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Explore a universe steeped in celestial horror and ravaged by Victorian ambition in this literary RPG for PC, Mac and Linux.
Explore a universe steeped in celestial horror and ravaged by Victorian ambition in this literary RPG for PC, Mac and Linux.
Explore a universe steeped in celestial horror and ravaged by Victorian ambition in this literary RPG for PC, Mac and Linux.
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You've been busy


Friends! Backers! Wonderful, brilliant people! We apologise in advance for the amount of superlatives and exclamation marks in this update!

We were FUNDED after FOUR HOURS on Kickstarter.


We were beside ourselves, and still are. We went to sleep, dreamt of the Skies, and when we woke we were 150% funded.





We’re overwhelmed. We’re getting a lot of messages and support requests - please bear with us while we overcome this initial, glorious influx of support.

There’s so much to say already:


In our wildest imaginings, we didn’t think we’d be funded in four hours. You’ve funded the first two stretch goals already!

Three new origins to choose for your captain! An origin determines your character's background, affects your initial skills, and unlocks a new Facet to take during character advancement.

A Zee-captain: Once, you zailed the Unterzee. From Old London to Irem; from Port Carnelian to the Avid Horizon. Why did you abandon the seafaring life? Because of a zee-god's curse? Or the promise of a new horizon?

A Revolutionary: You fought against oppression and the establishment. Feet on the cobbles. Slogans on the walls. Bricks through the windows. And when that failed, bombs in the night. Liberation!

An Auditor of the Ministry: The censors of the Ministry of Public Decency have a duty to protect Londoners from material of a distressing nature. For years you served, but were ejected in a purge. Were your detractors correct to accuse you of 'uncensorious sympathies'? Or were you the victim of Ministry politics?

Three legendary wrecks for your captain to discover, each a storied locomotive that met a tragic end. Will they contain treasures? Dangers? Or the answers to mysteries?

The Wreck of the Berrenger: an experimental vessel designed to protect its crew from sky-madness, the Berrenger  strayed where it should not. Now, it has been converted into a secret lecture-hall, where masked revolutionaries gather, and argue, and plot.

The Wreck of the Parzifal: the Parzifal was Her Majesty's pride, the first locomotive constructed at the Avid Horizon. But despite the pomp surrounding her launch, she never returned from her maiden voyage. What grim fate did she meet?

The Wreck of the Boatman: London has no room for corpses. The Boatman was a necropolis train carrying (for the standard price of a first- or second-class ticket) the coffined bodies of the dead to a distant cemetery-world. The stories say the dead awoke, commandeered the train, and set course for more pleasant climes. Nonsense, of course.

Be a smuggler! Trade in an enticing assortment of contraband goods! Demand exorbitant prices! Discreetly elude the ungentle attentions of Her Majesty's Customs Service! Enjoy a life of exciting illegality and occasional bombardment!

Will you outfit your locomotive with hidden compartments in which you can safely stow a Collection of Ministry-Condemned Literature? Or will you brazenly carry Illicit barrels of Unmarked Hours in your hold, placing your faith in bluffs and bribes?

Players of Sunless Sea may recognise a key figure in the smuggling trade: the Blind Bruiser returns, with his earthy aphorism and propensity to egregious violence. His attempts to go straight have not been entirely successful.


You have gleefully trampled three social goals into DUST! We have passed 500 Twitch followers and 10,000 Twitter followers, as well as sailed gaily past 2,000 backers - all in the first 24 hours. Congratulate yourselves!

Sign in to Fallen London and redeem your THREE cups of Darkdrop Coffee (just in time for the Feast of the Rose next week, hooray!). 

(App users will need to sign in via browser to redeem this gift, so remember to manually sync first by tapping the candle icon.)

2,000 backers have joined us, which means the Royal Society will appear in Sunless Skies! 

