poppin' Rewards!

Posted by Gary Groth (Creator)

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Marching Right Along

Posted by Gary Groth (Creator)

The rewards are rolling out as the books are rolling in this fine March! (THAT NEW PEANUTS BOOK!) Cards have been mailed! Stickers printed! Albums are currently being jammed to across the country! Prints are being framed and put on your wall! One lucky cartoonist spent the last week at SAW's Dash Shaw comics workshop! Human and animal portraits alike have almost all been sent out!

Jason Sacks of Comics Bulletin ransacked our warehouse a few weeks ago during his shopping spree, he could carry A LOT.

FBI Mini Comics have been sent out to comic book stores, libraries and backers!

Employees and Gary Panter are painting the Custom Chucks for those of you with that reward. Here we model our own shoes and the ones Panter was sent. Are your feet actually that big or do you just want as much canvas as possible to be painted by Panter? Clever!

We even taught Eric Reynolds how to SHAPE SHIFT for you.

Okay, that might just be One-Eyed Wanda, office dog at her command station. Check out the sweet indicia featuring some of your NAMES (one of the rewards). The books start hitting stores in the next few weeks so get ready to impress the hell outta that niece or nephew.

Some of the rewards have taken longer than anticipated for example, shirt printing (ordered!), Kim Thompson Memo Zine (it's gotta be right!), Spiegelman prints and the Love & Rockets Card poster (given it's thickness and largeness we needed some sturdier boxes, no jokes). We'll try to keep you updated as much as possible. We appreciate your patience as we get these rewards out as fast as possible while still putting together & printing all the books you love so much. We're also getting to your messages and yes, of course, if you move to a new place, city, etc. send us your new address! The FALL 2014 Catalog is also out now as well so get excited! Thank you again, all three thousand of you.

(pardon the EC-worthy style pun up top)

A Kingdom of Cardboard, Books and Dust

Posted by Gary Groth (Creator)

The new year is almost upon us and we have received all the packing materials. Rewards have started going out for the items already in stock. Many of you have been sent surveys about your address or shirt size or something reward-specific. The sooner you answer the survey, the sooner we can send out the goods (LOOK at those boxes of boxes piled to the ceiling). We will send out surveys for pre-ordered books coming out in 2014 within the month of their arrival, we don't want to bother you now for addresses in case you move, switch jobs, get a P.O. box and what have you.

If you want another reward, such as a print, folio, shirt or something else we have available on the Kickstarter, you can still purchase it by calling into our customer service team or sending a check with a note about the item. PERFECT for those of you emailing that you missed out on the Kickstarter. 

(206) 524-1967
Fantagraphics Books
Attn: Kickstarter
7563 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

You can keep up on all the latest news about your favorite comics (and get pictures of them as we pack 'em) on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram if you like (and we know you do). Keep those eyes peeled for your package and we look forward to sharing the world's best cartoonists work with you in 2014 and many eons to come.

Last Few Final Hours!

Posted by Gary Groth (Creator)

We've got about two hours left in our Kickstarter Campaign (we know you couldn't be more excited). Here's a few things we added, possibly while you were sleeping! You can pledge for more than one thing by raising your pledge amount to the sum of the rewards you would like "Manage My Pledge" and then message us via the Kickstarter to let us know what items you'd like!

MORE Jaime Hernandez prints! We've got 50 more prints for those of you who have been asking. $200

SIGNED COMPLETE CRUMB COMICS: Volumes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 13 and 15 are available and signed by R. Crumb. $30-35 each. 

Vintage artist folios! From the depths of our flat files we have some very beautiful 1970s and 1980s cartoonist portfolios, each containing a series of prints suitable for framing. Here's a few examples (all are listed on the main Kickstarter page). Plenty of time to order one of these for the holiday season!

P. CRAIG RUSSELL FOLIO: "The Curse of the Ring" a black and white six plate folio from 1980 inspired by Wagner's Ring Cycle. Numbered 403/1200. Framable quality. $100

MARIE & JOHN SEVERIN: "Kull II" a black and white folio of 7 plates, signed and numbered 931/1000, 1977.