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Help restore the damaged archival print of Alex Rockwell's 1992 indie Sundance winner IN THE SOUP before it's lost forever.
796 backers pledged $89,749 to help bring this project to life.

SEYMOUR CASSEL doc, Seymour t-shirts, Michael Imperioli, more!


Attention Backers!

Huge news day. We've far surpassed our goal for saving and re-releasing In the Soup, and we are so so close to the soundtrack and Lenz stretch goals. But in speaking to the cast and longtime fans of this film and of Rockwell, one name keeps coming up: Seymour Cassel. 

Today, with the support of Seymour's children Dilyn Cassel Murphy and Matt Cassel, friends, and collaborators (including the In the Soup cast), we have a new stretch goal:

Let's make a mini-documentary as a tribute to Seymour

I'm proposing a new project on top of what we've already accomplished: Let's make an eight- to twelve-minute short documentary film about Seymour's life and career, and distribute it online and along with In the Soup's re-release. I outline the budget and rewards I propose below, but first, a little about the man himself.

 Seymour, who is a true independent spirit, made his film debut in John Cassavetes' first film, Shadows (1959).

Nine years later, after making a name for himself as a character actor, he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Cassavetes’ Faces. He continued to collaborate with Cassevetes throughout the director's life, and he went on to act in many studio films — Dick Tracy, Tin Men, Indecent Proposal and Honeymoon in Vegas to name a few — while keeping true to his indie roots with roles in Steve Buscemi’s directorial debut Trees Lounge, as well as Wes Anderson's Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

And as we know well, he blew minds and won hearts in In the Soup, not to mention winning the first Actor's Award ever given by Sundance for that performance.

What drew me into Cassel’s world was Cassavetes, but his loyalty to indie cinema is really everything that Factory 25 believes in… He had once said that he would be in any independent film for the price of a plane ticket if he liked the script. 

He was the real deal, and getting the chance to make a short film about him him really excites me as the it will be the perfect lead-in for In the Soup in theaters. It would be such an honor to do this in collaboration with Seymour's family, friends, and long-time collaborators and for all of you, and for Seymour(!), to see it when it's done.

What We Need

I've broken out the budget. Right now, we have nearly $76,000. If we reach $98,500, we'll have enough for all our current goals and

  • Shooting interviews in LA and NYC
  • Editing, color-correcting, sound-mixing, and completing na eight- to twelve-minute short film
  • Screening the miniature documentary along with the In the Soup restoration in theaters
  • Making it available online
  • Sending it to all of you as a reward!

I haven't been as excited about anything since, well, restoring In the Soup! I really think we can do this. But I'm going to need your help and the help of other fans, obviously. So:

What You'll Get

In part I'm creating this because I really want one. If you loved Cassavetes or In the Soup or Wes Anderson as much as me, maybe you do too. 

If you back at (or upgrade to) the new $85 level, you'll get the In the Soup tote, all the digital rewards up through "Digital Rockwell," and YOUR CHOICE OF T-SHIRT — In the Soup (which I just shared the final design for in this Update yesterday) or Seymour

We'll ask you after the campaign in the reward surveys which one you want. 

DISCLAIMER: The shirt may not look exactly like this. This is a ROUGH IDEA of what I'm thinking for the design. What do you think??

Help me get the word out!

We told longtime Seymour friend and film colleague Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) what we were up to, and he was so excited about the idea, he made this video. Check out Michael talking about Seymour and this project:

Seymour has been in important influence and inspiration for a lot of my favorite people in film. If you have friends who love him or would love this project, bump them the above video, or some of these compelling words from Wes and Steve:


Thanks all for all your support, suggestions, and enthusiasm so far.
Keep it coming.


Matt Grady
& the In the Soup team

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    1. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on

      @jari Kovalainen - Thanks for reaching out. All considered. The Blu-ray is also packaged with an oversized 200ish page book.


    2. Missing avatar

      Jari Kovalainen on

      Featurettes and documentaries are obviously a great idea, but please also include these in the upcoming Blu-ray release. Film comes first, but the "extras" on the disc are obviously something that we fans want for the Blu-ray release. Audio commentary? Deleted scenes? Interviews? Please consider these also.

      Thank you and keep up the good work.