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For years we manufactured the ARDUINO in Italy. Now we created a new Open System: modular, scalable, the world's cheapest and smallest!
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Stretch goals are here

Posted by Dimitri Albino (Creator)

We said so many times already that we prepared amazing stretch goals... the time to talk about is finally arrived.

When we started to discuss, internally, about the stretch goals, the first doubt was: "do we need it? we don't even know if we will reach the funding". With all the fingers we been able to cross, we kept thinking on this topic.

Well, one week to reach the success. Twenty one days more to reach the heaven!

Let's see what we prepared for you:

Stretch goal #1 - US$ 50.000 = Free upgrade!

Our smARtCORE U will be upgraded to use the Atmel ATMega8/16U2 as interface for the USB, becoming 100% compatible with the newest Arduino Uno R3.

The actual USB interface is based on the common (and old) MAX232 USB-Serial device, used in the past also for the Arduino platform and in most of the derivates. Since the introduction of the new releases, the use of a proper USB DEVICE ID is required and we didn't adopt the latest solutions to don't break the laws, using resources (USB ID) not belong to us.

If we will reach the stretch goal, we will invest to buy our own set of USB ID and we will be able to develop our own firmware for the USB controller. In this case, we will not use anymore the MAX232 chip, that require additional drivers, and every smARtCORE U will be upgraded. Every backer will receive the new version.

Stretch goal #2 - US$ 100.000 = 50.000 connectors give away!

We believe that smARtBUS Open I/O is a revolution in the physical computing and we starve to see as many developer as possible to implement solutions based on it. For this reason, we will support every company or single that will design a new module, or will design a new version of products already on the market, based on the smARtBUS Open I/O.

If we reach the goal, we will offer 50.000 connectors, half headers and half receptacles, that will be available to anyone will request it. These are enough to manufacture up to 12.500 boards based on the smARtBUS BASIC. Any person or company that has a project and is willing to adopt the smARtBUS Open I/O can request to get connectors. The only limits are, of course to produce a board that can be used in a Open System based on the smARtBUS Open I/O, to release everything truly Open Source and no more than 500 sets (2.000pcs) for single person or 1.000 sets for each company. Developers that are working on projects can request samples that we will ship on our costs.

We believe that with this investment we will help the rapid expansion of the platform, for the benefits of everyone, starting from the early adopters here on Kickstarter.

Stretch goal #3 - US$ 150.000 = Jobs give away!

This is very ambitious but we feel it as the most important stretch goal. We have our headquarter in Italy, with enough people to properly support the European market. We also have staff that properly speak German and Spanish there so, the old continent is well supported.

In China as well we have our office properly staffed, with five people that can, at different levels, communicate in English and, of course, in Chinese. We are well covered for the Asian market so.

We want to offer more and better support to our clients, and to the community, in the United States and in the Americas. For this reason, if we will reach this incredible goal, we will immediately invest in our presence. Right now we only have a office in Orlando, Florida, not full time staffed.

In case we reach the stretch goal of $150.000 we will open two positions for full time and a new smARtLAB that will not only be our branch there but will also be an Open Space where anyone will be able to experiment all our products and technologies. The new location will be in the Bay Area and anyone can be candidate to be part of the project.

Stretch goal #4 - US$ 200.000 = From Plug & Play to CLICK & PLAY!!!

This is the most ambitious stretch goal we can imagine. Today is very hard to say that we can reach this level but, we believe you will be so excited about this opportunity that you will help us.

We already introduced the plug & play concept in the prototyping and development. With this stretch goal we want to move a step forward to the CLICK & PLAY. In our minds this was a project that we planned to launch on Kickstarter in the future but, we had the feeling that it can be possible to realize this dream as stretch goal.

If we, all together, will reach the stretch goal of $200K we will immediately invest 15% of the funds, at least US$ 30.000, in the development of smARtAPP.

What is smARtAPP? It's an application, free to use and Open Source, that allow you to create your software project without write code. smARtAPP is the perfect companion of smARtDUINO, because allow every user without experience or knowledge in software programming to create projects using the mouse and the graphic interface.

smARtAPP will be an online application, Cloud based, developed with HTML5, totally graphic and autonomous. You will be able to log in smARtAPP, to design your hardware system selecting from all the components available in the real, plugging together in the virtual environment and select functions, all with the mouse. The results will be simulated live and you will be able to debug your application even before upload in the system. It will be of course possible to insert personal code, to add libraries and functions. Most of all, the code will be compiled server side. This means that you can create your program even if you are not working in front of your smARtDUINO, from any device that support HTML5, including smartphones and tablets. An extension of the smARtAPP, that will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux, will be used to upload the code generated online to the smARtCORE.

So, you will be able to create, modify, upgrade, your code from anywhere, every time you have a new idea. All your projects will be saved in your personal storage and can be shared with others, to request help in debugging, create community projects or exchange ideas. From specific platforms (computers) you will be able to upload in the real system the code that you developed also on other platforms, tablets for example.

With smARtDUINO and smARtAPP anyone, starting from the first grade or earlier, will be able to create working projects, with the Plug & Play Hardware and the Click & Play software!!!

Four stretch goal, very ambitious. Can we reach these levels, all together?

We think that the smARtAPP itself is so attractive and powerful that deserve any effort.

So, everyone now is welcome in the comment area to discuss the details of these stretch goals.

After your opinions, it will be possible that we change something because, you should know already, smARtDUINO is not only our own project, we share it with all of you and we implement any change that the community request and support.

We hope you will give to us help to spread the voice and to make the next twenty one days even more amazing that the first seven.

Thanks to everyone for the incredible support.



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