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For years we manufactured the ARDUINO in Italy. Now we created a new Open System: modular, scalable, the world's cheapest and smallest!
For years we manufactured the ARDUINO in Italy. Now we created a new Open System: modular, scalable, the world's cheapest and smallest!
982 backers pledged $157,571 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Six on August 15, 2013

      More action and shocking developments:

      "Refunded me within 20 minutes after raising a dispute. - Here is his reply...

      "This is not a scam. If you believe what crazy people write on Internet without verify, then you will miss great offers like the $9 Arduino. Here is the full refund. Please note that nothing will be shipped to you. Best regards." "

      "I got this reply from a comment I left on the indiegogo (note he only allows private comments)....

      Hey (xxxx) - This website is a fraud bears no truth. It has been created by a stalker in which I am already taking legal action.Thank You, Harold Timmis"

      Given that Harold is an American, a native English speaker and a published author, I think we can take it that Harold himself did not compose that reply

      This has scam written all over it unfortunately. Having said that, I too got an immediate refund. Now to find a real starter Arduino kit to play with

      Edit - I got the exact same response in my refund btw. The phrasing of that response and the reply to my comment above would suggest Dimitri is responding rather than Harold."

      "Right, but have a look at your paypal account, my paypal money went to SmartMaker which is the same crowd running the failed Kickstarter campaign. And I think its safe to say that it is not Harold who is replying in the comments/replies mentioned about - looking at Dimitri's (SmartMaker) various replies in the KickSucker posts it sounds like he is replying as Harold. I think Harold is a patsy unfortunately. I've tweeted Harold to see if he has any knowledge of these replies that are written in his name."

      I love the Irish! These guys are no joke - They still have what was stolen from us... They trust each other... because Dimitri alter ego/conspirator (Torbjorn) is not there running circles and lighting fires.

      Seriously, I CANNOT WAIT to see what this legal action Dimitri is taking against my stalker, fraudulent self is!

    2. Six on August 15, 2013

      Oh Nial is fiesty and knocking the ball outta the park! Swing batta batta swing!

      I have been watching the traffic to the blog and here is an example of how some IDGG backers are responding to the information they are reading:

      "I've raised a dispute on Paypal saying it is a scam, you need to do this now because the delivery date will go over the 60 days post payment that Paypal allows for raising disputes. I also emailed indiegogo suggesting they close and refund the campaign if they haven't already handed over the money. - I'll PM op now to ask him to remove the funding link and link to Kicksucker's posts instead."

      After 6 months of posting the same information to no avail... 7 days and this epic saga is spreading like wildfire. - People are listening while they can do something about it.

      The same information was published on the web that I have been writing here and been attacked for repeatedly... as well as Nial... as well as Chris and a handful of others

      The same information I handed Kickstarter AND Indiegogo who did... nothing.

      The big difference? Dimitri and his lap dog are not in the mix pitting backers against each other like dogs in a ring - No mountains of subterfuge. No personal attacks.

      Backers sharing information and looking out for each other.

      Maybe now we (all us backers) can work together - Share information - Leverage the momentum the blog is rapidly gaining to give Kickstarter AND Indiegogo cause to exercise their due diligence and take action.

      It isn't my blog, I am just the story teller - It is our blog - Our story. - Goonies never say die!

      It is a story that will no doubt live on in a legacy of infamy and the timing couldn't be better... right in the middle of Maker Faire season.

      With this PR disaster resting squarely in their lap; Direct emails to/from them published for the world - There is no plausible deniability for them... They were made aware in no uncertain terms there was a BIG issue brewing - and they STILL did nothing.

      Perhaps now they will take action like they did when public outcry demanded they resolve the issue with the "rape" guide

      There are more exciting developments coming tonight (by "exciting" I mean more lies uncovered that will make you annoyed enough to click the link and tell Indiegogo AND click another one to tell Kickstarter.

      Here is a little teaser:

    3. NialP
      on August 15, 2013

      This project is now officially a joke! The problem is that its a damn expensive joke and its really not funny!

      Where has Dimitri gone? Over at the $9 Arduino IGG campaign its all go! Production has started, questions are being answered by "The" creator Hamitri almost immediately (unless you mention smartmaker in which case they get deleted almost immediately) and so on, its like he has just given up here, cant be bothered to answer any more questions and has decided that he doesn't have to do anything for you or the $200-$300 you have put in his pockets.

      The thing that is annoying me by far the most is that he blatantly thinks he is going to get away with this!
      I know alot of backers still believe (and everyone hopes) that Dimitri will come through, you will get all your boards (minus a couple maybe) OR you will get a full refund... I'm sorry to say it but I think the chances of anyone receiving anywhere near the orders they placed or a refund of any kind are remote at best!

      If I am wrong then awesome! Everyone gets their stuff or everyone gets their $23-$300+ back.

