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A narrative role-playing game. Instead of rolling dice we hold cards that represent our future successes and failures -our DESTINY.
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Did you get your email from DTRPG? Copies were sent to all backers!

Posted by Marco Leon (Creator)
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It's late at night but I don't even feel tired. I just finished either emailing codes (for those who chose to pay printing and shipping "later") or ordering books and decks (for those who chose to pay printing and shipping "now"). Did you get yours? You should have! Check your spam folder in case you didn't!

Things I observed: most shipping will take between 2 to 4 weeks. About a third of our backers are in Germany! And about a third are named Matt (not kidding).

Also, I now have in my hands print-proofs of the softcover, hardcover and premium versions, and I can compare them. They all look good, but truly the premium one holds the colors best, as you would expect. It's a nice hefty book. And the cards turned out nice, too! I changed the borders from black to white at the last minute, and now that I see how they were cut I'm glad I did.

Overall I feel accomplished :) 

We're not done, of course! The work on both the Red Wolf novel as well as the new WWII setting continues, and it may take longer than anticipated, but I'd rather take my time to deliver something of good quality. The core book took over two years to write!

Can I ask you all a favor? Once you read the book, could you come over to and share your thoughts? Nothing would make me happier.

Have a happy 2015 everyone!


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    1. John Fiala

      Okay, ordered my book and decks! Looking forward to seeing them.

    2. Marco Leon Creator on


      About half the backers find the "pay later" concept more convenient; specially when overseas. I'll definitely do this again if ever I run another kickstarter.

      Thanks for backing! After you receive the book and read it, I'd love to hear what you think about it, either here, or at, or anywhere! :)

    3. Jennifer Fuss

      Very cool, directly set in my orders and am happy to see them arriving soon :D