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A small batch DVD print run for my 2012 Student Academy Award-winning short with new and exclusive content.

Update:  We've hit the $4000 goal on the final day of funding!  This opens up the final reward tier:  the custom, hand-woven blanket.  Thanks for checking out the project, and for your support!

I’ve been hard at work culling together Eyrie's roots and inspirations, making sure it’s not just the movie you’re getting, but new material, the story behind the story, a peek behind the curtain of what went into the making of this award-winning film.

The Joy of Object Making, or Why a DVD?

I'm a fairly analog guy, and it's been eating at me a bit not to have the film in a tangible format after all the time and effort that my collaborators and I put into it. One of the drawbacks of animated filmmaking with fancy digital tools is that none of the frames exist outside of the computer.

I thought a DVD would be the perfect solution.

The packaging is being designed by my friend Nicole Josephian, a super-talented graphic designer who also did the lighting effects in the film itself.  Because she knows the film so well, she's finding ways to make the theme of the story influence the design language in a way that's remarkable.

Custom Sling

Special Features

DVD Special Features (Hard Copy Only):

  • 5.1 Digital Surround Sound
  • HD Image Definition
  • Student Academy Award Acceptance Speech
  • Early Storyboard Versions of the film
  • Audio Commentary (Possibly the shortest ever recorded :) )

DVD Booklet Features:

  • Essays on the making of the film
  • Development Art
  • Production Design Details
  • Artist Bios
  • Exclusive Sneak Peek at my next project

Why $3500?

While pricing production for the various components of this DVD, I found that the a price break occurred at 250 units (For posters, dvd’s, etc.), which convinced me to set that number as my total quantity. I discovered that to produce 250 units with all the features I had in mind, and then package and mail those units, would end up costing $3500. It seems like a lot for a small batch DVD run, but in reality it’s the break even price – the minimum amount I need to get the job done. 

What if you make more than that?

Literally every cent I make above the physical cost of printing and distributing the DVD will be put towards my next project. (Did I mention you can see the first image from that project in the DVD booklet?)

Thank you 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this far, for visiting my page at all really. This dream cannot become a reality without your help!

And: Super no pressure. For real. If you’d like to support this project but lack the funds at the moment, another great way to help out is to share this project with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, or tell your step-uncle who collects limited edition short film DVD’s. You know, Uncle Herbert?

Have a great day!

Film Credits:
Special thanks to Adam Powell and Amanda Wolter
Music:  Stranger's Map of Texas (Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles) / CC BY-NC 3.0


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    [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD] An HD download of the film, as well as a PDF of the accompanying booklet.

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    [POSTER] The digital download (DD) above, as well as a 15.5" x 24" print of the film's poster mailed to your doorstep. (Please add $5 for all International Shipping Orders)

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    [DVD] All of the above plus a hard copy of the DVD, complete with printed booklet. Also, your name will be printed in the booklet as a "Backer" (applies to all reward tiers $25 and higher).

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    [AUTOGRAPHED DVD] Same as above but I will sign my name on your poster and the cover of your DVD with the finest Sharpie money can buy.

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    [SLING] A custom-made leather sling just like the one in the film, but with the eagle icon hand pressed into the leather, plus a signed DVD/Poster combo.

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    [4 PACK] Four (4) signed DVD/Poster combos. Makes a great gift, or go in with three buddies and split the cost.

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    [ORIGINAL DRAWING] An exclusive drawing featuring the film's characters, hand drawn on real paper by yours truly, plus the Signed DVD/Poster Combo.

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    [SPONSOR LEVEL] A full page ad in the DVD booklet. Advertise your business, project, or your love for your cat. Includes two (2) Signed DVD/Poster combos.

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    [BLANKET] A custom, loom-woven 3' x 5' blanket just like the one in the film. Includes the sling, and the Signed DVD/Poster Combo

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