      What I am finding the hardest to swallow is that if Dimitri fails and come November still no one has their kit and refunds don't happen, he will just get away with it. There is no protection for the backers what so ever and he will keep all the equipment purchased, his office and storage and 5% share in a production facility in the heart of Shenzhen that this paid for, and he will be set to keep it all running as a business built on the money pledged by all smartmaker backers and we know this now as we have seen that despite all the signs pointing towards this project being an epic size fail, and at the least the fact that he is 8 months late delivering Smartmaker, not a single Kickstarter backer has received a single board and that he has decided not to discuss the matter any further... He (and lets not pretend that Harold is the only one running it) has just pulled in another $160k on another crowd funding site for another Arduino based project! WTF???

      If no one receives their gear or a refund and he turns around in November and says "Sorry guys I cant provide you with your rewards or a refund" (and at best sends everyone out a bunch of random boards missing half the parts needed to make them slot together as designed and work and some Sh1tty yellow t-shirts), he will NOT ever face any type of penalty or anything! He will have technically done nothing wrong and at worst get banned from using Kickstarter again (which he has already sorted by becoming a "partner" of IGG and running an extreamly successful campaign there which of course as a "non-profit" product helping schools, kids, low income families etc.. has given Boarderless Electronics and IGG a massive amount of good press coverage!

      Crowdfunding sites need to start looking very carefully at how they operate and hold creators accountable.
      We ALL know Its never going to be 100% safe to back a project and of course from time to time they do fail and people loose money. Its the way that this project has been handled, the lack of respect for backers and the out right lies that have been the primary issues here as well as strong evidence that this project was not even within the Kickstarter requirements to be started in the first place.

      Finally, even back before the project was funded there were signs that something was not right, remember all the lies about working for Arduino (when in fact one of the solder technicians was some factory worker who used to work in another factory that 2 years ago made two batches of 500 Arduino Shields) and of course the lady who worked for Arduino who now works for Smartmaker but we couldn't see her in the picture of the staff to match her tattoos because "she was holding the camera.." and no follow up picture ever happened, its been BS from day 1, blaming other makers and campaigns, saying that kits had been shipped when they hadn't even been finished yet, blaming delays on "broken molds" and 4 week long holidays and so on and on and on!!!

    4. Jeff Narucki on August 15, 2013

      If anyone hasn't read Six's latest post, you should. The guidelines presented aren't new, they are already documented and readily available for anyone to read.

      The assumptions in there are based upon a set of expectations that all parties involved in the group funding transaction are looking to actively do right by the others. This includes backers, project owners, and intermediaries. In my opinion they're pretty common sense.

      My personal position right now is I want my stuff or I want my money back. When the project was a couple of months late I was much less critical in my analysis as I figured the situation just looked worse than it was and it would correct itself. I was wrong obviously and this situation with the Indigogo project collecting funds for the same entity is just another indication of the issues with this project owner. Lesson learned regardless of what happens on November 23.

    5. Christoper Leveck on August 15, 2013

      Ive decided to create a campaign of my own to fund a small documentary on the lonely life of a Kickstarter Whistlebacker.....All proceeds will go to the Whistlebacker Bill Fund. Legislation to protect the Whistlers that don't blow.

    6. Six on August 14, 2013

      From my perspective, Dimitri and his campaign have become a case study for a much larger issue, in other words, a symptom (a very serious one).

      What began months ago as a situation that could have been very quickly and quietly resolved has, as Chris stated, snowballed out of control and brought to light many issues previously not questioned.

      This has become about accountability, ownership, integrity and ethics. Period.

      Reading through alot of the recent activity going all the way back to Dimitri's last big appearance as victim on July 30th, where he attempted to smear me as a "stalker" and repeatedly asked, "What is their scope?"

      I finally have an answer:

    7. Christoper Leveck on August 14, 2013

      This is what I did yesterday. It's impossible to offer an ETA, because it's not under my control. I can manage to give the goods to a delivery company, then it will be in their hands the control. I've gave the middle of April as ETD and it is our realistic goal.

      About the double shipment, it will be of course an option but I want to give the right information to choose what to do. About a week before the shipping date I will send a clear and detailed update. This will report exactly what we will be able to send out and, most important, when we are sure the other parts will be ready.

      With this information in the hands, you will be able to choose what to do.

      Thanks again for your support,


    8. Christoper Leveck on August 14, 2013

      This would have been nice. Then we would all have had SOMETHING to be playing with, as he stated. Why can't we do this now? I mean these parts are supposedly all in stock, everyone of us should have at least these basic parts as part of our orders, right? I know it's going to be because they don't have the time, but they have time to ship out 15,000 boards, right? And those wont be ready for a couple weeks, if ever, so why can't they be doing this now, for us, since we have been waiting so patiently, well some of you have...... I don't get it. If money isn't a problem, and time isn't a problem, because they have extra to donate towards Hamitri's project, then why the hell can't they at least send this out, then everyone would have something they cant do anything with instead of nothing they cant do anything with.

