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Invest in our spring season and be a part of the company that has published the best cartoonists in the history of the world.
Created by

Gary Groth

2,974 backers pledged $222,327 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator dEnny on March 13

      Still waiting on my copy of Twelve Gems sketched and signed in by Lane Milburn plus one of the SPECIAL gems with a character's etched on it, with a hand-drawn description by Milburn.

      I notice the book was released August 3, 2014 and it has been over a year since my pledge was successful. I sent them an e-mail w/ no response.

    2. Creator Sam Costello on February 25

      I was just checking this thread this morning to see if other people had received their rewards. When I got home, my sketched/signed copy of The Lonesome Go was waiting for me. I'm in the Northeast US, if that's helpful information.

    3. Creator Lara C on February 24

      STILL no word from Fanta, not even a "sorry, we're SUPER delayed."

      I hope people realize they don't have to "eat" the cost; they can dispute the charge made to their credit card/bank. It's tedious to do this, I know, but no one should have to pay for something they never received.

      I'm a fan of this publisher, which is why I hate for it to come to this, but the way they're handling these orders (especially the refusal to communicate with backers) leaves me with a general feeling of unease and DEFINITELY less likely to purchase products in the future.

    4. Creator Mikko Paajala on February 20

      "Gary Groth
      May 2, 2014

      Update! Your uber-gorgeous print is being signed by Jaime Hernandez right now and we will ship them out to you as soon as we get them. Thank you for your patience."

      My patience is about to run out. Anyone else got their Jaime print?

    5. Creator Felipe Roquete on February 10

      I did not receive my TONY MILLIONAIRE PRINT neither my HOW TO BE HAPPY book... I sent a few messages, but never received any answer. Please, could verify what happened?

    6. Creator David Moskowitz on February 8

      UPDATE from the Fanta front. $200 Spiegelman print, year 2: no response to multiple e-mails. Finally figured out that Spiegelman must have known nothing about this offered item. Money lost. Write it off. Move on. Oh one last thing: call Washington State Attorney General about consumer fraud. Because that's what it is.

    7. Creator Lara C on February 4

      I haven't received PRE-ORDER SIGNED TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE VOL. 1. wrote to Fanta, no response (which seems to be an ongoing problem, based on previous comments). I know this is a small company with few staff, but I was supposed to receive my pledge reward back in September. I don't mind waiting, but it's the non-communication that's really frustrating.

    8. Creator Matheus Oliveira Goncalves on January 29

      Hey MartinNL. I haven't received my copy of Arsene Schrauwen neither.

    9. Creator MartinNL on January 10

      Still waiting for Arsene Schrauwen... Anyone else too?

    10. Creator Christina Ward & Dan Niedziejko on January 5

      Anyone receive their signed Joe Sacco stuff yet?

    11. Creator Eoin Marron on January 5

      Finally got my signed Sock Monkey

    12. Creator Dan Prosser on January 3

      Got my signed Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge today! So glad I finally got it!

    13. Creator Angel Prieto on December 4

      Tomorrow it wil make 1 year since the Project was funded. I pledged for 2 books: "Twelve Gems + One Gem" and "Witzen".

      By end of August I got an email confirming the "Twelve Gems" one was sent followed by the rest; well, I got the first book by mid September (not signed but with one book plate). Nothing else since then: no communication and no replies to my -very respectful- messages.

      At this point I don't care anymore... I can handle dealys and can understand it, but not the lack of total communication from Fanta people.

      Not sure whether I will ever get the rest of my stuff or my money back, but for sure Fanta has lost a customer.

    14. Creator Mark Warren on November 20

      Received the signed "Peanuts Every Sunday" - yay! That plus a well timed bonus "Snoopy's Thanksgiving".

      Thanks to Gary and staff for getting this into my hands in time for the holidays!

    15. Creator Jim on November 19

      Megahex arrived in the UK. Excellently packaged, too. Thanks! However, if Fantagraphics ever need to run a similar campaign I think it might suffer due to the lack of communication and delays that have accompanied this one...

    16. Creator Laura Clements on November 19

      My copy of BUMF arrived in the UK today. Thanks!

