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Help restore the damaged archival print of Alex Rockwell's 1992 indie Sundance winner IN THE SOUP before it's lost forever.
Help restore the damaged archival print of Alex Rockwell's 1992 indie Sundance winner IN THE SOUP before it's lost forever.
796 backers pledged $89,749 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jacob Dijkstra on December 20

      FYI: received backerkit survey yesterday ��

    2. Missing avatar

      Piista on December 15


      are dates for parties set for NY and LA? That can help to consider the plan when flying in from overseas.


    3. James Leatherman
      on December 7

      Hope things are going well

    4. Missing avatar

      sallmonberries on November 7

      Updates? Just give us a hint on the progress, please.

    5. Jommutta Jumpaluang on October 24

      Maybe we need some update informations.

    6. Jommutta Jumpaluang on October 18

      Dear creator
      Is the process going well?

    7. Missing avatar

      on October 11

      When will the pledge manager come out?? I'm wanting to up my pledge as I couldn't previously but want to upgrade to another tier if possible.

    8. ORICA AUDIO (deleted) on September 5

      A great film project to be part of, wish I could do more.

      Good luck Matt!

    9. Ricky Wright
      on August 31

      Good luck & y'all Break - a - Leg ......

    10. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 31

      @Jommutta Jumpaluang Great questions — I'll send out an update with more information about the process soon. Stay tuned!

    11. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 31

      @Angela Williams @Larry Goldin @Cris Haldenby Couldn't have done it without you — thank you so much!

    12. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 31

      @Hill Whanau Thank you for your help in getting the word out!

    13. Cris Haldenby on August 31

      Well done guys... so glad you've successfully reached your goal and the project can go ahead.
      Good luck with the work before you.

      Cris H

    14. Missing avatar

      Larry Goldin on August 31

      So happy that you've reached your goal! Looking forward to following your progress and sharing in the journey!

      Larry G

    15. Jommutta Jumpaluang on August 31

      So , what is next?
      How long does the restore process take?
      Dear creator
      please update some informations.

    16. Angela Williams on August 30

      So excited for this restoration. Thank you to everyone involved! Looking so forward to finally seeing this film on blu-ray! And really can't wait to carry the tote too <3

    17. Missing avatar

      Hill Whanau on August 25

      Hi Matt,
      I hope you don't mind but I shared this around to every Game of Thrones fan pages I follow.
      Jamie Hill

    18. Missing avatar

      Hill Whanau on August 25

      Peter Dinklage �� Dam I wish I had seen this before I went on holiday, I would have paid the $600 instead of the $27 ��

    19. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 24

      Hi @Kenneth French — Thanks for checking it out! To differentiate it, I put it at the $101 level:

      "(Signed) 'Soup' Book & Blu-ray + VINYL" — Let me know if you have any issues. Thanks again —

    20. Missing avatar

      Kenneth French on August 24

      I pledged over $100 and went to "Manage your pledge" but I don't see the "+ vinyl" mentioned in your latest email.

    21. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 24

      @Boaz Halachmi @Colin William Wallace Sorry to be silent on this! Boaz is right, everyone at $25 and up gets the message from Peter. (Very excited about that, personally.) And he's also right that at $600, you get the custom voicemail outgoing message recorded by him — a different thing.

    22. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 24

      @Jommutta Jumpaluang I really appreciate you reading it! Thank you

    23. Jommutta Jumpaluang on August 24

      I really appreciate the latest update. :)

    24. Boaz Halachmi
      on August 23

      @Colin: My bad... Sorry. Read the update again. You are right. Everyone who pledged $25 and up is willing be emailed Peter's surprise message. Apologies.

    25. Boaz Halachmi
      on August 23

      @Colin: All shipping details will be collected at a survey that will be sent to you by the creator sometime after the end of the campaign. To get Peter's voice message, you need to change your pledge to the $600 tier.

    26. Missing avatar

      Colin William Wallace on August 21

      Hi Matt, I'm really happy to be a part of this, this is one of the few things really worth supporting on this platform since it is a project to preserve a picture for future generations!
      I pledged 25$, so I'll get a postcard, right? How do I give you my address? And with the new update, is it possible for me to get an audio message from Peter as well?

      Thanks in advance for your response m!

    27. Jommutta Jumpaluang on August 20

      I am in the soup now with 25$. Yes, let safe it.

    28. Missing avatar

      Leah Noel, CPA on August 18

      This is so awesome btw. Can't wait to chat with JB & Alex

    29. M. A.
      on August 17

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for covering all loose ends :)

      If it is not too difficult, I would prefer a head-shot of either her on "In
      the soup" (90s) or "Flashdance" (80s). Some good old nostalgia :)

      what do you think?

      Best regards,

    30. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 16

      Hey @Andrew Simpson I can't make those available as one-offs for $20 as there's a limited number! Sorry about that!

    31. Andrew Simpson on August 16

      Hello Matt, I pledged for the $100 level (soup book and blu ray) but would love to have one of these continuity photos as well. If I added an additional $20 to my pledge, would I be able to get one of those photos added to my package as well?

    32. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 15

      Hey @M.A. Thanks for joining us! Re: the headshot, we were thinking present day — Jennifer's choice — but out of curiosity, what do you prefer?

    33. M. A.
      on August 15

      Hi there,

      It is with joy to know that the film is making head way :) congrats with regards to that.

      Just a side question, with regards to Jennifer's headshot, is it one taken during the time of the film? or present day?

      Thank you and i wish you the best for the time to come.

    34. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 14

      @Konstantinos Thank you!

    35. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 14

      @geralt The Blu-ray will ne region free with English captions.

    36. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 14

      @Adrian Martin Yes , Vimeo will host, you will receive a link to stream the film (With the option to download.

    37. Adrian Martin on August 13

      Vimeo... I'm not familiar with it. They host it and we receive a link? Download, not stream?

    38. Missing avatar

      on August 13

      I assume the Blu-ray will be region-free ?
      And will it contains subtitles ?
      Thanks !

    39. Konstantinos
      on August 12

      This is the most worthwhile Kickstarter project I have ever backed.
      Good luck with the remaining of your campaign.
      Go In the Soup team !!!

    40. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 12

      Thank you @Peter L Brown

    41. Peter L Brown
      on August 11

      I reached down in between my couch cushions and managed to scraped together a few more bucks to pledge. And quickly sent it in. f you look, that is what I found. I remember watching this film on cable, multiple times back after its original release

    42. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 11

      @John Deemer Thanks for asking — That tier was sold out but we've added a few more slots! See $500 VIP Screening & Special Thanks.

    43. Matt Grady, Factory 25 Creator on August 11

      @Garrett Solomon The downloads will be available DRM-free via Vimeo.

    44. Missing avatar

      Evan Cygan
      on August 11

      I vote for the Gun in the Soup t-shirt.

    45. Garrett Solomon on August 10

      Through what platform are you offering the digital downloads? I'm considering upping my donation and I want to be sure that I'm getting my money's worth.

    46. Missing avatar

      Brandon May on August 10

      Will the blu-rays be pressed discs and not bd-r? Also will a blu-ray release be available for sale to the general public or is this kickstarter going to be the only way to get a copy? Thanks and congrats on hitting the goal so soon!

    47. Missing avatar

      Leah Noel, CPA on August 10

      So excited the goal has been surpassed! Woot!

    48. Missing avatar

      John Deemer
      on August 9

      Is there any chance of us getting a new tier with a special thanks in the credits?

    49. James Leatherman
      on August 9

      @Matt Grady If you choose to add things on to the project, and the t-shirt goes with the gun and bowl, I'd be interested.

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