      The DIMITRIATI said-

      If this will be possible, we will actually have all the materials to complete the first two levels of pledge, Starter and Tinkerer, and we will have the parts to offer a basic kit to every backer.

      If we will be able to do this, what we want to do is to send to everybody a first shipment that will include all the parts available. This allows any backer to have something to play, while we wait the Chinese to come back from the holidays.

      We will pay for the additional shipment costs.

      They DID come back right? We need to kickstarter this thing back in gear. If we don't hurry up theres this thing called Chinese screw year that happens every year, but it kind of sneaks up on you and then BAM! Everybody disappears for a month.... Its right around the corner too. Just a few long months, which isn't much in Dimitriological time....

    9. Christoper Leveck on August 14, 2013

      As SOMEONE said, OH brother. When this all started it was cwleveck is a terrorist. Now that some of you are coming around its, I think someone said.....
      Meanwhile, SIXTO has redeemed himself by stealing my best lines....
      HAHA, just kidding. This isn't funny, and it shouldn't be amusing, and I think your right, I have been amazed by Six's tenacity and attention to detail. After nearly 20 years working with tenacious agents who suffer from add, and their counterparts, the OCD Anal-ists, I can tell you that it is rare to get a bulldog who knows how to use a spreadsheet and a search engine. I spouted out a few facts and figures, Sixto started a website.
      HOWEVER, you owe me for the following terms-
      Kicksucker TM
      IndiGoneGone TM- you haven't stolen yet but your going to now
      Dimitriati TM
      Hamitri TM
      Anythingway expressedway inway igpay atinlay orway ypheredcay
      ithway ethay ackercray ackjay ecoderday ingray Imway endingsay
      ouyay asway oonsay asway Iway opstay ettinggay attoostay andway
      otherway unkjay andway indfay anotherway oneway orway untilway
      ymay ifeway iguresfay outway atwhay Imway upway otay andway
      opsstay uyingbay emay ackercray acksjay.

      And on a mostly serious note, thanks for the info on the SSL stuff, etc. That's interesting. I guess it blows my theory out of the water that the two things are somehow connected, but it does seem to be a strange coincidence. It has been my experience in the past however, that when things start to go downhill they snowball. Once that happens, I have found the best thing to do sometimes is get out of the way, cover your ears, close your eyes, and save your strength. Let the snowball roll, that's what they do, let it run downhill until it hits something solid enough to stop it on its own, by that time it has cleared out all the crap that couldn't stand up to a little frozen water and probably shouldn't be growing on a hill to begin with. Once it has hit an obstacle worthy enough to remain standing, give the snow time to melt, things need to settle down after all that chaos, now you have something solid to rebuild on. then be prepared, rested, and ready to move forward, always making sure that whatever you fix is strong enough to catch the next one should it come tumbling down the corporate ladder.
      OR move somewhere warmer and go into a business that doesn't involve frozen water, something like the surfing industry.
      Now in surfing you gotta learn how to paddle before you stand up and don't go after the big wave your first time out and watchout for sharks. OH, and women in bikinis, NEVER get taken in by the two piece, you want a one piece with a sunburn, a librarian quiet type whos there on vacation from Toledo.........

    10. NialP
      on August 14, 2013

      What Keith said!
      Up until the end of last year I had a small store attached to my website as a separate entity which of course had SSL certs. They are often included with a hosting package but can also be purchased separately as Keith has said. You can also pay monthly for on going cover.

      It is starting to be a little odd that the sales site has down so long now, if he is using a 3rd party company to do the work then they would do it with minimal downtime,
      Also as someone else said, its odd that no notice was given.

      @Six - Looks like you have found your calling, a website to out the BS told by kickstarter project creators!
      Always a good read!

    11. Six on August 13, 2013

      Nice teamwork!

      For those interested, my thoughts on the Smartmaker / Borderless Electronics delivery

    12. Keith Rome on August 13, 2013

      And as a simpler explanation - a SSL certificate merely enables the server to communicate with client web browsers using encrypted (https) channels. So having an expired cert just means that if you use https instead of http in the browser address, then you will either not be allowed to connect or your browser will display a bunch of warnings against continuing.

    13. Keith Rome on August 13, 2013

      The SSL certificate expired on July 11. That was quite a bit before the store was taken offline. So I don't think the two are directly related. Also, an e-commerce site will run just fine without SSL (or with an expired SSL certificate), but this is strongly recommended against because it is very insecure.

      All SSL certificates expire. When you buy one, it is only good for a fixed duration of time. There usually is not a fine for failing to renew in time - since certificates aren't really "renewed". Once created, a certificate cannot ever be altered. You have to get a new certificate that has a different "valid for" date range.