    17. Creator Felipe Roquete on November 14

      I did not receive my TONY MILLIONAIRE PRINT neither my HOW TO BE HAPPY book... I sent a few messages, but never received any answer. Please, could verify what happened?

    18. Creator Dan Prosser on November 11

      I just got an email from Fantagraphics saying that they are shipping out my Donald Duck / Scrooge McDuck book today! Whoop!

    19. Creator Eoin Marron on November 6

      Anyone get their Sockmonkey yet? Supposedly shipped in October but seen nothing so far

    20. Creator Dan Prosser on November 5

      If I actually receive my signed Donald Duck book after all this time, I might cry.

    21. Creator Jim on November 5

      No Megahex for me yet, either, but I'm an international customer so I'm hoping that's the reason for the delay...

    22. Creator Sergio on November 4

      Also no Megahex here yet, I sent off a message about it now just to check up. Got my copy of Love Bunglers months ago, though!

    23. Creator Evan Dunn on November 3

      I'm still waiting on the two Duck books.

    24. Creator Dabble on November 3

      Still waiting on my Megahex, are other people? Worried it got sent to the wrong address.

    25. Creator Scott Diffrient on November 2

      Still waiting for my copy of Carol Swain's GAST, which has been on sale through Amazon and other online booksellers since August. I'm sincerely hoping that Fantagraphics hasn't forgotten about me completely.

    26. Creator Angelo Zwicky on October 26

      Got my Megahex :')
      The inscription is beautiful. Thank you fantagraphics and Mr. Hanselmann! I will never bug you again!!!

    27. Creator Pete Sellers on October 24

      Got my Rosa duck book today - wrapped in what appeared to be plastic wrap with a note attached from the USPS letting me know that something had spilled onto the package and that they were sorry that the contents may be in some way ruined... but it's not their fault.

      THANKFULLY, whatever it was that spilled onto it (according to the package it was a non-toxic substance (woohoo!)) only got into the cardboard shipping box and only left a minor mark on the back of the book. Still... CURSE YOU USPS!!!!!

    28. Creator Owen Craig on October 23

      Got my Rosa book, looks great! Thanks!

    29. Creator Sergio de Usera Mujica on October 22

      Has someone received the "The Death Ray" poster? I got contacted in august but no reply after I sent them my address.

    30. Creator Yin Yin Leong on October 21

      HEllo, my friend receive the Uncle Scrooge comic but not the Luca comic that I added on. When can she expect it? Thanks!

    31. Creator Alex Penelope Conte on October 15

      Has any gotten Jim yet?

    32. Creator Dan J. Peterson on October 13

      Is anyone else still waiting on their signed ”Love Bunglers”? I understand some people got it back in may when it was published.
      I've tried to contact Fantagraphics through their website, Twitter and Kickstarter over the last month but haven’t heard anything back.

    33. Creator Joe Lawler on October 12

      I got my Duck book the other day. So keep hope alive!

    34. Creator Dan Prosser on October 10

      I hope my Don Rosa book arrives soon. I haven't been asked for my address and can't get a response to emails.

    35. Creator GK on October 9

      Got my signed Don Rosa book yesterday. Would have preferred if the book itself had been actually signed rather than just getting a signed bookplate pasted in, but at least it has arrived. I honestly don't know, it that an industry standard procedure? Is that "officially" considered a "signed book"? I really do support Fantagraphics, they are responsible for printing a LOT of the books I've bought over the last several years, and I don't even mind the delay (though communication could have been much better). I just wish the book itself had actually been signed.

    36. Creator Steven Hutchinson on October 7

      I got my Don Rosa book today, thanks!

    37. Creator Jim on October 3

      Angelo Zwicky- Great news! I'd much rather have an actual sketched in copy. Well worth the wait. I got a reply from Fantagraphics over twitter saying that kickstarter backers would receive a first printing of the book as well, as they've almost sold out of the first run.

    38. Creator Angelo Zwicky on October 3

      I received some great news for anyone waiting on a signed/sketched copy of Megahex! I had the pleasure of meeting Simon last night on the Minneapolis leg of his book tour and he let me know that the reason his books are delayed is because he refuses to do the book plates, and is waiting until he is in Seattle in October to personally hand sign/sketch in the books themselves. I thought that made it more than worth the wait, so I wanted to share.