The once-moribund Royal Society of inventors, explorers, and scientists has received a generous grant from Her Enduring Majesty and a renewed mandate: to unravel the mysteries of the High Wilderness! Invigorated, they established their new headquarters deep in the frontier. Were they eager to be at the forefront of new discovery? Or did they want to be further from the Empire's control?

When we reach 7,000 backers, you’ll unlock Nell's Tower within the Royal Society: an observatory tower, whose telescope observes the movements and motives of the Judgements. What mysteries have its quarrelling astronomers uncovered?

We’re well on the way to 100 Correspondence Sigils Unwisely Marked on Skin, and broadcasters around the world are contributing their streams to the 30 Streams of Sunless Sea goal. We’ve heard rumours of a number of groups putting together Masters photos too. Lastly, the next FBG twitch podcast will be on Friday 3 Feb at 1600 GMT. If we get 200 concurrent viewers, you'll reach another goal!


Next up at 7 completed goals is 10% off with our Kickstarter reward partner, Gametee. Have you seen their range? Incredible, ethically-produced, beautifully-designed game merchandise. Your efforts will unlock a special discount code for everyone!

At 12 completed goals, we'll release a stand-alone version of the new avatar generator that we’re building for Sunless Skies, for everyone!

For the first time in Fallen London’s history, you’ll be able to create your own silhouette cameo and share it.

This is an early version of the tool, which will hopefully be even more versatile when the game is released - by unlocking it as a stand-alone toy and trying it now, you’ll help us improve on it for the final game!


Lastly, we’ve had so many questions about campaign specifics - thank you. You can see our answers on the FAQ tab, which we’ll endeavour to keep up to date throughout the campaign (remembering of course that while much of the US is active, we’re sound asleep!).

We hope to bring you another update before the weekend, including news of new backer tiers.

Until then,

Your very happy friends,

Failbetter Games


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    1. Missing avatar

      David MacDonald on

      I didn't back Sunless Sea. I'm making up for lost time. I wouldn't be surprised if plenty of people are doing the same.

      Love the new backstories and I'm hoping we get smuggling.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ian Cook on

      Jesus this has smashed through several roofs I thought this kickstarter had. Definitely shows how dedicated the fanbase is for this game

      Congrats on the success Failbetter! I am honored to have died horribly in your games and witness such disturbing things.

    3. Anaxphone

      @Vryl, Space Velocipedes.


    4. Vryl

      I'm glad we'll get smuggling in by the end. That's always a fun way to turn a quick profit in this kind of game, at least as long as you dodge the police... hmm, I wonder if the constables will have their own locomotives and gear, to help them incapacitate suspected criminals and loot their cargo instead of blasting them to pieces...

    5. Missing avatar

      Noah Young on

      "A Revolutionary" Oooh yes, this is good! As someone that has started to lean heavily towards the Liberation of Night and Revolutionaries in Fallen London, I'm glad to hear there'll be this character background to choose from. And still praying all the Old Gods that we'll be able to actually provoke the Liberation of Night.

    6. Matthew Grostick-Bryant on

      I don't suppose playing Sunless Sea on Steam with an open broadcast counts towards the social goal, does it? If so: that's what I'm doing right now.

    7. Missing avatar

      Zach Simon on

      And there's the Smuggling goal smashed too! Goodness this is so exciting!

    8. Failbetter Games 3-time creator on

      Glad you're excited about the avatar generator! Who knows if we'll import it backwards - unlikely, as Sunless Skies will be put together a different way to allow for it. (Can you tell how technical I am? So technical.) Importing characters - character stats and progression are different so there's no direct importing, but you can always give your new captain the zee-captain background!

    9. Evil Midnight Lurker

      You're welcome, delicious friend! :D

      I don't suppose that actually -importing- a zee-captain from Sunless Seas would be feasible?

    10. Marek Vincenc

      Could we get the avatar generator implemented into sunless seas once it's done? I think it's a very nifty tool, finally bringing us actual customisation while staying completely true to the style of existing avatars. <3

    11. Raphal Riyadh on

      hmm it seems we need to work harder to unlock the avatar generator