      It is possible that a new certificate has already been obtained, but is installed to a replacement e-commerce server instead of what currently sits at It is also possible that they had trouble installing the new certificate and fixing it hasn't been a high priority. It is also possible that they forgot all about it and nobody noticed the expired certificate until recently.

      It's not a regulatory thing. Anyone can buy a SSL certificate, and there are a number of sources for them. They aren't stupidly cheap, but they also aren't insanely expensive. All it takes to make a SSL cert is a second or two of cryptographic processing - but it must be done by a machine that is itself a trusted certificate authority. Which is why you can't just make them yourself - it needs to be created by one of the trusted certificate signing authorities (Thawte, Verisign, etc).

    14. Christoper Leveck on August 13, 2013

      Pictor- Ive been thinking about this a little too. It seems to me that if you where having this much trouble and you were PLANING on switching or making a huge change like this, I mean this is supposed to be his bread and butter, the reason why he didn't have to use the kickstarter money on monthly expenses.... It would seem that he might give a heads up of some kind, or at least mention it to us BEFORE we had to ask him about it.
      I am only SPECULATING here but it seems more like a situation where he was "turned off" and hasn't been able to secure a new service for whatever reason. This isn't my specialty but it seems as if he lost his security certificate or something, right? Why would you let it run out, or turn it off, to move to another service? Early in my business career, back when we had to pay HUGE bills for cellular and landlines plus internet fees, my phone bills ran about 15k a month, and once when we got behind they turned us off. we lost everything in one shot. I couldn't go to another service and so we were down for several days while I scrambled to not only pay our past due, but also our new bill, and while we were at it they made us pay a deposit AND fees to turn everything back on, as well as new contracts on our cells.... anyway it was a horrible situation. Anyone know if or how you could "lose" an e commerce security certificate or whatever it is? And has he since re registered or whatever he has to do to even go to another service.
      Not trying to kick the man while hes down but curious. This may be an area where I could use a little influence to help the guy out. I just need to understand the problem. But if its a regulatory thing I might know someone who can help. Not in a under the table way, but if its bureaucratic BS, there might be something could be done, so to speak.

    15. Missing avatar

      helder on August 13, 2013

      @Six, i agree with you that Kickstarter is having these kind of problems more and more, and although they are the most famous crowd-source funding platform it seems there has been a couple of "errors" policies... that many users feel strange, not at easy and probably starting to wonder sometimes the lack of support and the alternatives
      I have been supporting indiegogo and kickstarter for awhile now and i love both, i would hope each platform can improve in supporting first and foremost their community backers behind their success... the money we put in and is paid some in commission should be there for the good and bad times... and sometimes it seems is not easy for kickstarter when things go bad do set up and protect the backers... i appreciated you taking time and elucidate us on communication and the different point of views... transparency and fairness is all what we want!

      @Dimitri, again i must reiterate that i do hope you will come to senses and will follow through your project by providing time to time updates and estimate deliveries. nothing is lost yet, i have backed some project here in kickstarter that i received after 1 year and a lot of hassle so the game only ends and is game over and is still not there yet!

      i did not given up yet and i still believe that all of this is because of some misfortunes and bad judgment, you just got to greed in making more than you can shew... maybe i am wrong and i do hope i will be wrong, as this would really hurt the open source community and of course all of us who believe and trusted you, so work hard and deliver!

    16. Missing avatar

      Pictor on August 13, 2013

      Hi Dimitri,

      I have two points:

      Now its three weeks, that you have published your Excel sheet. If things are moving, there must be a lot of change in the current version. Please share that with us again.

      Second: Yo write about your shop-migration with They state on their webpage: ___100% uptime for source store___
      As I am working in related fields, I really wonder, about the long downtime of your shop. I know, that under some circumstances there are downtimes (measured in minutes up to some hours) sometimes necessary, but never so long, as your shop is now down.

      Please continue sharing background information with us!



    17. Christoper Leveck on August 13, 2013

      Whats the point of having a secret language if you tell everybody what it is? Jeez.

    18. Six on August 13, 2013

      @Chris - only a man with pre/teens would still know pig latin... you are my hero ;)

      @Tim Even more basic than the product design guidelines are the basic Must be US resident guidelines... KS would have to actually follow through with the enforcement of them... Check out my correspondence with KS customer service for a play by play on how that works

    19. Christoper Leveck on August 12, 2013

      Tim- Yeah, but those are just the rules. So I ask you, "What is Kickstarter?" Your obviously a racist terrorist who just spouts lies......
      Trust me man, you don't want to go there. Truth isn't welcome here.
      A bunch of people are going to hate you for speaking out against the Dimitriati. I hope you don't have children because that's where he's going to start working on you.

      Ithway atthay aidsay, Iway agreeway ithway everythingway ouyay
      aidsay. Eepkay ethay aithfay otherbray.

      Viva la Resistance!