    39. Creator Dan Prosser on October 2

      Has anybody received the Don Rosa Signed Duck book yet?

    40. Creator James D'Elia on September 14, 2014

      I would really like to have my EC Comics Slipcase Vol 1 since it's for sale on your website.

    41. Creator Vaylon Kenadell on September 11, 2014

      I think some of the people posting in the comments on this page need to settle down and learn some patience. When we donated to Fantagraphics' Kickstarter, they made it very clear that the Kickstarter was to fund items so that they could get published. I also funded the Don Rosa Library, and I recently got a request to fill out my address. I see nothing amiss in the way Fantagraphics has handled my backing -- they're doing a fine job as far as I can see. I got my signed Omaha the Cat Dancer print back in February, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Have patience, people.

    42. Creator Eugene Green on September 9, 2014

      Regarding the Don Rosa Library, I was able to reach someone at Fantagraphics through twitter and they were waiting on Don to sign the books. Shipping on those should start sometime this week....hopefully.

    43. Creator Miguel Rana on September 9, 2014

      Hi, I got my film noir posters book. Thanks

    44. Creator Poliana Irizarry on September 5, 2014

      Wowzers. If there wasn't a note telling me to "Be respectful and considerate" on this comment box, I'd tell y'all that you're acting like a bunch of whiny babies. The "Risks" section states EXPLICITLY to expect delays! My ~reward~ is late too, but Fantagraphics has kept in touch a few times to let me know about it. This isn't Amazon, people! FB is a handful of folks doing the best they can with what they have. BE PATIENT and KEEP THE FAITH. <3

    45. Creator Steven Howearth on September 4, 2014

      I guess by reading the comments here that it's going to be a while before the Don Rosa Scrooge book that is in stores will be sent out. Of course updates would be nice.

    46. Creator Alexander Lucard on September 2, 2014

      At this point I just want my money back. Fantagraphics has ignored hundreds of people who haven't gotten their books yet and doesn't respond to the comments here or on their Facebook page. It's just sad how they treat their backers.

    47. Creator Michael Schwartz on September 1, 2014

      I received my Original Art Portrait this week. Thanks

      I'm still done with Kickstarter.

    48. Creator John Wriston on August 23, 2014

      So "Luba and Her Family" has been in stores for over a month and I haven't received my sketched copy. Any ETA on that?

    49. Creator Michael Schwartz on August 23, 2014

      I also pledged at the $20 for an "ORIGINAL ART PORTRAIT.” This was scheduled for a January 2014 delivery. After many emails to Fantagraphics went unanswered, a bit of research and pestering got me in touch with Jenn Vaughn, whose frequent postings on the Fantagraphics blog will reveal her many roles and responsibilities at Fantagraphics. I’m sure she and the rest of the staff is overwhelmed with the campaign. But they had to know what they were getting into.

      On May 1, she emailed me and told me that all of the Original Art Portraits were being mailed out later that week. After hearing nothing, I contacted her six weeks later, and hear back on June 24. She replied: Finishing this weekend AND I'm sending something extra. So sorry about the wait. After hearing nothing for a month, I wrote her the week before ComicCon, and asked for an update. On July 30th, Jenn wrote back and said the portrait was done and going out that week. She offered to send me a new book to thank me for my patience. I said no thanks, just the portrait. After 15 days of waiting, I emailed Jenn and told her I was giving up. That was 9 days ago, and I never got an email back.

      I’m just about done with Kickstarter. For every project that actually gets fulfilled, I have a half dozen that were disappointments, or seem to be stuck in permanent limbo. Most of these are movies that are a year or two past their estimated completion date. I understand that movies take time, but some of these projects have not had a creator update in years.

      I’m also done with Fantagraphics. They created the Kickstarter Campaign and the rewards. From the comments listed here, they have not been able to fulfill a lot of their promises, or did so in an unacceptable manner.

      This $20 won’t break me. Its sad, because this site is a really great idea. There just doesn’t seem to be any accountability by creators or the site itself.

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