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Explore a universe steeped in celestial horror and ravaged by Victorian ambition in this literary RPG for PC, Mac and Linux.
Explore a universe steeped in celestial horror and ravaged by Victorian ambition in this literary RPG for PC, Mac and Linux.
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Prospects & Bargains Trade System Now Live

Posted by Failbetter Games (Creator)

Today our Prospects and Bargains trade system is now officially available to players on Steam and GOG! 



To discover all the details and its mechanics, check out our Prospects and Bargains post. Or, if you’d like an in-depth look at the system, watch our latest FBG Podcast where Chris and Lesleyann walk you through the system in-game.   

Head over to New Winchester and visit the Promise of Days club at Wolvesey station. Here you can learn all you need to know from seasoned sky captains. Once you’ve picked up a couple of tidbits, then open the Bazaar and start wheeling and dealing.   

This update also includes:   

  • Bringing the new proc gen branch into the main branch of the game   
  • Directions, which will help players find ports mentioned in quests   
  • Bug fixes, which you can read all about in our Patch Notes    


More About: Proc Gen Coming to the Main Branch   

While the new proc gen system was originally released on its own branch, today it is being merged into the main branch of the game. This means: If you moved over to the proc gen branch, then you can transfer back over to the main branch once the update is live. You’ll be able to import your save file and this time your map will not be regenerated.   

If you’ve never tried out the proc gen branch, then once the update goes live you will still be able to load existing save files, but you will see some changes: your chart will regenerate and you will be moved to the New Winchester starting area. However, you will not lose any progress you have made on that character.   

More About: Directions   

The High Wilderness is vast, and so we wanted to add in a system that can help players find ports related to quests. Currently the only quest using this is the starting quest to Port Prosper, but we’ll be implementing this feature across a range of storylets in the future.   

Directions are based on a 16-point compass (north, north-northeast, northeast, etc.) and are always given from the position of the region’s hub port no matter where you are in the High Wilderness. If the port in question is in the inner ring then it will be ‘some way’ from the hub port; if it is in the outer ring then it will be a ‘long way’ from the hub, e.g. Port Prosper is a long way north of New Winchester.   

Dev Blogs and Podcasts Christmas Schedule   

The Failbetter offices will be winding down over the Christmas period. The last dev blog before the holidays will go live Wednesday 20th December, before picking up again in January.   

Our next FBG Podcast should take place Friday 5th January when we’re back in the office. We hope everyone has a lovely holiday and we can’t wait to show you some exciting things in the new year!


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