    20. Missing avatar

      Tim Dysinger on August 12, 2013


      "Hardware and Product Design guidelines

      Show your work

      Projects must be clear about their state of development, and cannot be presented as preorders of finished products. Projects must show details (photos, videos, sketches) of their progress so far, along with a prototype demonstrating the product's current functionality. Projects must explain how the final design is likely to differ from the prototype, and include a production plan (i.e., how you're going to make it) and an estimated timeline."

    21. Missing avatar

      Tim Dysinger on August 12, 2013

      It looks simply to me like Dmitri has raised $320k in the last 8 months on nothing more than empty promises and some flashy pictures. I don't think he has any intention of delivering units at this point. He has 4 months left and hasn't shipped anything (AFAICT). He either got in over his head or he's a con-artist. I'm suspecting the later given the new indiegogo campaign and no communication on this older project.

      Judges, lawyers & AGs in the US generally frown on fraud that rips the public off to the tune of 1/3 of a million dollars. In the US you'd have the FBI hunting for you for that much fraud.

    22. NialP
      on August 12, 2013

      @Mischie - OK, my bad, apologies to you as I mis-phrased that a little and quoted you badly.
      Still, if even back end stuff like that has Dimitri's name on it on the signature line then my point is still just as valid.

    23. Mischie Lionel Geo on August 12, 2013

      @Nial, I did't say that the latest newsletter was signed by Dimitri, but the confirmation e-mail to my subscription for Borderless Electronics. The signature line had this: "Dimitri AlbinoPowered by:…;;"

    24. NialP
      on August 11, 2013

      @Keith - I 100% hope that the $9 Arduino board is legit and that it will all be completed in a professional and timely manor. Its a project that has been targeted and promoted to Schools, Young people and Educators (Including myself).

      I am not "Assuming" or making any kind of leap or judgment, im stating a fact that it IS being produced by Dimitri and Smartmaker, I KNOW it is being produced by them BOTH, on the production line Smartmaker use and have their little 5% share in, using Smartmaker staff for running the process, QA, packing and shipping and ALL other tasks!
      How do I know that? Because both Dimitri and Harold have said so!!!

      Borderless electronics maybe a company created by Harold BUT there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it is just Harold's idea being bought to life by and with the FULL backing of Dimitri and Smartmaker and taking priority over this project here!

      Read Mischie Lionel Geo's post 2 back, The latest newsletter from Boarderless is actually signed by Dimitri!

      Harold said in one of his recent updates that "his boss" (Dimitri) is letting him use "his" staff and production line to carry out this project!
      While the Smartmaker staff and equipment are being used to make 15k Arduino Leonardo clones, how much work do you think will be going on with the smartmaker project?

      With those tiny margins there is absolutely no way in hell that those boards could be made anywhere BUT the Smartmaker "Space" and using their kit and staff.

      I am behind Harold's project and I want the $9 Arduino board to make it out of the factory doors by mid-September, I want schools that cant afford the tech to teach electronics to be able to buy these kits at this amazingly low price and I have even backed it myself in the hope that it will succeed and I can add some more desperately needed Arduino boards to the stock we use for the 3 weekly after school electronics and engineering clubs myself and my colleagues and friends set up, run and fund for 3 local schools that are in financial difficulty and cant afford to teach electronics, programming or engineering and design to kids that are passionate about it and also cant afford much. I want this project to continue on and keep selling Arduino's this cheap so that those kids can save for a few weeks and get their very own Arduino, half decent set of components and a breadboard along with online guides and lessons on top of the work we do with them in the schools!

      I haven't attacked Harold or his project as in my heart I hope to god it is real!

      However I DO NOT trust Dimitri Albino one little bit! He has lied and schemed so much during THIS project (Smartmaker) and made such a balls up of it, that I dont want him having anything to do with the $9 Arduino project as I simply dont trust him being the holder of all the income from that project! I dont know how a single person here on this project can when so much evidence has been presented to you showing him as a lier and fraud and seen virtually nothing from him to prove that you will get anything other than 6 or 8 basic circuit boards and an empty apology come November.

      And how dare you call me a douch bag and talk to me like im stupid when only a few days ago you were right here questioning the honesty and integrity of Harold, Dimitri, Smartmaker AND the $9 Arduino project!!!

      I am sick to death of this whole project. I want my $9 Arduino's, of course I do BUT I also dont want to see 981 other backers getting screwed over and over and over by false and empty promises by a man who has been proven to be full of BS. One of these projects is not going to hit the mark OR both are going to suffer badly.
      If you cant see that Boarderless and Smartmaker are essentially one and the same then I really dont know what to say.

