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A twisted and mesmerising take on the Point & Click adventure genre, with watercoloured graphics and a multi-ending story.
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This game project is part of Kickstarter's All-in-1 promotional campaign. Read more about it in All-in-4 section (as we aimed for all 4!) or here as presented by Kickstarter. Also find more art at the project website.


The futuristic world of Futurust is much alike our own. Intelligent machines created their own society and live within an industrial complex, while a wild and untamed nature roams freely outside its borders. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the more radical groups started blaming outsiders for the main reason of their societal problems - corrosion - and treating the Machines as bane of their existence.

Our protagonist – Rust – is caught in the middle of this conflict, without the will, and skill, to survive on his own. Will he join one of the sides or choose his own path? Will he revitalize the now unrecognisable complex or allow himself to get switched off - one way or another?

We started this project as a statement on the current world politics and events. It's our way of exploring, if and how a single person's actions might have an impact on the grand scheme of things. Just how much one can change one's community, one's region one's nation, one's world and its nature.

  • A full, DRM-free, stand-alone game - any future patches/updates provided free of charge, because you deserve it!
  • A non-linear storyline, in which all actions taken will shape future events of the adventure, because nothing is just black or white
  • Hand drawn watercolour locations and animations – because dEn found it to be the best way to present what he aims for.
  • A twisted take on the adventure game genre inspired by works of Amanita Design & LucasArts as well as various Sci-Fi writers because our modern society seems to be devoted to the destruction of Earth and Robotics are closer than ever.
  • Unique music tracks for each of the in-game locations, as it sounds just right.
  • Lots of side content and optional activities, to force you to think outside the box, but there is no box in the first place, as it is all digital… Hm?
  • Multiplatform* – We have plans to release the game on: Windows, Android, iPhone, most likely UWP (Windows Phone, Windows 10, Xbox) and maybe MacOS

*See stretch goals below for more details

Stretch Goals
Stretch Goals

The aim of this Kickstarter campaign is as follow:

  • Generate funds for a fully operational tech demo (or even the full game!)
  • Provide us with a chance to display the game on as many events as possible
  • Promote video games as an interactive tool of art and education.

Let’s be realistic, funding the whole game as Imagined as and planned by d3n would set our goal to:


But since we’re taking part in Kickstarter’s All in 1, the risk to miss this goal was too high. Below you can learn more about this special challenge.


One small step for Rust, one giant leap for robokind.


We will get a dedicated musician to create a really immersive and unique audio experience. ATM we used SONNISS #GAMEAUDIOGDC <3


Extra graphic artists to speed up the development cycle.


Android Port


UWP Ports


iOS/MacOS ports.


Linux port.


Full version.


As we love challenges, we decided to take part in All in 1 campaign by Kickstarter and fulfill all four requirements as well:

  • 1st-Time Creators: Well, we do have previous experience within #indiedev but this is our first campaign on Kickstarter and it lasts only a week… so plant those seeds and spread the word!
  • 1s and 0s: All our rewards are digital only (eco-friendly, you know!)
  • 1-hit Wonder: We offer only a single reward tier, with a great value for its price tag!
  • 1 Night only As part of the reward tier we decided to offer a one time live event to take part in the creation of Futurust! Via streaming facilities (platform to be confirmed at a later date) we will sketch and take notes of any characters/levels/quests/subplots/minigames you suggest and do our best to put as many of them into the final game - on top of what we’ve already planned. It sounds insane, and the implementation of it surely will be even crazier but we are up to it; after all our motto is: with passion for passion.

Daniel “d3n” Włodarski

The mastermind and artistic force behind Futurust. He created the concept, watercoloured it, and now works on the world and story.

He already created a board game Krasnoludy (Dwarves) and a mobile game Bumli - Fantastic Adventure available in Google Play Store.

He is truly passionate about saving the environment from humans’ inclination of destruction and wishes to spread awareness about this growing issue in any way he can. Despite not having any formal artistic education, drawing and painting has been his passion since childhood.

Tomasz „Fanotherpg” Kaczmarek

The Industrial Complex engineer behind Futurust. Founding father of (biggest gamedev event in Poland), Games Research Association of Poland member and passionate indie developer from the times before Indie was even a term (1997). In over 20 years of hobby development, he (co)worked at different positions on over 80 games.

On top of that he holds Bachelor of Science in Digital Games Design from Buckinghamshire New University and Masters of Arts in Digital Games Theory & Design from Brunel University London, with several of his projects being awarded best in class. 2012 he won the Global Game Jam IGDA Accessibility Challenge for London and World.

Igor Hardy

The godfather of our project. It’s his duty to ensure the general game quality of the great adventure that will await you.

Best known for his games Snakes of Avalon and Wrath of the Alchemist. Currently working on an anti-stealth family life sim named 'NOOK, you can look him up at Dreamgrit.

Why Kickstarter?

Because we like to experiment, need funding and we already started getting some fan art. But also for our loved ones, whose support has already gone beyond than what we could ask for. After all, Family comes first.

This is why we decided for All-in-1, to enable us to develop the game further & quicker thanks to the support of our great community and without stretching family budgets or patience. As a result, it would reduce the amount of stress we go through by securing some financial stability for the development process.

As nearly a 3rd of campaign proceedings will be consumed by fees and processing, we are expecting to work on a very tight budget and to put in lots of overtime after our full-time jobs and house duties, to get the project done as soon as possible.

Anyways, we will have an open development process with weekly targets and summaries, so everyone will stay in the loop about the game’s progression and get a constant stream of in-game snippets.

Risks and challenges

We are aiming to have a fully working demo with a few levels before the end of Summer 2017, and the whole project written down within the design documentation including sketches of all locations and minigames before 10th anniversary of (October 2017) with the full game being released at some point in late 2018 or early 2019.

It takes about 4-5 weeks to get one level of the ground (from the idea, through sketching, watercolouring and incorporating everything into the game). As development is a living process, it is a constant sinusoid. The stated dates will probably fluctuate further, rather than closer, away but those are our milestones and we will do our best to make them happen.

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