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GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 4 are all here! And very Tiny...

Posted by Dimitri Albino (Creator)

We are still shaking about the big deal with Digispark, the very first integration of two Kickstarter projects, that we announced less than 48 hours ago... do you think we can stop? Well... check this out:

TinyDuino joined smARtDUINO!!!

Yes, I'm not kidding. Another of the most successful projects here on Kickstarter adopted the smARtBUS Open I/O to become even more open.

We have been the first to create a cooperation between two Kickstarter projects during a live campaign. Anybody can do it, OK. Now we made the integration of 3 Kickstarter projects during a campaign. And I believe it will be harder to catch us. Maybe we are not yet... but this you will know in the next days :-)

Let's concentrate on what's happening here. What's the meaning of TinyDuino on the smARtBUS Open I/O?

Shields, shields, shields!

We designed, together with Ken Burns (creator of TinyDuino), an adapter that allows to plug the TinyShields made for TinyDuino into the smARtBUS Open I/O.

If you don't know the very successful Kickstarter project TinyDuino, click -> this link to discover it.

Ken developed some very cool and small shields for TinyDuino. Using our adapter these will work on the smARtBUS Open I/O, so with any smARtCORE but also with Arduino or any other compatible board.

The available shields include:

  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4 (LE or Low Energy)
  • Accelerometer

You can check the description in Ken's updates: here and here.

The adapter will be manufactured and provided from us, so don't ask Ken how can you get it.

If you are a backer of TinyDuino and also a backer of smARtDUINO you can find the adapter in your personal page. You can request one free adapter from us! If you want more than one, because maybe you already ordered from Ken some shields, you can buy additional adapters for a very low price.

If you didn't have the opportunity to support the TinyDuino project, or if back then you didn't get those shields you now want, there is a great opportunity: you can order from us the shields, directly from your personal page. We will collect the products from Ken and send them to you together with the smARtDUINO. Every shield will include one free adapter for the smARtBUS Open I/O.

Your investment is getting value

With this announcement we moved one more step further towards the integration of different platforms over a common smARtBUS Open I/O.

This should show again how important can be the adoption of a common standard bus for the communication between different platforms, something that we had in our mind since the very beginning of our R&D effort over the smARtDUINO project.

We hope you can understand more and more how the value of your investment is growing. You decided to invest on smARtDUINO maybe because you like its "LEGO" approach, or because it is smaller and plug&play.

We tried to show that with smARtDUINO and the smARtBUS Open I/O you can extend the life of your previous investments, like a standard Arduino board. Opening to Digispark and TinyDuino we want to show you how the smARtBUS Open I/O can help to remove limits to your ideas.

This is our meaning of OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE and is the direction we believe everybody should point to.

As well as Digispark, also TinyDuino will be available in the future from our distribution channel smARtMAKER and you will always have our support, because we care.



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