    25. Anthony May on August 11, 2013

      *sigh* I've just spent more hours than I would have liked reading comments here, & 'Six's' tumblr, followed by Dimitri's first update video posted last Friday. I won't deny there are some anomalies in this 9 month saga, but overall I feel better for having spent 35min watching the video than the 2+ hours of reading before that. We're all pissed off, we all have money riding on this. Silly me went in 'boots & all' for a total of $460 odd dollars (on the initial backing and then adding stuff a couple of months later). For me this delay has had a major 'chilling effect' on my getting back into electronics this year. I invested all this money with the expectation of receiving a BIG box of goodies some time in Q1, so month after month I've held off buying alternative boards/shields/etc that would otherwise duplicate my SmarkMaker investment. duh...

      If Dimitri is pulling a swifty, he's doing a fantastic job of making himself look like an engineer - as distinct from a businessman - who's bitten off more than he can chew (offered way more than he could deliver in a reasonable time), made a bunch of mistakes along the way (and admitted to at least most of them publicly), and is looking every bit as tired & haggard as one would if his situation were the truth, including his less than ideal conduct in this forum, and now finally realising he just has to stop doing that and replace it with something a bit more 'truthful' looking.

      With the shut-down of the site supposedly to migrate to a platform that, among other things, supports part shipments & save the manual labour of trying to sort that out, and his comment about the Bluetooth board (and another?) still having technical problems, perhaps he's capitulated to the sheer necessity to do part shipments after all... thank Deity!

      I haven't read extensively, but it doesn't look like requesting credit card chargebacks is going to be successful, especially given most banks dont look favourably on such requests so many months after the actual charge.

      So I can't see much alternative but to continue to sit tight and hope for the best.

    26. Mischie Lionel Geo on August 11, 2013

      Just a fact, without making any accusation. I subscribed to the Bordreless Electronics newsletter, and who do you think signed the confirmation email? Harold? No. Dimitri. For me it is clear now that the relation between Borderless Electronics and Smartmaker goes beyond the way it wanted to be presented publicly.

    27. Keith Rome on August 11, 2013

      Nial, you are making a very huge leap in reasoning by assuming that the arduino clone boards are being fabbed in the same factory that is used for the smartmaker products, and that there is only one production line in this factory. Sure, it's possible. But I don't know... from what I hear there are a LOT of pcb factories in Shenzhen. It's kind of what that town is known for.

      Harold posted the name and address of the factory he is using on the IGG project comments a few days ago. It might or might not be the one Dimitri uses. But shouldn't you at least do some fact-checking on that before putting the theory on parade? Or maybe you have verified this already?

      So let's play another one of my thinking games for just a moment. Suppose the IGG campaign is exactly what it is pitched as - 100% above the board and everything. Now think about the insinuations that have been made, the attempts to damage the reputation of Harold by claiming he is a puppet of Dimitri or an outright co-conspirator, and the attempts to undermine the IGG project itself by initiating fraud investigations there. Who gets hurt by these actions? Only the backers of that project - the educators and enthusiasts who flocked to it. So in that scenario (which NONE of us has seen any real evidence to the contrary), are you really OK with being a total flipping douchebag??

      Do you see where I am coming from AT ALL? And why it is totally NOT COOL to be assaulting that project based on theories with zero evidence to support them?? So far NOT A SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE has been produced that points to any wrongdoing (or imminent wrongdoing). The closest thing is that some of the posts under Harold's name are uncharacteristically poorly-formed English. But that is hardly sufficient to be screaming "FRAUD! FRAUD!" isn't it???

    28. Christoper Leveck on August 11, 2013

      I have a 9 year old here, and I didn't realize she was looking over my shoulder reading along.
      Again, Im sorry, I assumed she was your daughter. That doesn't change the fact that I am still sorry.
      I would have thought that it was awkward in any case, and so I apologized.
      Not sure what else you want me to say. Ive not seen many people take ownership of anything on here neither have I seen anyone really say they were sorry so I guess being compared to an alcoholic seems a little out of line in and of itself. But then you don't know that I grew up being beaten by them and have spent a life, at least before and after a brief stint in college, NOT drinking ANYTHING whatsoever. Once a year, maybe. There is a half a bottle of vodka in my freezer that has been there since 2003, and other than that, nothing. not even a beer.
      So, just like I had no idea you had a non daughter reading over your shoulder, I was abused by alcoholics for 12 years. Its not hard to offend, but it wasn't easy to apologize in front of God and everyone either, but it did sting a little bit to be offended by someone after saying I was sorry for offending them to begin with,
      This is a really weird place. Im a pretty good guy. Im the one everyone comes to for help. I haven't been treated like Ive been treated here by anyone since I was in high school over 20 years ago.
      So again, Im sorry. But im nothing like an alcoholic.

    29. Six on August 11, 2013

      While Dimitri has been too busy to handle anything related to this project, he was able to take some time to update his eBay sellers guide titled: "Optimize logistics... some advice" on 08/07/13. Perhaps we should all refer to this guide in order to understand how shipping will be handled.… - I use Google translate, I don't read Italian

    30. Missing avatar

      John on August 11, 2013

      Didn't say daughter. She lives here with the rest of her family. I'm the guest. Maybe you can imagine how that made things awkward.
      I feel like I'm talking to alcoholics. Somethings not right. I'm out.

