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What are the ramifications of an exciting spouse? Help us finish this film, and kickstart a film studio & a killer band in the process.

We'd all like to know what the ramifications of an exciting spouse are. Sadly, the film for this music video is literally in the can. We couldn't resist capturing our 1940s bar brawl on real film, and since production and 16mm development isn't cheap, we need your help to bring it to life. We really want you to see this film. More than that, we want you to become a part of it.

Ramifications has always been a collaborative dream. As a brand new studio, Fancy Rhino launched out on this ambitious project for indie all-stars Jumbling Towers with a zero dollar budget. We listened to their EP three thousand times and decided the thing just had to be doneWe pulled every string we could find. Our city showed up en force. Greg stayed out all night with us in his '36 Chrysler. Aunt Sara even cooked some mean barbecue for a crew of 60. 

But productions still cost an arm and a leg. Donald Trump recently appraised our production at 2.5 billion dollars. So we're asking you for a mere fraction of that. That's all! 

Jumbling Towers is committed to dropping the music hammer, but to grow they need promotion through good video. That's what Fancy Rhino wants to do, transforming great ideas through community. We're fresh on the scene, we're young, and we're learning a lot. But support in this sort of production could take us all a long way.

If Jumbling Towers is a rising sun, Fancy Rhino is a full moon. With your help ...let's share a lunar eclipse.  


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    Satisfaction. It's good to know that you are a part of something big.

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    An EP of "The Ramifications of an Exciting Spouse," shipped to your house.

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    Bonus Package: An EP shipped to your house, along with a signed copy of "The Bird Hoverer," by Aaron Belz, Jumbling Towers' poet in residence.

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    Invite to an exclusive screening of the music video. Attendees will include the band members, the cast, the crew, and all of you who give above and beyond. An EP will also be included.

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    Be credited as Executive Producer. Without people like you, great art would never happen. As our thank you, get a signed EP and a special seat at the private screening.

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    The Jumbling Towers will come to your house and play a show for you and your friends. It doesn't get better than this.

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