    31. Christoper Leveck on August 10, 2013

      Sixto, its cool, hes right, I didn't think about my audience and while I was trying to be funny there are all sorts of people on here, many could probably take offense to my analogy. In fact I think its good that John reminded me that this isn't a place for inside jokes its a public forum and it should be used for more constructive criticism or even feed back, some positive if we ever get the chance.
      I was sitting amusing myself during a long stretch of boredom that usually dulls the senses just before all hell breaks loose and after sharing my analogy I decided to write it down, then for some reason thought I could cut some tension here as the latest posts have gotten so tense. I meant to cut the tension, not to offend anyone. Well, maybe one, but to Dimitri I say this, I will try not to cut the tension at your expense again. However, as far as analogies go, it still is a pretty good representation of how I feel right now about this whole thing. If I think of another that wont offend, Ill give it another shot, but Im pretty sure this was a once in a lifetime shot.

    32. Christoper Leveck on August 10, 2013

      John, I hope that you and your daughter will except my deepest apologies. I will check myself. Thank you.

    33. Six on August 10, 2013

      @John you are right, Dimitri's behavior is a testament to perfect moral conduct. Everyone should feel thankful for this life lesson on how to manipulate, misdirected and abuse people who believe in your concept. Certainly these are examples of the righteous behaviours we should impart on our children... Casting stones at the good guys is fitting.

    34. Missing avatar

      John on August 10, 2013

      Flawless or not, it was inappropriate. I understand you two are frustrated beyond reason. Fine. That's your life. What I don't understand is why you want us to visualize your frustration in Technicolor.

    35. Missing avatar

      John on August 10, 2013

      six, Do you know the difference between offense and defense? Clue: that wasn't an attack.
      and WHAT are you talking about? Leveck IS the guy responsible. Not anyone else. The comment was posted under the name "Christopher Leveck".

    36. Six on August 10, 2013

      That was a flawless analogy, offensive or not it is a perfect visualization of what has transpired. Instead of attacking Chris, how about attacking the guy who is responsible.

    37. Missing avatar

      John on August 10, 2013

      With all due respect:
      I realize you are frustrated by what you think you see here. But that is the most offensive post I have seen so far. Regardless of the situation you think you see here, that was not cool. I have a 9 year old here, and I didn't realize she was looking over my shoulder reading along. She's smart, and puts thing together quickly. I had to do some hopscotching to deal with her questions about your post. That was a stupid, selfish, and ignorant post.
      Your little $200 pledge does not give you moral rights to subject the rest of us to your internal frustration. I do tire of six's rants, but your post was purely out of line.
      On the KS site, RIGHT next to the "Post comment" button, there is a link. Have you seen it?

    38. Christoper Leveck on August 10, 2013

      I contributed $200.00 to the Smartmaker campaign thinking id get something fun to play with. Now I can't even play with myself because it feels like Dimitri has taken my money and Kickstarted me right INdieGOGO for a $9 arduino board.
      If I'd have known this was going to be Crowd fundings version of a rochambeau circle jerk, Id have donated a dollar and sat right on the rail to watch the pole dance for free instead of getting drawn into the vip room for a lapdance where I can look but not touch my boards and a lesson in total frustration.
      Thank you Dimitri you have taught me a valuable lesson. Its ok to go in the strip club and look around at all the new girls, but make sure you only have a few dollars in your pocket so you can stick around long enough to see whos going to make it but don't blow your load backing a dancer who has no intention on giving you the happy ending you were hoping for.

    39. Six on August 10, 2013

      Apparently you have been away... It is discussed because Dimitri, you know the guy that has produced nothing in 8 months, lied about everything and generally demonstrated the cowardice of a school yard bully is also the manufacturer of the $9 Arduino's... So it is a big concern that he has now collected 160k from nonprofits, teachers and students... Or do you think they should be prey?

    40. Missing avatar

      Tim Dysinger on August 10, 2013

      Why the hell are people even discussing $9 Arduinos in here?

    41. Six on August 10, 2013

      Brilliant Nial, nicely stated.

    42. NialP
      on August 10, 2013

      Well the $9 Arduino is sold out at 15,000 units and apparently started production yesterday!
      They have promised 15,000 Arduino Leonardo clone boards will be made and shipped in just over 5 weeks....
      What will happen? I have no idea!
      I know one thing, Smartmaker's labs and production line are going to be running at max capacity JUST to get the $9 Arduino made, tested, packed and shipped. That's a mammoth task to take place in the same space as the smartmarker boards are (supposed to) being made. I cant see that there are going to be any Yellow boards being produced in the next 5 weeks.

      I really do wonder what will happen next, I think the $9 Arduinos WILL be made and possibly even on time but the bitch about that is, is that it screws all smartmaker backers over as if they are putting it all into that project, it means smartmaker gets sidelined for 5 weeks while smartmaker becomes "Boarderless Electronics" (as it states on the project page for the IGG campaign that boards will be made on smartmakers production line using smartmaker staff and tested by smartmaker with their equipment too)

      Its so sad that people have just lost their interest in this project after such a hype surrounded it on launch! Everyone was excited and discussing what they were going to do with their kit and so on but now people are just hoping they will get their kits and in a lot of cases people would now just prefer to have their money back!

      The thing that offends me the most is the lack of respect for the backers! By launching a 2nd campaign which has been far more popular then this one and now focusing their energy on that to get it launched ASAP is just unbelievable! Who treats their customers and more importantly the people who MADE Smartmaker a reality by supporting this project, like this? Its just insulting to be pushed to the side while a fresh new project comes along and takes priority!!
      Dimitri is fast becoming known by the entire maker community for the snake and liar that he is! No wonder he hasn't gone along to ANY of the maker faires where projects like this normally go and THRIVE! Alot of this project and the descisions made have made no sense to me at all. He talks a good game but alot of it is just hot air!

      I really can see HOW all the gear will be ready and shipped by November and there certanly wont be refunds as there is no money left to refund (unless smartmaker does use the $9 Arduino funds to bolster this project which would be so wrong and have such severe consequences that I really hope they dont attempt to cut corners on that to save this and take 2 projects down (and likely end up in court) in the process!

    43. Six on August 10, 2013

      @Mischie, just checked, I was slightly nervous ;)... Not sure what happened, it looks good here, try the main path, if that doesnt work - shoot me an email @whatcansixdoforyou (at) and I will copy and paste it direct to you

    44. Mischie Lionel Geo on August 10, 2013

      @Six take a look at your tumblr page. It does not display correctly.

    45. Six on August 9, 2013

      As promised, a bulleted list of points covered in the newest update video as well as my thoughts is now fresh off the press

    46. Missing avatar

      Raphou on August 9, 2013

      @Jeff: Watch the video.

      Here my comment I posted on the update:

      While I'm really pissed off by the delays, I really think Dimitri does its best and what I saw is a tired man overwhelmed by work.
      I really felt sorry for him,.. it must be hard to be passionate like that and being criticized like that (by me too..)
      That being said, while I was really excited during the campaign, I have absolutely no more interest in the product. Time has passed and during the wait for the product I have moved on towards other things...
      It is just sad...
      I think I have been a little too hard in my past comments on Dimitri.
      Someone who doesn't care doesn't write 67 updates...

    47. NialP
      on August 9, 2013

      It doesn't really confirm alot except that Hamitri's lab is a mess, they have a bunch of PCB's sitting on shelves not even pre-sorted and a few documents (that I beleive actully confirm that Smartmaker was not a US registered company until Febuary (allthough I was skipping through so I may be wrong on that count).
      With this company, who knows.
      I expect possibly some boards will be shipped but I cant see ALL boards being done, not now that they have added the production, testing and shipping of 16,000 Arduino Leonardo Clones as a priority that are "Promised" for a September release!!!

      There is bugger all anyone can do now really except wait and see.what happens.

      I think everyone here is pretty sure that no one will see a refund from smartmaker as that money is long gone.

    48. Jeff Narucki on August 9, 2013

      Does this latest update confirm that he'll have all the parts he has shipped out on November 23 of this year?

      I backed this project to help bring a technology innovation into reality. I didn't back it to float anyone a loan indefinitely without interest. The pattern for this project is that we'll get past the date when items should have been delivered, the project owner will get defensive at the additional requests for transparency, and he'll still have our money without any proof that he has spent what appears to me to be more than a nominal amount fabricating proof of his honest intentions. I hope this trend comes to an end on November 23, 2013, however history tells me otherwise.

      I requested a refund and the project owner stood behind the wording of Kickstarter's terms. Actions speak louder than words. I'm still hopeful, but don't expect to get anything out of this other than a lesson learned and a reason for educating others about what to expect when interacting with this individual.

    49. Missing avatar

      helder on August 9, 2013

      @Nial... you made the best point so far indeed,
      we are concern and will be watching closely hoping that after all Dimitri will come through

      but when i saw the board of the $9 arduino in indiegogo it did not bother me the price or what other makers will think, i do think the original arduino are asking way too much anyway.....
      but what really concerns me like you is if Smartmaker/dimitri could not deliver in time the rewards to us and is taking time to be part of another crowd source funding project yeah i felt uneasy with that, after all you can do wonders and be part of the future but only after you fulfill your backers,... again only after the present is satisfied....until then nothing more matters... and if that is not the case... hmm here is my concern...

    50. Missing avatar

      deleted on August 9, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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